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Butt augmentation surgery can destory your life
June 17, 2014

Risks of Butt Augmention-Don't be a victim

From time to time, scam artists find something to latch on to, and the trusting public pays the price.

The latest in this list of scams is butt injection

This scam is so easy to sell because it preys on women's desire to get the perfect butt

This scam would be funny if it wasn't so tragic

Butt Injection Video-A butt load of Pain

Every woman wants to have the perfect rear end

Since no one has a perfect body, some women figure they need some butt enhancer

The cost of butt augmentation-butt injection or butt implant, is out of reach of some people

Enter scam artists, who promise the perfect butt, if these women would just part with a few dollars

Unfortunately, these people have not the slightest medical training. They are not doctors; they are not surgeons

For the most part, these criminals-and that's what they are-operate from their kitchen tables

They even hold house parties to lure more victims

Sounds like some recruitment for some Amway sales-except these house parties have deadly consequences

Now, when scam artists delve into such specialized field as butt injection, you know something horrible is bound to happen!

And so many tragedies have happened, as the above video shows

Some women have died after butt injections. Another woman had to have a portion of her leg amputated because of the complications of illegal butt injections

What these women get injected into their buttocks range from brake fluid to anti-freeze, to anything they can get their hands on in some hardware store!

Butt Injection and Common Sense

You might be asking yourself: Why would these women put their health into the hands of these charlatans?

Part of the problem stems from the fact that some of these women do not see butt injection as surgery

Butt augmentation-whether it is butt injection or butt implant-even at the hands of a certified surgeon, is not child's play-no surgery is

This butt injection video is a caution to women. Before you trust your health to anyone, make sure that person is certified for that procedure

But augmentation, performed by qualified doctors is controversial enough. These legal butt augmentations have their own problems

Even some doctors frown on butt augmentation. Even when the butt augmentation is fat from the patient, the fact can migrate to other areas of the butt it was not intended for

The result can be worse than what the women start with

If complications arise from butt augmentations performed by certified surgeons, what can you expect from kitchen table butt injection?

The authorities are on the heels of many of these kitchen table butt augmentation operators

But before the police catch up with all of them and put them where they belong, make sure you are not one of their victims

So, how do you get the perfect booty?

The safe way, that's how!

Take a look your options and choose the booty enhancer you think is best for you

Without the risks of butt augmentation surgery

And without the expense

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You want the perfect booty, don't you?

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