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Do these to reduce your Covid 19 Risks
October 11, 2021

What to do to reduce your risks of Covid

If you've not been paying attention you would think the Corona virus pandemic is over

People are divided-sometimes violently so

But the virus does not care about that-it keeps on killing people
In fact, more than 700,000 people in the US have died from Corona virus

Vaccination had been encouraged for everyone, and according to experts it saves lives

I am not an expert
I am not a doctor
But I got my vaccination

Sure, some who had been vaccinated get sick

But their symptoms are less severe and they are less likely to die from the disease

Whether you are vaccinated or not, here are some precautions experts say you can take to reduce your risks

Aspirin-the humble aspirin can reduce inflammation and the risk of corona virus infection

The American Lung Association says marijuana smoking is a risk factor for Covid-19 infection

So if you constantly puff on weed, stop it!

Copper kills Corona virus dead in its tracks

Your drinking cups, sinks, bathtubs etc. [copper products] could be of copper if you want to reduce your risks

If you are overweight, consider losing weight
Obesity increases the severity of Covid infection

And here is a government report they have not told you about

Would you believe government research found that Sunligt destroys the Covid-19 virus

Here is something else that can protect you from Covid-19..


OK, maybe this may not come as a surprise:Drinking alcohol raises your risk of Covid-19 infection

And a Harvard University Research found that air pollution increases your risks of Covid-19 infection and death by 15%!

Here is a sober fact: Your indoor air may be more polluted than a smoke filled bar!!

This is why you need to clean your indoor air with the best air purifier you can get your hands on

Alright, that's it for mow

Till next time..

This is TJ saying..

Please, get vaccinated and take care of your health

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