The best botanical hair care products will
help you avoid toxic cosmetic ingredients
in mainstream hair care products

What are botanical hair care products?

These are products derived from plants

Botany is the study of plants

organic hair care products

The best botanical hair care products then, will be those that are not ONLY made from plant ingredients, but are also safe, effective...


Preferably not tested on animals

Please not that these natural hair care products are...

  • Alcohol Free

  • Chemical Free

  • Cruelty Free

  • Gluten Free

  • All vegan

  • Paraben Free

  • Sulfate Free

How a product qualifies as organic

These are some of the conditions that make any product fully organic!

For botanical hair care product to be fully organic cosmetics..

  • It must not contain harmful ingredients
  • It must NOT contain any animal products
  • It must not have been tested on animals
  • Its production and testing should not involve cruelty to animals in any form
  • It should be able to repair damaged hair without harming the scalp or causing more problems

Botanical hair care products are referred to by some people as either herbal hair care or organic hair care products. Both of these designations are valid if they satisfy the above conditions

When a botanical hair care product or any beauty product meets these criteria, it can pat itself on the back and claim to be organic

You can have beautiful hair without dangerous chemicals. Choosing botanical hair care product is the greatest favor you can do your hair

You hair frames your face. Hair can enhance your looks. That's why hair restoration is big business

African American Hair Care

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Full spectrum hair repair

A good organic hair product shoud be a full spectrum hair product

What does that mean?

Whether it is curly hair care, straight haircare, dry hair hair care or any texture of hair-a good hair product shoud be able to repair and beautify your hair type

Defective hair calls for botanical hair care

Is yours dull hair, dry hair, chemically damaged hair, itchy scalp-these types of hair are already damaged. The last thing they need are harsh chemicals

Even when your hair is not damaged, some people may be struggling with oily hair, dull hair-these kinds of hair still need botanical hair treatments

Natural hair care products-why all the fuss?

Why all the fuss?

I'll tell you what the fuss is all about-maybe you may already know

Consider that...

  1. You, or someone you know, use about 5-10 cosmetic products every day- and a lot of people use more
  2. These cosmetic products go on your skin, on your hair, on your scalp etc.
  3. You breathe in the fumes from the ingredients in these beauty products

Natural hair care-why is it so important?

You want to have beautiful hair, don't you?. But should you pay with your health too?

Hair care products are a little different from some of the other products that go on your skin-they present a higher level of risks



  • They can get in your eyes
  • They can get in your mouth
  • You can swallow them
  • You can breathe them in

And this in addition to the fact that your skin does absorb some of these ingredients.

This is the idea behind trans-dermal patches-the medicine is infused into a patch and put on the skin. The skin then absorbs the medicine into your bloodstream!!

WELL, that can happen with toxic materials that get on the skin too!. You've heard about nicotine patches, haven't you? Well, that's how they work

Now imagine using these toxic cosmetics over several years, how much of these chemicals do you think can accumulate in YOUR body?

...these shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, scalp treatments etc., are NOT safe, non-toxic, botanical hair care products, they can damage your health at a fundamental level

We splash all these cosmetics on our bodies without thinking about it. But we better be thinking about what gets on us.

Because, as I always say.. Whatever gets on you, can get in you

Remember, after the manfacturer sells you his chemical soup, and makes his profits, you're on your own

Toxic cosmetics-Are yours?

There are some people who have some health issues which seem to defy any explanation.

My advice to these people is to look closely at their cosmetics. Read labels. If there are any with exotic sounding names, avoid them for a while and see how you feel

This is why choosing botanical hair care products is so important

What is hair anyway, and why are people so obssesed with it?

People are scared to death of thinning hair. Bald is sexy, right?
Then, tell me why the hair loss industry is so big.

Women, especially are so particular about their hair. Thinning hair in women is of great concern

Thinning hair in men and women

There are many reasons for thinning hair in men and women

  • Stress
  • Poor nutrition
  • Heredity
  • Auto-immune disease

Drug manufacturers have responded to these concerns with-what else-DRUGS.

