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How the drug companies hope to make you a perpetual patient
December 05, 2013

How cholesterol lies can damage your health

The Cholesterol myth and your health

Now, I believe the last piece of mail I sent you was about the new directives concerning statins

This directive, as far as I'm concerned-and a lot of experts agree with me-are so dangerous to your health, that I decided to emphasize it in this email too

A new year is fast approaching. Once again, people are going to make new resolutions to be healthier.

And once again, most people would not implement these resolutions.

Life gets in the way.

But remember, there really is no life without good health. Your good health is your most precious asset.

Compared to your health, all other problems are relatively minor.

Remember what the World Health Organization said: The WHO said that ill health is mostly due to:

  1. Poor Nutrition
  2. Lack of exercises
  3. Stress

It forgot to add the serious side effects of dangerous medications; these are medications used as directed!

The cholesterol directive that send you to an early grave

Which is why the new directives concerning cholesterol lowering drugs are all the more puzzling

This directive will more than double the number of people on statins-including children!!

Never mind the serious side effects of statins, as admitted by the FDA!

Not that the dangers that cholesterol lowering drugs pose to your health have not been well documented.


But not to worry-profits trump the good health of people

But your health is in your hands. You can't rely on people who make enormous profits from double talk and outright lies, to tell you a truth that will cut into their bottom line

I am writing an ebook about the dangers of cholesterol lowering drugs. I will send you an email as to where to download it FREE, when I complete it

You'll be surprised at how Orwellian double-speak have been substituted for scientific research, and how the advocates of low cholesterol, plan to make you a perpetual patient for perpetual profits

Your health is in your hands-or should be

As to your good health?

That's your problem.

As I said earlier, profits trump your good health

Meanwhile, you may want to read what a heart surgeon has to say about cholesterol lowering drugs

His information could save your life and potentially get you off the statin drug profit wagon

Here is where you can read about this information and how you can have a healthy cardiovascular system without statins

Oh, here is some sobering fact: Would you believe more than a third of those who have heart attacks have "normal cholesterol?"

Look for the email about the e-book, for more facts-based on scientific research-that debunk the low cholesterol mantra.

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