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Getting healthy and living longer is a choice
December 31, 2012

You're responsible for your own good health

You cherish your good health, don't you?

The flu season is here-again!

You know everywhere I go, there are signs that direct you to where you can can get your flu shots-for free!

Very generous, won't you say?

But you and I know that there is controversy about flu vaccine-its safety and efficacy- in fact, there are a lot of controversies about vaccines in general.

Some parents would not allow their children to get any vaccination of any kind.

In some states, children are not allowed to be registered in school unless they have been vaccinated against a host of diseases.

Some parents feel so strongly against vaccination that they opt to home school their children.

These parents argue that these vaccines can cause autism, brain damage, disability of all kinds.

They cite numerous cases of injuries to children from vaccination.
Some doctors vehemently deny these stories, insisting that these parents are putting their children in danger

But parents are not the only people to come out against vaccines.

Even some doctors are against vaccines, too.

Who is right in this battle of experts?

While they are arguing among themselves, consumers are caught in the middle.

Should they take flu vaccine or-any vaccine for that matter-without worrying about side effects, or are vaccines as dangerous as some say they are?

But, putting aside the safety issue for a moment-even though this is the most important aspect of the argument-is the flu vaccine effective in preventing the flu?

Here is what will come as a shock to a lot of people.
It is a report from a reputable review body.

Heard lately of any independent organization in this age of corruption, greed and power mongering?

Well, there is one-

The Cochran Collaboration-An independent organization that reviews research results.

And here's what they found: In a review of researches covering from 1948-2007...{that's 61years!}, they found no evidence-NONE whatsoever-that seasonal flu shots give greater protection!!

There are no lower cases of death or complications with these flu shots.

Doesn't that come as a surprise to you, especially in light of the shrill advice about getting flu shots?

So if flu shots are not the answer, as some have suggested, how can you protect yourself against the flu?

Here is some help from mother nature herself:


Would it surprise you to know that bovine colostrum is one, if not the most potent immune booster known?

And it is a potent defense against the flu-in fact 3 times as effective as the efficacy claimed for vaccines.

Protect yourself against the flu naturally by clicking this link

immune boosting power of colostrum at this link

Let the experts exhaust themselves with their running debate, but while they are at it, bacteria, viruses are not taking a vacation.

You still need to protect your health.

Good luck.

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