Complete with their high prices, and side effects

BUT, there are natural alternatives-whether the concern is thinning hair, hair loss, getting rid of dandruff, itchy scalp-you name it

Hair-a living entity

A lot of people do not realize that hair is a livng entity. But it is!

The hair is supplied by blood vessels that bring nutrients.

Not only that, there are oil glands known as sebaceous glands that lubricate and give the hair luster

The blocking of these oil, and the activities of oppotunistic bacteria is what is resposible for some form of acne

What is hair and why do we even need it?

Hair is a living organ.

It is mainly made of keratin- a protein

Hair grows from follicles found in the part of the skin known as the dermis. Hair is one of the defining characteristics of mammals. The human body is covered in hair in most instances

Hair also contain melanin at one level or the other. This is responsible for the various hair colors you see on folks

Hair serves many purposes...

  1. Regulation of body temperature
  2. Tactile sensor-hair has sensors that lets you know if someone is touching you
  3. Odor control-we all know this from experience-especially in intimate parts of the body
  4. Protection fron enviromental contaminants-hair traps dirt, debris making it easy to brush them off
  5. Hair helps in protecting the scalp from the blistering effects of the sun
  6. Hair also acts as a detoxifying agent
  7. Hair is also used for cultural and social statements
  8. Artistic expressions
  9. Political statements

Whatever statement you want to make with your hair, there is no denying the fact that you want healthy hair

And the best way of achieving that is with organic hair beauty products

Why botanical beauty and healthy eating

Did you know that the state of your hair could be an indication of your overall health?

It is known that hair removes some harmful chemicals from the body as it grows.
This is why drug tests can show if you've been puffing on some dangerous drugs

The metabolites/residues of these drugs can show up in your hair

What's more, your hair also carries your genetic material. This is how police catch some bad guys

I bet you won't look at the your hair the same way again. Neither will you take hair care for granted-in light of what hair does for the body

Good hair foods

Hair, believe it or not needs proper nutrition. Here are some foods that can enhance the health of your hair

  1. Fish-with its content of Omega oil can give your hair luster and shine
  2. Nuts-nuts are rich in minerals, such as zinc and selenium for beautiful hair
  3. Green leafy vegetables-these are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins etc that enhance general health and hair in particular
  4. Carrots-rich in carotenes and other phyto-chemicals
  5. Berries-rich in anti-oxidants, phyto-nutruents etc., to neutralize free radicals, help reduce stress and nourish the whole body
  6. Prunes-high in iron and anti-oxidants, fiber etc.

Botanical hair care products helps you avoid the harsh chemicals that are present in conventional hair care products

Not ony do they supply natural ingredients for hair and scalp that nourish, soothe, lubricate and impart luster to hair

Organic hair care products

There are thousands of synthetic chemicals in your hair care products
Most of them are toxic and can damage not only your skin but your lungs, eyes, liver, and your scalp

So what are these harmful chemicals in your regular hair care products

...Alcolhol is a drying agent. It can strip oil from your hair, making them brittle and dull. It can dry your scalp and cause it to crack-not what you want, is it?

...Are you kidding me? This stuff is so dangerous I woud be scared to put it in my gabbage. To think that this carcinogen is in some hair care products is nothing short of a crime!

Sodium laurate
.....Mostly present in your soap, lotions, shampoos etc., it is an INDUSTRIAL SOLVENT. It robs the skin of its moisture content. Research shows this bad boy is a risk factor for eye problems

FD & C colors
Why do we need all these colors except for the manufacturers to make more money? These artificial colors are substances you're more familiar with than you realize. Some of these are synthesized from coal tar. They are in your soaps, perfumes etc. A lot of these dyes are considered carcinogenic

These are just a few of the dangerous, synthetic chemicals that find their way to your house-there are thousands more, but you get the idea.

They can compromise your health, unless, of course, if you choose botanical hair care products

Now, you've seen some of the harmful ingredients in regular hair care-let's take a look at a few of the ingredients in non-toxic hair care products

  • Aloe vera gel and oil
  • ALmond Oil
  • Alfafa Extract
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Apricot Oil
  • Orange Peel
  • Borage
  • Tea tree Oil
  • Oat Extract
  • Sage
  • Witchhazel
  • Nettle
  • Eucalyptus
  • Neem
  • Bladderwrack

And these are just a few of the hundreds-no thousands of natural hair care ingredients

With these many natural hair care ingredient choices, you wonder why anyone would even consider synthetic ingredients!

