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Would You Consume Ground Rock And Gasoline For Breakfast?
May 09, 2018

How to Choose the Best Super foods


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Would you munch on a lunch of pummeled rock..
and wash it down with a glass of gasoline?

Ok, so you think I've lost a few screws

But what if I told you that some of your "health products" are derived from pummeled rocks and Petroleum?

That's right!
And it is legal

Who Regulates the Industry?

By law, is NOT regulated by the FDA-it is essentially a self policing industry

Some of your health products are even manufactured by subsidiaries of drug companies!

Yep, the very companies that bring you those dangerous products

They are keenly aware of the public's interest in natural health
And true to form, they want in on the profits

But what they give you are some chemical isolates manufactured in a laboratory

Why dirty your hands harvesting from nature..
when you can just use Voodoo chemistry?

Your body does NOT recognize and cannot use these isolates
And it tries mightily to get rid of them

But it gets worse, these isolates can tax your liver and clog your organs

Working Your Liver too hard-there is a price to pay!

The liver is the organ responsible for eliminating residues, toxins etc. from your body

It's up to you to protect your health

If you must take health products-and most of us need to, in the age of foods devoid of nutrients..
Make sure they are in food form, directly from Mother Nature

Such as this Ultimate Super Food Blend from your Mother-Mother Nature, that is.

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Take care of your health-it's your most precious asset!

Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

Thank YOU

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