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Genetically Engineered Foods-You've been eating them, you just don't know it!
July 10, 2011


Would you consume Genetically Engineered foods, if you had a choice?

Genetically engineered foods- you've heard of these, haven't you?

You've probably consumed plenty of them, you just don't know it. There have been heated debate about them for decades.

The rationale for tampering with nature this way?:

  1. To increase yield
  2. To make crops more pest resistant, so less pesticide will be needed
  3. Drive down the price of food-such nice people, they are not even thinking about profit!

We are told that the foods thus engineered are safe. Some scientists looking at the same data, disagree.

One advocate of genetically engineered foods stated that the engineered foods are not nutritionally different from regular foods. People in this camp also tell us we should take solace in the fact that the process of genetically engineering foods, is regulated by governments...
The same governments that approve dangerous drugs that often have to be recalled-after billions of dollars in profit for the drug companies, and a lot of harm to consumers. We all know how that turns out.

Codex Alimentarius Commission, an arm of the UN, charged with food safety and handling just concluded its finding about genetically engineered foods.

Labeling of these engineered foods will be voluntary-that's their conclusion.

UCLA scientist Bob Golberg, says we've been eating genetically modified foods for 15 years, and all have been well.

Well, maybe so-for now. But when you consider the fact that some diseases take decades to show up, that's not that much of a consolation, is it?

If these companies really believe these modified foods are safe, why not be upfront with it, so consumers and the market place can decide?

Food companies, especially in the United States, vehemently oppose any labeling at all, arguing that these foods are safe, have been adequately tested, and are no different from regular foods.

The Europeans disagreed. The European Union is considering legislation to make labeling this class of food mandatory.

Over 70% of processed foods in the United States contain genetically engineered foods, and labeling requirement, takes the form of foods that have NO genetically engineered ingredients, to say so on their products, but it does NOT require the foods that DO have GE ingredients to say they do-a kind of negative labeling, with the burden on the innocent!

Doesn't that sound backwards to you?

It's like some companies requiring you to opt out of a list you never opted into, as a condition for them to stop send you solicitations.

But some people suspect a more sinister plot when it comes to genetically engineered foods. They see this as a prelude to the take over of food production and supply by big business.

As evidence, they point to seed companies like Monsanto, and their drive to control the distribution, production, supply and access to foods all over the world.

While some may dismiss this as another conspiracy theory, the drive by companies like Monsanto to control seeds and their distribution to farmers worldwide cannot be denied.

These seeds produced by the crops are sometimes sterile and cannot produce after its own kind, as nature has done for millions of years.

What does that mean?

It means that, you as farmer, cannot re-grow the seeds produced by YOUR OWN farm!!

What to do?

You have to go back to the seed companies to PURCHASE the seeds to plant for that season!!!

These are seeds the farmer used to harvest from his own crops-that is, until he fell for the pitch of the seed companies.

Now, does this sound like a conspiracy theory, or does this really sound like a plot to take control of food supply by big business?

You be the judge.

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