Here is the point, though...

YOU do not have to participate in the grand experiment of these harmful ingredients-because no one actually knows the long term effects of these chemicals

Here is what we know-even in the short term, these synthetics are not safe

The best way to ensure your good health is by choosing botanical hair care products

African American Hair care

The care of African American hair is different from any other ethnic group

These differences are the reasons there are special products for African American Hair Care

African American Hair Products

Sure the basic biological structure is the same, but the texture and resposnse to hair care products are different

Hence, the specialty hair care products for African Americans

Not only that, hair care-which really is scalp care-is different in some respects

The responses of the hair, scalp to products-to hold moisture are all different

Even among African Americans hair care, different people have different hair type

Some people have dry hair, some have curly hair, some have wavy hair, some have scalps that are sensitive

But whatever the hair type, the choice of botanical hair care is imperative

They suffer hair loss, dry scalp, brittle hair and all other hair damage that calls for organic hair products

But African Americans still want pretty hair!

But just any product will not do
When choosing the best African American hair care, organic hair care products are the way to go


  • Harsh chemicals can do more harm than good
  • Natural hair care products are actually cheaper
  • Allergic reactions that are common in synthetic ingredients, are uncommon with organic cosmetics because the ingredients are gentle and natural

These are the reasons botanical hair care products-for all ethnic groups-should be the default choice

Botanical hair Care Products

Access ALL organic hair care products here now


Hair Moisturizing Pomade

moisturize your hair

Without moisture, hair becomes dry, frizzy and brittle leading to breakage. This organic hair moisturizing pomade instantly restores lost moisture to your hair. It nourishes each hair to provide more strength and flexibility to reduce hair breakage. Natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Kokum Butter add shine and softness. Grapeseed, Kukui Nut, Rosehip Oils make your hair supple, manageable. Essential oils, herbal extracts feed your hair follicles


Natural treatment for hair loss

Hair loss remedy

Natural anti-DHT hair loss remedy. A natural alternative to drug based hair loss treatment. Hair loss phamaceuticals in most case have unhealthy side effects that can damage to your hair and scalp. Natural plant oils, plant based extracts, essential oils provide healthy nutrients essential to stimulating thicker hair growth

Dry Hair products

dry hair remedy

Natural dry hair treatment.

End brittle hair and get supple and lustrous hair now

Organic dandruff solution

Dandruff relief naturally

Dandruff is very annoying. But it is more than annoying-it is a disease of the scalp. This is the organic hair care remedy for dandruff

Oily hair organic products

natural remedy for oily hair

Your hair oily? This is the natural solution for oily hair. Hair needs for luster, but too much of even a good thing is bad too

Organic thinning hair products

stop thinning hair and restore lost hair

Losing your hair? Well, don't panic. You can grow your hair back! These botanical hair care thinning hair products are your answer

Organic itchy scalp products

heal your itchy scalp naturally

Stop scratching and start healing your itchy scalp. Botanical solutions to itchy scalp are gentle, and effective. Nourish your scalp while healing it with soothing botanical extracts

Organic thicker hair products

get a full head of hair

Want to grow thicker hair. Drugs are not the answer. You need organic products for thicker hair

Frizz hair?

botanicl solution for frizz hair

Frizz hair? Here's your answer. AND it is natural too! Don't even try those cosmetics with harmful ingredients. Why would you want to do that anyway when there are organic alternatives?

Click the banner to see ALL the organic solutions to hair problems

botanical hair solutions


ALL 160 of them!

Organic Hair Loss Solutions

Losing your hair? What if you can grow your hair back? Won't that be awesome

Can you restore lost hair just as some have done?

