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Dangers of lead in your body
May 05, 2013

Lead can undermine your health

Dangers of lead to good health

There are many poisons in the environment.

There are thousands of man-made chemicals-some of these are in our homes, cars, cosmetics and even in our foods.

One of the most sinister and toxic of these is LEAD.
Yes, lead.

Lead has been wreaking havoc on human health even since the Romans used it for making water pipes.

Yet, lead is STILL around us.
You come in contact with lead more often than you think.
Here are some of the sources of lead.

  1. In car radiators
  2. Some cosmetics
  3. Ammunition/shooting ranges
  4. Some pottery
  5. In military industries
  6. In some spices form some countries-especially from India
  7. In some toys
  8. Welding
  9. Some houses with old paints
  10. Sea foods
  11. And would you believe in some supplements

This by no means exhausts the avenues through which lead can contaminate us, but you get the idea.

We are exposed to lead, so what?

Well, consider these unhealthy consequences:


  1. Lead can cause headaches
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Poor appetite
  4. Inexplicable weight loss
  5. Anemia
  6. Nerve problems
  7. Abdominal pain
  8. High blood pressure
  9. Memory loss
  10. Fertility problem
  11. Decrease kidney function
  12. Increases the risks of miscarriage


  1. Development of mental problems in fetus and children
  2. Damage to nervous system
  3. Developmental problems
  4. Headaches
  5. Hearing problems
  6. Stunted growth
  7. Learning disorders
  8. Behavior problems
  9. Trouble sleeping
  10. Stunted growth

As serious as these consequences are, these have really scratched the surface of the ill effects of lead to human health.

There are various occupations that expose workers to lead.

If you are concerned-that is if you suspect you've been exposed to lead-and everyone is-what are your options?

Well, the body has mechanism for eliminating hazardous materials from the body.

But modern life, with its thousands of man-made, inorganic chemicals has overwhelmed that system of expelling toxins from the body.

But we can help the body do what it knows to do. We can help the body detox itself.

Go to this page and click on the Chelation therapy link on the right column to learn how you can help the body get rid of toxins

Till next time, make only those choices that will enhance your health

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