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Good health is a Choice
April 20, 2011

Would You Contribute To Your Own Ill Health?

This newsletter is about sharing knowledge. I will not waste your time with long winded pieces just to show I have something to say. I know your time is precious.

Take an Aspirin a day for good health, Right?

Well, not so fast.

Aspirin has been linked to a risk of internal bleeding.

Add to that this report from a research by Kaiser
This research, covering over 80,000 people and spanning several years, found that daily use of aspirin and other NSAID [Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammation Drugs] raises the risk of Erectile Dysfunction by a whopping 22%!

The quest for good health can sure lead in some dangerous direction.

What is aspirin anyway-a natural health product?

Aspirin is a product originally from the willow tree bark; but it is just one component of the bark.

Bayer holds the original patent for aspirin.

Why don't you get the whole spectrum of the bark?

Because the willow tree is a natural product, AND you cannot patent a natural product. So they extracted the "active ingredient" of the bark that "natives" have been using for centuries, deconstruct it-that is they chemically take it apart, and then synthesize its "analog" in their fancy labs.

But it is an isolate-a product that is deprived of the other synergistic and mitigating effects of the other ingredients in the bark

But this is Not a unique product, after all it is a synthetic version of a natural product and should not have been patentable.

Erectile Dysfunction is a serious condition that often leads to serious feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem.

This in turn often leads to depression, which further compounds the ED problem. And depression is a doorway to various other physical and psychosomatic ailments.

If not Aspirin, then what?

There is almost no ailment that good nutrition and healthy lifestyles cannot at least improve. I believe that fervently and I prove it to myself everyday. You can too.


  1. The thousands of man made chemicals out there
  2. Toxic foods such as GMOs
  3. Pesticides
  4. Herbicides
  5. Toxic Wastes

Barring accidents and genetic diseases, our health is mostly dependent on our lifestyles.

Do you smoke, drink excessively, over-eat etc?

Why do people take aspirin anyway? For pain?

Well, the most pain people complain about is back pain. Which is not surprising, since the spine/back holds up the whole body.

Here is a natural back pain relief option We've been conditioned to reach for a pill at the slightest inconvenience. The barrage of drug advertising in all media make sure of that. It is a deliberate plan.

Conduct this simple experiment. Over a three day period, take note of how many drugs are advertised on television. But more so, pay attention to the "admitted" side effects of these drugs. You'll be scared. With all their fancy labs and experts, can't these drug companies find safer alternatives. And the people churning out these dangerous drugs, do they have any qualms?

Well, at least one did. Read his expose here

So the next time you reach for an aspirin, think about this research. After all, there are natural alternatives, such as Cayenne. I'll be talking about cayenne in some future issue

That's it for now. Stay health, naturally.

Talk to you soon.

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