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Olive oil Better than libido drugs to Increase Sex Drive
September 16, 2018

Can Olive Oil Save Your Relationship?


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It is not just for your salad anymore

I mean it is surprising-pleasantly so too!
Research found that the humble Olive oil could boost your libido

But the news is even more surprising-and more delicious
This oil, according to research, found that Olive oil boosts your sex drive better than the best libido drugs
And it is natural

It is most probable you have olive oil in your kitchen right now
You do not want to take libido drugs anyway
The most popular libido drug has many side effects including that of heart attack

The FDA admitted that this libido drug depletes your body's Coenzyme Q10 [CQ10]
CQ10 is what the heart uses for energy and to keep its rhythm
Low CQ10 level can result in heart attack and stroke

This particular drug poses another serious health problem

Its use increases your risk of Melanoma by 200%

That olive oil is better at boosting your sex drive does not surprise a lot of people

Another natural product that beat the most lucrative libido drug in tests to treat ED?

Nitric oxide!

Research into nitric oxide won the Nobel Prize in 1998

But here is what distinguish nitric oxide as erection from any other impostor

Nitric oxide addresses the reasons you have ED in the first place

Click the above link to read how nitric oxide increases male and female libido

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