Take a look at how some people reverse balding

There are different kinds of hair loss. Each has different causes and requires a customized hair loss remedy

Organic Hair Loss Remedies
Alopecia hair loss treatment Chemotherapy Hair loss treatment Chemical Hair Loss solution
alopecia hair loss remedy

What is Alopecia? An autoimmune condition in which the body attacks itself-in this case its own hair follicles, impeding hair growth. The cluster of T cell lymphocytes around these follicles, causes inflammation and hair loss. Emotional stress or an infection is thought to combine with heredity to cause this condition. Essential oils of cedarwood, thyme, and rosemary oils -a journal of Archives of Dermatology study (vol. 134, 1998;1349-52)showed-do help some patients. Grow your hair back now

Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

Chemotheray hair loss treatment

Cosmetics Richer, thicker hair-who doesn't want that. Plant oils rich in vitamins and hair nutrients facilitate faster, thicker hair growth. The essential oils in this hair loss treatment stimulate, nourish your scalp. Gives your hair the thickness and luster it needs, strand by strand for greater volume, even with the first use

Chemotherapy Hair Loss Treatment

Chemical Hair loss solution

Personal Care Cosmetics. Hair treatments with Harsh toxic chemicals can damage your hair. These chemicals can cause embarrasing breakage. Such chemicalizing actions as hair bleaching, coloring, perms and so on, can cause hair breakage and loss. Styling with heat and perms can damage that may be permanent, and can lead to traction Alopecia. This kind of damage and chemical hair loss occurs when hair is pulled so tightly that it subjects the scalp to unneccessary tension This product is how to reverse chemical hair loss.

Excessive Chemicals Hair Loss Treatment

Organic Hair Loss Conditioner Botanical Hair Loss Shampoo Men's Hair Loss Treatment
Clean your scalp and unblock follicles for hair growth

Would you believe the very product you use to beautify your hair may actually be causing your hair loss. What's in your shampoo and hair care products? Do these put more harmful chemicals on your scalp? Using harsh chemical can damage your scalp or follicles-the most reason to use the purest natural ingredients that are proven to prevent hair loss and help rejuvenate your scalp and follicles. This natural, organic shampoo restores essential nutrients, builds strength and fullness without weighing hair down. Designed to cleanse pores, unblock follicles and encourage hair growth

Hair Loss Conditioner

Hair loss shampoo for better hair growth

Together with an organic hair loss conditioner, combine this natural hair loss shampoo. This pure non-toxic shampoos is gentle, and cleanse your scalp. Harsh chemicals damage your scalp and leave harmful residues. This natural shampoo has proven ingredients to prevent hair loss and help rejuvenate your scalp and follicles, restoring essential nutrients. Cleanse your pores and unblock follicles to reverse hair loss now.

Hair Loss Shampoo

Men's hair loss solution

A natural alternative to pharmaceutical hair loss treatment products. Losing your hair is stressful, but drugs that damage hair and scalp and have harmful side effects are not the answwer. This is the natural, powerful natural anti-DHT hair loss solution. Organic plant oils, natural plant extracts and essential oils provide essential nutrients neccessary to promote healthier, thicker hair growth
Men's Hair Loss Treatment

Psoriasis Scalp Formula Hair Loss Thin Hair Loss Treatment Adult Women Hair Loss Trearment
Psoriasis Scalp hair loss remedy

Itching, dandruff, dryness, irritation-these are some of the side effects of hair loss. These result from drying out of the scalp because of the alcohol and harsh chemicals in your hair products. Anti-itch products with harsh chemicals actually aggravate the problem-making your hair loss worse, and scalp psoriasis aggravated. This natural anti-psoriasis, hair loss treatment is designed to soothe, nourish your scalp with rich emollients
Psoriasis Scalp Formula Hair Loss

grow your hair back

Does your comb has more of your head than your head. If your hair is thinning and falling out every time you take a shower, comb or brush your hair, this will help you grow back your thinning hair. This hair loss treatment is organic-of course. Undo years of damage and restore and revitalize your hair. It satarts with you revitalizing your scalp and hair follicles
Thin Hair Loss Treatment

Adult Women hair loss remedy

Stimulate your scalp and follicles naturally to increase circulation to hair follicles. Herbal extracts in this organic hair formula promote promote micro-circulation. Essential oils proven effective for hair care. Natural, organic and free of harmful chemical!
Adult Women's Hair Loss Treatment

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