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Superbugs May Devastate Human Population
February 20, 2017

Superbugs are coming and may end up killing us all


Add to the above, the threat of other superbugs

Maybe you never thought about that-but you should

Our antibiotics are failing-you should think about that too
A lot of bugs have mutated to outwit our smartest anti biotics

That should concern everyone alive

Here is news about a superbug frozen under ice for 10,000 years!
Then it woke up when the ice melted, and scientists found IT IS infectious!!

We've been struggling with AIDS, Ebola etc., and we have not really succeeded
Then this!

If you think this is the only case of resurrected tombstone superbug, think again

Here is another one:

This one is a "Giant Virus Resurrected from 30,000-Year-Old Ice!"

This one was reported in Scientific American a while ago
And remember, antibiotics do NOT work on viruses!

You may pick an argument with Al Gore as to whether global warming is a Chinese conspiracy or not
But who are you going to believe, Science or your lying eyes?

The plagues are coming alright!

But remember the last time it was here, some people survived

This is where peak immunity is very critical

If you do not protect your health, no one else will


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This is Teejay, saying:

Always, always make non toxic choices!

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