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What if you could reverse diabetes without needles?
May 21, 2017

Diabetes Medication Invocana Increases Risks of Leg Amputation


Isn't ironic?

One of the serious risks of Diabetes is leg amputation

You know that, right?

But, here is the irony..

According to the FDA, one of the drugs to treat Diabetes increases your risks of Leg Amputation!

Read that again-because it is NOT a misprint

It sounds so bizarre I would think someone was making it up

In case you also think that way, here is the link on FDA warning about amputation risks of Invocana!

A medication for treating a disease, increases your risks of the complications of that disease!

George Orwell couldn't make that up

It would be funny if it isn't that serious!

But can you reverse diabetes for good?

Why has diabetes exploded in the last 30 years?

Could it be because of the explosion of obesity-a risk factor for diabetes

Which coincides with the approval of Aspartame..
And the inclusion of sugar in almost everything you put in your mouth
Now, add to that the adulteration of foods-what with GMOs, manufactured foods, additives etc

Which also coincides with the explosion of electronic devices that distract people and put them on the couch for much of the day
In fact, a guy walked off a cliff while on his phone!

Another woman walked off a bridge; she was lucky she didn't die

These couch potatoes are also at higher risks of diabetes

What do all these have to do with health?


  • Obesity
  • Lack of exercises
  • Poor nutrition
  • Sugar sustitutes
  • Refined sugar
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Sodas etc.

All these are risk factors for diabetes, erectile dysfunction, depression, brain impairment, to name a few

But here is something that's causing a lot of arguments among experts

We've been told that diabetes is a "sugar problem"

Some experts strongly disagree

Unfortunately, these arguments go on out of sight of the public

Why is it important to settle this argument?
Because, if experts are not sure about the path of this disease, then they can not be sure that the treatments are the right ones

Sugar drenched drinks, foods, and even medications are everywhere, sure

Then there is that toxin, Aspartame-a "sweetener" that was rejected 16 consecutive times by the FDA!

See how Aspartame, Sugar increase your risks of diabetes, erectile dysfunction, obesity, tooth decay

And here is where you can read about how sodas increases your risks of diabetes

This same Aspartame is now in thousands of foods you consume everyday.
Aspartame is even in some medications-can you believe that?
What is Aspartame doing in medications, even it it was safe?

But here is another point:

Would you believe that diabetes can be reversed without medication?
At least, that's what some experts believe.

Watch this incredible video on the protocol that can reverse your diabetes without insulin injection

That is, you can be free of diabetes!

Recall the case of ulcer, for instance
For years we were told ulcer was the result of too much acidity of the stomach
That narrative was the basis for the treatments of ulcer for years..
That is, until an Australian scientist set the record straight...won a Nobel Prize for it too!

That's why we should be sure about any disease
Some of the risks of diabetes include blindness, limb amputation, erectile dysfunction, kidney damage etc

Now comes this warning from the FDA about Invocana, a Johnson & Johnson concoction

Now, that FDA warning says you are at a higher risk of leg amputation IF you are taking Invocana!
And that's on top of the other side effects that the manufacturer fesses up to

I am sure you've seen the ads on Television about Invocana
Even without this FDA warning, the side effects of Invocana are scary indeed

And those are the side effects admitted to by the manufacturer..
..when the drug is used as directed!

When you listen to the side effects of this drug, you wonder why any one would voluntarily ingest this poison

But you know what is even more unbelievable?
That the FDA would approve this drug in the first place!

Are the authorities looking out for you or for the profits of drug companies?
Which side are they on?

How does Invocana work?

Well, according to their ads on television, Invocana works by shuttling sugar away from being reabsorbed by your body..

And this supposedly excess sugar is excreted!

But these ads never tell you that you could be hobbling around if you use their drugs Or that you could end up in a wheelchair

Unfortunately, a lot of people who are diabetic or pre diabetic do not even know it

Those who do know are on dangerous medications such as Invocana


Suppose there is another way

Watch this Diabetes Reversal Video

Can You Reverse Diabetes?

How to reverse diabetes without insulin injection

Click image to watch this amazing video


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