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How to last longer in bed and satisfy your woman
June 16, 2013

How to overcome erectile problems naturally

How to retain/regain your manhood

A lot of men struggle with erectile dysfunction.

The ability of a man to get a hard erection is a very emotional topic

Why is that?
Because a man's sense of manhood is closely tied to his ability to satisfy a woman in bed.

If a man cannot fulfill this duty, a feeling of inadequacy sets in. This can lead to depression-depression itself is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction!

While the general approach towards solving erection problems has been drug intervention, this method has its own problems.

Getting a hard erection and your heart

ALL erectile dysfunction drugs to date, have serious side effects

Getting a hard erection is not just a physical act, and so, may not necessarily respond to the administration of synthetic drugs.

In a lot of cases, inability to get an erection is a symptom, not the primary disease.

For instance, according to Larry Lipschultz of Baylor College, erectile dysfunction may actually be an early warning sign of heart disease.

For some people, this may be the first indication that there's something wrong with their hearts

Which makes perfect sense when you consider the fact that one of the primary conditions for a firm erection, is adequate blood supply to the penis.

Blood flow depends on the ability of the heart to pump adequate amount of blood, at the right pressure, to various parts of the body, including the penis.

If the heart is not pumping enough blood, either because of organic damage, or any other reason, blood supply to the penis may be inadequate.

Getting a hard erection under such circumstance, becomes difficult, at best.

But even if the heart is at peak performance, if the arteries are blocked, getting a long lasting erection may still be a difficult proposition

Clogged arteries can cause erectile dysfunction

Poor nutrition

Too much cholesterol in the diet can clog the arteries. This is more common that people realize. In fact, study by Louisiana State University found that clogging of the arteries-as a result of poor nutrition- can start as early as the age of 5!

Lack of sleepLack of sleep can cause low testosterone level. Testosterone is a male hormone that facilitates strong erection. Its depletion can result in some very serious health problems.

Read more about the consequences of low testosterone and how you can boost testosterone level naturally by clicking the links

Lack of exercises-Our sedentary lifestyle is killing us-literally. In fact, the World Health Organization, recently stated that most diseases area actually caused by poor nutrition and lack of exercises.

Exercises result in better blood flow, without which a hard erection would be impossible. Exercises also elevate mood. And sex cannot happen in an environment of a sour mood. We all know that from experience

Smoking- Smoking can rob the arteries of their flexibility. These arteries atrophy, and narrow, making it hard for the heart to pump adequate amount of blood through.

Smoking also diminishes the uptake of oxygen in the lungs, and diminishes breathing capacity. This reduces the ability of the heart to function efficiently

If the arteries are clogged, then the heart has to pump blood through ever narrowing vessels.

The heart thus has to work harder, trying to push the same amount of blood through ever narrowing pathways.

The consequences of this can be serious:

  1. The extra burden on the heart can lead to high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction-a vicious cycle.
  2. The penis cannot get the right amount of blood to initiate and maintain a hard erection.
  3. High blood pressure can damage the kidneys. And kidney disease can rob a man of his manhood, because of the nerve damage that kidney disease can cause.

These cascading consequences is why any man suffering from erectile dysfunction should first determine that his problem does not have underlying causes-physical or psychosomatic.

That way, the symptom is not being treated, while neglecting the root cause.

Even after checking for, and not finding any underlying medical problems, drug intervention is still not the best solution. This is why the FDA recently issued warning about the dangers of erectile dysfunction drugs

getting a hard erection should not be hazardous to your health.

Some of these side effects include-

  1. Headache
  2. Heart disease-itself one of the reasons a man may not be able to get a hard on in the first place!
  3. Blurred vision
  4. Kidney damage
  5. And there are more!!

    Sex and brain health

    The brain plays a big part in getting an erection.
    A less than adequate blood supply to the brain means the brain cannot function at its best.

    One important aspect of an erection is "desire." The brain helps the body translate this desire into physical action.

    The desire to have sex triggers (at least it should, all things being equal) psychological and bio-chemical reactions in the brain.

    Anatomy of an erection

    The brain then signals the body to get ready for sex...

    1. the heart to pump more blood to the penis to get an erection
    2. ...the body to release Nitric Oxide so the blood vessels in the penis can relax and accommodate more blood volume.
    3. Another biochemical reaction prevents the blood from leaving the penis, until the man has finished the job at hand.

      The signal to the brain for the desire to have sex, and the message from the brain to the body to get ready for sex, is relayed through the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine.

      If there is not enough of acetylcholine, either because of the deficiency of choline (its precursor) or inadequate blood supply from the heart, a hard erection may not be possible

      Satisfying your woman in bed without drugs

      So, a deceptively simple act of getting an erection, involves so many variables.

      There has not been any drug that has taken care of those variables, safely.

      Apart from their serious side effects, these drugs do not even work for a lot of people.

      There are healthy choices when it comes to getting a hard erection

      You can get and maintain a hard erection without drugs

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