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Are You Contributing to the Slow Suicide of the Earth?
September 24, 2017

Is the Planet Committing Slow Suicide?


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Table of Contents

  • Poisoned Planet
  • People Living Longer But getting sicker
  • Newborns already loaded with toxins
  • Ever Younger people developing Alzheimer's

Are you helping the planet commit slow suicide?

I know you think I've gone off my rockers
But a lot of us are wittingly or unwittingly contributing to our own ill health..
And hastening ourselves to the grave

OK, so some of us are living longer, but a good percentage of that life is lived in ill health and pain due to some debilitating diseases

  • Ever younger people are having heart attacks
  • Alzheimer's is hitting people at a younger age
  • A lot of people are so fat that a lot of countries consider obesity national emergencies

This is NOT normal

Have you heard about Ellagic Acid?

It is a natural product to cleanse your body of heavy metals, parasites, Yeast and Candida
Read about the amazing power of Ellagic Acid!

I am about to start a web series
I call it the Poisoned Planet Series

There is no doubt about how toxic our foods, air and water are.
But we are told that these are safe

And when there is any resistance from consumers, the authorities set "acceptable limits" for these toxins-acceptable to who?
Were you consulted when these limits were set?
But what they fail to tell you is the effect of the accumulation of these toxins in your body over years

Don't think we are in a poisoned planet?

Well, consider this:

There is no doubt that lead is a neuro-toxin.
Lead has been linked to brain damage, heart attacks and other serious diseases

But suppose I tell you there is a product more toxic than lead that you and your family are probably ingesting everyday?
Would you believe me?

And if that's NOT scary enough, how about if I tell you that tens of these toxins, such as lead, arsenic, PCBs have been found in the umbilical blood of newborn babies?

That scares you, doesn't it?

It should!

What are the long term effect of these toxins that have already accumulated in the bloodstreams of babies who have hardly taken their first breath?

Well, these are what I'll try to explore in that Poisoned Planet Series

I'll let you know when that series starts and how you can participate in it


  • That Poisoned Planet is where you and I live
  • It is the same place your loved ones live in..
  • The water that you and your loved ones drink
  • The same air they breathe in
  • And the same foods they eat

Some of these toxins have even found their way into the drugs your doctor prescribes to supposedly heal you!

Drugs that are supposed to make you whole appear to be biological weapons meant for the military to eliminate enemies!

Listen to the litany of side effects that are rattled off with a straight face on Television
And those are those admitted to by manufacturers..
And when those drugs are used as prescribed!

So, you see, you and I have a stake in this topic

I would appreciate your feedback

Your suggestions, experiences or even contributions in terms of articles, comments etc., would help me in addressing this important topic

Yes, we live in a Poisoned Planet
But suppose there is something you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones?

Please send me your feedback,comments, replies to this email:

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Thank YOU

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