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Here's how eating chocolate can save your life
February 28, 2016

How dark chocolate can save your life


Why should you be eating chocolate?


  • It's creamy
  • It's sinfully delicious
  • It seems like a sinful indulgence-decadent even
  • It's chocolate!
  • And it is healthy

Chocolate is one of the healthiest foods on earth
I am NOT talking about the adulterated white chocolate from your favorite supermarket

Most of the healthy components of that have been stripped away during processing
That is an unhealthy sugar laden fake

Dark chocolate with most of its polyphenols intact is the type that has health benefits

This is why you should be eating chocolate-the dark one, that is

Health benefits of Chocolate

  • Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure. High blood pressure is a risk factor for
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Kidney damage
    • Heart attack
    • Strokes etc.

    Dark chocolate increases serum nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is now the new superstar nutrient for erectile dysfunction

  • Dark chocolate helps the body generate more energy due to its content of Magnesium-in fact, chocolate may have the highest amount of Magnesium of any food.

    Magnesium is involved in many reactions in the body

    Not only that, dark chocolate is high in iron.
    The blood can thus carry more oxygen and nutrient to every part of the body and the brain

  • Another reason why you should be eating dark chocolate?

    Dark chocolate is an appetite suppressant. It is maybe one of the best weight loss products!

  • Raw chocolate contains Epicatethin-a flavonoid that can reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke damage.
  • Dark chocolate prevents blood platelets from sticking together, thus reducing the risks of strokes.
    In this way it acts as Aspirin, without the risk of internal bleeding
  • Why should you be eating raw dark chocolate?
    Chocolate boosts the immune system

But all chocolates are not created equal.

White chocolate or even most of the dark ones from your regular store have had most of their beneficial nutrients processed out

How do you know you are getting raw dark chocolate with all its Flavonols intact?

Here is a more comprehensive post about why you should be eating chocolate..
..and how to tell the healthy one from the alkanized type that would destroy your health

Click here to read it


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Till next time, this is Teejay saying:

ALWAYS MAKE NON-TOXIC CHOICES-It's your health, take care of it!

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