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The world wide obesity epidemic is a public health hazard
August 07, 2012

The world wide obesity epidemic-Are you caught up in it?

This will not go away. I mean the obesity epidemic that's sweeping the world. Why is this?

Several factors have been blamed. From television to other electronic gadgets, from lack of sleep, to too much sleep, from overeating, to lack of exercises etc.

Even the World Health Organization has weighed in {no pun intended} on this public health hazard.

The WHO says that most diseases-and that includes obesity, are caused by poor nutrition and lack of exercises.

What does that tell us?

It tells us that our health depends largely on the choices we make, or refuse to make.

The risks of obesity is why governments and individuals are concerned about the obesity epidemic.

A lot of government have even proposed levying higher taxes on unhealthy foods to stem the obesity epidemic.

While some people think this is government intrusion into people's lives, no one would argue that a drastic problem requires a drastic action-and obesity is a drastic problem.

What do you think?

Voice your opinion on this fattening food tax at this link.

But why is this epidemic world wide...?

After all, people all over the world do not have the same habits, and electronic gadgets are not readily available in some parts of the world where obesity is also a problem.

So what is/are common factor[s] in these different parts of the world?

The most likely culprit behind this world wide obesity epidemic IS, FOOD!

The gradual destruction of family farms and the proliferation of big agribusiness.

How have this contributed to obesity?

Well, agribusiness, with its eye on profits and profits alone, has compromised the quality of foods.

The use of chemical fertilizers and other chemicals have depleted the soil of nutrients and the food we get supply bulk with less nutrition.

So people eat more to get fewer nutrients Foods that use to spend a few hours to get from the farm to the dinner table can now take months.

To make sure the foods do not spoil, or to mask the spoilage, the food companies now use chemicals-some of which are dangerous to health, to present foods that may look asthetically good, but are less nutritious.

Then, there are man made chemicals-more than 50,000 of them, some of which can reprogramm DNA, alter the body's functions at cellular levels, break down into dangerous metabolites in the body..

One of the metabolites of Aspartame is Formaldehyde-a known carcinogen!!

Add to that the proliferation of fast foods from Western countries, and you start to realize that the world wide obesity epidemic can actually be tracked to its origins, namely:

  1. The advent of big Agribusiness that turns out unhealthy foods
  2. The spread of fast foods from Western nations to all parts of the world
  3. The spread of electronic gadgets-such as television, ipad, ipod, that make people snack unconsciously.
  4. These gadgets engage the attention of people till late hours of the night, and lack of adequate sleep is a risk factor for obesity
  5. The sedentary lifestyle of a lot of people.
  6. Poverty is also a risk for obesity. Lack of resources make it difficult for a lot of people to eat right.

    And good nutrition is maybe the most important factor in staying slim. Unfortunately, unhealthy foods are cheaper than healthy foods.

  7. Governments subsidy of unhealthy foods such as refined sugar, corn-from which High Fructose Corn Syrup come.
  8. Stress etc.

No wonder, the obesity epidemic is world wide

Here is a partial list of the risks of obesity:

  • Heart disease
  • Type II diabetes
  • Strokes
  • Premature death
  • Cancer
  • Erectile dysfunction in men

Having said all these, individual responsibility has to be taken into account.

The worldwide spread of obesity does not happen outside of personal choices.

Incidentally, exercises such as jogging, weight lifting, running may lower the risks of type II diabetes.

The longer these activities are engaged in, the lower the risk.

This is the result of research conducted by a joint team of Harvard University [US] and University of Southern Denmark in Odese

This research covered 32,000 men, and spanned 18 years!

This research, published in an August 2012 issue of Archive of Internal Medicine, is further proof of the importance of exercises for good health

Not only exercises, the simple choices of eating more fruits and vegetables would make you healthier, reduce your risks of type II diabetes, heart disease, premature death etc. And studies have shown that couch potatoes run the risk of dying young.

Good health-barring genetic disposition, accident, is closely tied to personal choices.

Do you make healthy choices-are you caught up in the world wide obesity epidemic?

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Good luck-till next time, here's wishing you good health


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