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Plant nutrition healthier and reduces your risk of heart disease
June 24, 2018

Plant nutrition is healthier. Use it for better heart health!


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Are you a Vegetarian?

A herbivore?

Maybe you are an Omnivore

Here is one reason to weary of meat consumption- or at least cut down on its consumption

New research found that allergen in meat could increase your risk of heart disease

How does this happen?

Well, the allergens in meat contribute to the build up of plague in the arteries

A team of researchers says it has linked sensitivity to an allergen in red meat to the buildup of plaque in the arteries of the heart.

And people with food allergen are even at higher risks

Now, I am not suggesting that you become a vegetarian, neither is this research

I have not eaten any meat product in the last 25 years
But that is a choice I made.

I am not suggesting that for you as a lifestyle
I just bring you what I find in my search for natural health information I think you may want to know

But here is what is known
Nutrients from plants are more bio-available than nutrients from meat
That's what another research found

And plant proteins are healthier

Besides, the high saturated fat in red meat increases the risk of heart disease for everyone

No only that, meat products have no fiber

Plants DO

You and I know how important fiber is to overall health
These include reducing the risks of heart disease, poor digestion, Colon Cancer etc.

Plants also have more health promoting pigments
These pigments include chlorophyll, xanthophyll, carotenoids etc.

What about Vitamin B Vitamins?

Well, Vitamin B12 is not common in the plant kingdom
But that does not mean some plants do not contain Vitamin B12

Plant sources of Vitamin B12 include Moringa, Chlorella, Spirulina etc.

All these and more plant super foods are included in this plant food complex

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Take care of your health-it's your most precious asset!

Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

Thank YOU

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