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Surprising Libido Killer You Won't Believe
May 28, 2017

Surprising Libido Killer You Never Thought About


Too much exercise kills libido

You spent a lot of time at the gym
You look so good women want to squeeze your bicep
You are so confident you could hardly stand yourself


Can you pop in the bedroom?

Here is research that found that too much exercise kills libido

O.K, So You look good

You may look good alright with bulging muscles and tree trunk legs

But it won't matter to those women who like to feel your muscles..


You can't deliver the goods in the bedroom.. if you know what I mean

Too much exercise kills libido?

It seems to contradict common sense, doesn't it?
Exercises are supposed to be good for you, right?
But it actually does not.

Nature loves moderation and punishes excesses
Even something as good for you as food have their consequences if overdone
You see the consequences of that in the worldwide explosion of obesity

So if you do not want to suffer from a limp dick, leave the long intense workouts to gluttons for punishment

Ease up, and maybe you could even end up with their women!
Hey, if they can't pop in the bedroom, their women would look for satisfaction elsewhere, don't you think?

After all, research says 4 out of 5 women admit they would cheat..

IF.. can't give your woman toe curling orgasm

Too much exercise kills libido alright..


..does it have to be yours?

What about female libido?

Have you seen the jockeying for a female libido drug since the FDA approved Flibanserin in 2015?

Yes, the jockeying is intense on account of the potential profits

You would remember that Sprout Pharmaceuticals, the manufacture got its female libido drug Flibanserin, approved by sinister means

  • Even though said FDA had rejected it on 2 previous occasions!
  • Eve though this drug has serious side effects
  • Even though this drug BARELY beat a placebo in clinical trials!

Is there a natural libido booster for women?

Yes, there is!
And it's all natural, effective with NO side effects!

Read all about it at the link above


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