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Would You Knowingly Drink Toilet Water?
November 20, 2016

Would You Knowingly Drink Toilet Water?


Guess what?

You may already be drinking toilet water, you just don't know it-according to this article from Salon

I mean, it's disgusting..


But before you start to throw up just thinking about it.. consider this:
Supply of water is shrinking all over the world

Regardless of what Donald Trump thinks, global warming is not a Chinese plot to take over the world.
Lack of water is threatening our very existence.
And the consequences of this would be devastating

For one:

  • Lack of water causes famine-that does not even need any explanation
    Crops depend on water. No water, no food, period
  • But here is another more serious consequences of water scarcity.. Wars!
  • Would you believe that the intractable Middle East conflict has a lot to do with access to water?
  • And that is not the only region of the where water is fueling conflicts
  • And then there are medical dimensions to lack of water

It seems like an abstract topic because most people turn on their faucets and water comes gushing out.
But that is because you are in some part of the US or Europe.

But even that is a false sense of security

The average family of 4 according to that Salon article, uses 400 gallons of water daily!

Ice deposits that supply water to rivers and drinking water to cities have melted, and are melting at alarming rates.

Hence the question I posed at the beginning of this piece.

Would You drink toilet water?

But before you answer that question, let me suggest that you may not have a choice, as disgusting as that sounds

And if you are saying to yourself: That would only happen in Third World Countries, you just lost a bet!

To fend off global water crisis, scientists have developed the Ultimate Recycling!

  • Purifying water that flows from your toilet bowl..
  • And piping it back clean and safe into your home..
  • For bathing
  • Cooking
  • AND.. Drinking!

And what if I tell you that the 27,000 people of Big Springs, Texas, are already drinking Purified Toilet Water?

And they are not alone.

This model is now in or being considered in other countries such as Malawi, Singapore


The United States!

This model of water recycling may be coming to a city near you..
And even your own!

And no one would be asking for your permission either

And there would be no requirement to label the water as Poop Recovery Water

Is this water safe?

We are told IT IS

This is the wave of the future if man is to survive on this planet.

Unless, we want to take Stephen Hawkins advice to look for another planet

Because we are slowly forcing this one to commit suicide!

Till next time, this is Teejay saying..
Always..always make non toxic choices

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