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Make a Resolution to Be Healthy
January 01, 2016

Make a Resolution to Be Healthy this New Year

I am taking this opportunity to thank you for being a subscriber to Natural Health News Newsletter"

I also wish you a Happy New Year

This is the time to make healthy decisions and make healthy lifestyle choices.
Believe it or not, being healthy is a choice.

Research has found that genetics plays a little role in your health..
Except maybe in some congenital diseases

Your health is largely due to your choices, and most of us make unhealthy choices.

Here are some of what I repeat to myself all the time..

  • Whatever is going to kill me is not going to get my help
  • My health is my responsibility
  • I will inform myself by seeking relevant information
  • Being informed is why I won't be sick in the first place
  • Experts are not always right-in fact, they have been consistently wrong. That's the reason to seek a second, and even a third opinion
  • Synthetic drugs are not always the best option-in fact, I avoid them when I can
  • I know that for every drug-in most cases-there is a natural, safer alternative

So at this time, even if you have not made the best decision so far regarding your health, it is not too late.

In fact it's never too late to make a resolution to be healthy.

Do not fall for the lies of so called experts, a lot of who have conflicts of interest.
Do not fall for the lies and double speak of drug companies.

If you've been reading the newsletter I send you, you are aware of some of these lies

It is bad enough if all these lies cost you is money

But these lies can cause you your good health..

And in extreme cases..


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