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Heavy Metals-Are they In You?
May 22, 2011

Would you believe that people living today have over 300 times the amount of lead in their systems than our ancestors?

Why is that, you ask?

Well, for decades-1945-1971-, the amount of lead in the environment was not adequately regulated; those who were born during this period thus have the highest concentration of lead in their systems.

We are exposed to lead in foods, paints, water, electronic devices, automobile exhausts, toys, and yes, military ammunition.

What are the dangers?

When this lead accumulates in the brain, it destroys the insulating covering {myelin} of nerve cells.

This myelin is like the insulation surrounding an electrical wire. If the insulation on an electrical wire is stripped away, the current is either shorted to the ground, or there may be an unsafe surge that can destroy the whole circuit.

This is not unlike what happens when the nerve cell covering is destroyed.

Messages that would otherwise have gone through, now leaks like the short in the electrical circuit

This fraying also impairs the production of neurotransmitters, message carriers between nerve cells.

These are the results of brain researches done at University of California, Los Angeles and John Hopkins University.

But is not the only heavy metal that can cause health problems in the body.

There has been, and there is still, an ongoing controversy about mercury dental fillings. Some are still foolhardy enough to insist it's safe, even though the FDA has started to express some reservations.

But whichever side you are on in the argument, here is research from University of Calgary Medical School{Canada}: Mercury in the body is bad news indeed. It, along with other metals, such as aluminum, arsenic, etc., damage nerve cells in the brain.

And these metals are more dangerous to a fetus, and young children

Unfortunately, these dangerous metals are around us everyday-in seafood, cosmetics, dental fillings etc. So how do you rid yourself of these poisons?

You need to consider body cleanse, a neccessary part of your health regimen, to rid your body of Wastes, Fat, Sugar, Parasites etc.!

Read labels. This is very important!

Chelation has been a method used to rid the body heavy metals. I'll be talking about Chelation in future issue so you can decide if it is for you.

Till next time, stay healthy and always make non-toxic choices.

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