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How many pesticides are in your body right now?
October 08, 2017

A polluted world could devastate your health


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Table of Contents

  • Your Life Depends on Bees
  • Is HPV Vaccine Safe?
  • High Risk of Phone Addiction

Cut down on sugar to reduces your risks of:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Memory problems etc.

I use honey. It is healthier, but even then in moderation

But here is a report that makes even that choice depressing

Remember in one of the emails I sent you I promised to do some pieces on a Polluted World

Maybe you thought that world does not impact you
Here is a research concerning that

This research gathered samples of honey from around the world
And would you believe a whopping 75% of those samples contain pesticides!

These are the same pesticides that experts believe are responsible for decimating the population of bees

What are the implications of this to humans?
Even samples from remote parts of the world where this pesticide are NOT in use came out with similar results!

Maybe you do not connect your fate to that of bees
If you think this way, you are in for a big surprise
Turns out, most of the foods you eat are made possible by the generosity of bees

That's right!

Bees pollinate most of the foods you eat
No pollination, no food!
And you thought all bees do is make honey
That research came from Switzerland

And what do the manufacturers of these pesticides say?
Of course you know they are going to deny their products harm wildlife

You can read more of that report here

Pollution of Human Bodies

Did you see the report this last week?
A mother was sentenced to jail for refusing to vaccinate her child

Read more about it at this link

The debate is still raging about the safety-and even, efficacy of Vaccines
Some believe passionately that it is unsafe
This woman is one of them

Well, here is the report that could muddle the debate even further
A British teenager died weeks after getting the HPV vaccine
Read more of that news at this link

HPV vaccines for teenage girls are pushed aggressively in the US as protection against Cancer
All you have to do is watch television

But what is lesser known, and what these ads don't mention, is the fact that hundreds of teenagers have died after getting this vaccine

So if you have a daughter, sister, niece, cousin..
You may want to take a second look and inform yourself about this vaccine
It may not be what it is cracked up to be
And that's regardless of what your doctor, or the authorities say

Health Risk of Phone Addiction

Love your phone, right?
Of course, it has become your 3rd appendage
But this device could be as addictive as a strong drug
And the price for this addiction could be very serious

Take the case of this Chinese lady who went blind after playing a marathon session of smartphone games

Which goes to show you that nature loves moderation

Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

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