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Non-toxic Choice Newsletter, Issue #002 -- Isn't Your Health Worth Your Effort?
March 30, 2011

It's a Toxic World, Do you make Natural Health Choices?

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Our natural health choices are constantly under attack from various quarters-these are entities that are hell-bent on monetizing our bad health.

Would you believe this:
A recent report from the Harvard School of Public Health, found that "healthy" sugared juiced drinks can dramatically increase the risks of diabetes by a frightening 31%! And sodas also increase your risk of diabetes by 24%.

Which is not surprising, considering the fact that these chemicals are served in plastic containers and are full of artificial dyes.

There is nothing healthy about these drinks, and they contain little or no juice.

How many of these are you and your children consuming?

And excessive sugar consumption is a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, obesity. You and I know about the obesity epidemic of the modern world. And we know the struggles of those desperately trying to lose weight

These people should Lose Weight Safely instead of falling for the latest gimmick

And if that's not bad enough, these unhealthy concoction are served in BPA laden plastic containers.

Never mind that "plastic" can be made from natural products such as corn, and hemp, and some companies are starting to migrate towards this mind set.

You can push them along this natural health choice path by demanding they offer healthy consumer products-failing which they will face consumer boycott.

BPA, bisphenol A, a chemical used to make plastic pliable, strong and transparent, mimics some human hormones, thereby disrupting hormonal balance.

This sinister chemical has been associated with various health problems including infertility, heart disease, ADHD in children, diabetes-this according to report in the publication, Environmental Health Perspectives.


How does BPA get into your system?

  1. Plastic Bottles
  2. Canned goods-it is used to line the interior of some food cans.
  3. Food Containers
  4. Plastic food wrap, etc.

How can you protect yourself from BPA consumption?

  1. Eat Fresh Foods
  2. Buy foods with minimal packaging
  3. Cook most of your foods instead of eating out-that way you know what goes into your system
  4. Shop at farmers markets
  5. Avoid foods with artificial colorings, and dyes.
  6. Let your grocer know you won't patronize his/her business if the store does not, at the very least, reduce packaging in their products
  7. Avoid microwaving or cooking foods in plastic containers. The heat can cause the plastic chemicals to break down and leach into your food
  8. Avoid making coffee in plastic containers or using plastic utensils

But if you think BPA is the end of the horror stories, think again; because these drinks, and jellos, deserts etc., contain generous amounts of artificial dyes that a recent report suspects of having serious health risks, regardless of what the FDA says.

But ask yourself this: Why do we need dyes in our foods anyway-for aesthetics reasons?

Consumers didn't ask for them. Now, consumers want them banned. Why then do the authorities not ban it outright?
Profit, you think?

Your health is your your responsibility. What are going to do about it? Visit for more information.

Talk to you soon

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