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Coffee-is it good or bad for you?
April 01, 2018

Do You Drink Coffee?


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Do not drink another cup of coffee until you read this!

Should You Drink Coffee or Swear off it?

Well, the answer may depend on who you ask.

A California judge just ruled that coffee should come with a cancer warning

This, because the State determined that coffee contains a carcinogen!

But here is research that found that coffee boosts your sex drive

Another report from Huffington Post listed more that 10 benefits of drinking coffee, especially for its antioxidant power

To further confuse these coffee FACTS even more, here is another research that says coffee is good, AND bad for you

Yet another research found that coffee can actually reduce your risk of diabetes

So which one is it?

This goes to show that most things in life are not necessarily black and white.

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