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Would You eat Foods that have been "Nuked"?
June 19, 2011

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Would you eat food that had been bombarded with X-rays, gamma rays or electron beams?

That question is more relevant now in light of the E. coli contamination of sprouts in Europe

These rays supposedly kill pathogens that would otherwise sicken or even kill humans. How do these rays do this?

They do this, we are told, by damaging the genetic materials of the pathogens. These rays also fracture water molecules to release free radicals that kill the offending pathogens.

Which brings up some troubling questions:-

if these rays damage the very structure of these germs, is it far-fetched to wonder if they also alter the genetic materials of these foods?

And if the DNA of the food is altered along with that of the pathogens, won't it mean that an apple so irradiated is no longer an apple; and instead of it nourishing the body could it be damaging it, and by extension human health?

And how about those free radicals released-we know free radicals damage the body. Will these free radicals damage the foods and the health of the humans who ingest them?

In fact, it was precisely because of these concerns that the FDA put in place in the '50s some regulations about food irradiation

But in spite of these regulations, some foods are still being irradiated. You didn't think the government would write a regulation without loopholes, did you?

Consumers are rightly afraid of irradiation

Is irradiation necessary? Is the proliferation of pests, bad bacteria, pathogens, partially the result of widespread use of artificial fertilizers in farming which destroys the beneficial bacteria in the soil-which then unsettles the balance of the ecosystem-, over-farming, lack of crop rotation etc.?

Besides more poisonings are caused by viruses than by bacteria, and irradiation is barely effective against viruses.

So, how protective is irradiation in light of that fact?

Would you relish on your dinner table foods that had been "nuked"?

How can you avoid irradiated foods? Buy organic. Organic foods by law are prohibited from been irradiated

May be irradiated foods are safe after all.

But until the experts settle the arguments among themselves I'll stick with organic non-toxic choices whenever possible, as a way to preserve my health. How about you?

How do you know if a food had been irradiated?

With an International symbol, called a radura- a flower[how innocent] inside a circle of dashed lines

You thus have a chance to choose or pass on an irradiated food item.

Till next time, this Teejay saying :

Stay healthy and in all you do always make non-toxic choices.

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