How to use brain boosting techniques to boost memory

Incorporating these techniques is the way
to increase brain power, boost mental capacity
and prevent memory loss

Using these brain boosting techniques, you can dramatically supercharge your brain, and prevent over all cognitive decline even as you get older

And all these:

  • Without surgery
  • Without chemical intervention
  • And most of the time, without additional expense

Having A Senior Moment?

Are you constantly looking for the glasses propped on your head?

 Best Brain Health Formula

Entering a room and forgetting why you came in there?

Forgetting names of familiar people?

The good news is, there may be something you can do about it!

There are brain boosting techniques you can employ, to make sure your brain does not become like yesterday's vegetables, as you get older

When austronauts, athletes, and other academics need an edge, these are the brain boosting techniques they turn to.

Brain impairment-a very serious condition.


Because the brain it is, that lets us know who we are, and what our relationships with others are.

The brain keeps the records of most things that we see, do, hear, taste-that is, almost all our experiences.

That's why implementing brain boosting techniques should be a priority now, rather than later

Who am I, Who are you? The brain helps you answer that

How do you know this boy is your son, or that this woman is your wife? Your brain lets you know

Our very identity is tied up with how efficiently the brain works

See, we don't think about these things, because the brain does its job faithfully
It is impossible to function without these inputs from the brain, or without being able to access these stored data

And, effective brain boosting techniques make sure the brain keeps on doing its job even as we get older, and in the face of other distractions

We also have to feed the brain the right brain foods.

Cognitive Enhancement with better Image maps

The brain works like a computer.

Well, that's not totally accurate..

The computer works, ALMOST like the brain-after all, it's the brain that creates the computer, to do what the brain does, at a faster rate. And it is the brain that tells the computer what to do by means of hardware and software

The brain keeps image maps of what we see

If a tree has been cut down in your neighborhood, you notice its absense, because the brain compares the present scene with the image map of that scene in its database. There is now a "hole" where the tree used to be. The brain notices that!
It is a case of: Do you see any difference between these two pictures?

The proper brain boosting techniques make sure this cognitive ability does not decline with time

Brain boosting methods of efficient bookmarking

The brain bookmarks data so it knows where they are, and how to retrieve them when needed. This is how we remember things. Memory is thus the essence of brain power.

This process of storing and tagging data is taxing, that is why we should use brain boosting techniques to help the brain along, and prevent loss of data-that is, prevent memory loss

The brain uses this information:

  1. For simple identification
  2. To evaluate situations to determine what our reaction to that situation should be.
    This "tagging" allows us to determine our reactions to people and situations
  3. You can see that the brain is actually the most important survival tool we have at our disposal, and that brain boosting techniques that maintain brain functions are the most important gifts we can bestow on ourselves.

Pain or Pleasure- Your brain power helps You decide

The brain also works by association.

A person, place, smell, taste, sound etc., is associated with a particular experience. Experience with the pain of sticking your finger in a fire is duly noted. This shapes your reaction to fire from that time on. This is part of our safety/coping mechanism

Maintaining brain health is thus a safety issue

The brain also gets better at what it does, through repetition. This fixes the information more firmly, so it can be easily retrieved. All these pieces of information are then organized into what I call-since we are still using computer analogy-folders. It's like organizing the items in your house, and labelling the boxes that contain them

Easy to locate items, isn't it?

Brain boosting techniques, consistently applied, would help in this kind of organizing

This is why computer scientist study the biology of the brain-Neuro-Biology

The more they undestand how the brain works, the better they'll be at designing computers-after all, what the the computer does is mimic the brain. This is very important in the design of thinking computers-a field scientists call Artificial Intelligence; that is, the design of machines that think almost like humans

Keep this, Not that-How the brain mercifully protects Us from our Experiences

The brain also works by what I call...


What is sorting?

A word I use to describe the brain's ability to selectively remember things-retaining the pleasant memories, and sometimes pushing to obscure corners, the traumatic ones.

The pleasant experiences can be "re-enjoyed" at any time, while the unpleasant ones are prevented from wounding us all over again

It is a humane, merciful system

But this system works flawlessly only when we constantly apply brain boosting techniques, so as to supercharge the brain and prevent it from deteriorating either as a result of aging, trauma or lack of use

Do we have limitless brain power?

There was a time when scientists thought that the brain had a finite number of information highways. They thought that once we are grown, the brain stops forming new pathways

When you really think about it, this theory never made any sense


Because if it were true, it would mean that the human brain can only take in so much information, and after that maximum is reached, nothing else could be learned

Fortunately, scientists have since discovered what they call Neuro-plasticity.
O.k It's tongue twister. But what it means is that the brain's capacity to absorb information is almost limitless.

New information pathways can be, and are being created in the face of new experiences.

What's more, the brain can even create new information pathways to take over the jobs of other ones that's been damaged!!

Scientists now know better from studying people who are paralyzed, and people with traumatic brain damage

Brain boosting techniques have been used to help the injured regain the use of the abilities they've lost-

  1. Those who had lost the use of limbs have been helped to regain some semblance of muscle control through bio-feedback
  2. People whose speech center in the brain had been damaged in accidents and strokes have been "taught" to speak again

All this, with the best brain boosting techniques available

Brain Decline-What causes it?

So, what factors cause brain impairment, how can we boost brain power, and how can we prevent brain decline iin the first place?


When we were younger our brains tend to be very efficient

Children pick up languages and other data fast. They have to. They have to learn a lot of new things to help them fit, and function in society

But as the years go by, we seem to lose some of our brain power

Some people believe that, like the rest of the body, the brain ages, and that any part of the body that ages, also declines in efficiency

Some people think this may not be totally true. They point out that the body can be trained to be more efficient longer, and age youthfully. Why not the brain? The brain, they argue, can be trained-can be exercised

Passing of the years, the thinking goes, does not neccessarily, translate into brain decline

If physical exercises can help the body stay healthy longer, why can't brain boosting techniques do the same for the brain?

Some of the factors responsible for brain decline, are within our control- at least, that's how this thinking goes.
And experience seems to be confirming this viewpoint

Why should you incorporate brain boosting techniques in your life? To give yourelf an edge. This edge is what athletes, astronauts, inventors etc,. have over others.

AND.. this is the brain supercharger they chose

Poor Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential for good health , not only for the body but also for the brain

The brain consumes a lot of energy. This energy has to come from what we eat. If our diet is inadequate, the whole body, including the brain, suffers.

Scientist now believe that Alzheimers disease is-at least-partially caused by oxidative damage. Oxidative damage is a major risk factor for a host of diseases, including heart disease, strokes, dementia, wrinkles, artherosclerosis etc.

A diet poor in antioxidants thus increases the risks of Alzheimer's, or brain decline, at the vey least.

The brain gets its nutrients from blood supplied by the heart.
Now, if the brain gets its nutrients from blood pumped by the heart, then the quantity and quality of these nutrients thus depend on a healthy heart; the implication being, that a healthy heart, is crucial for boosting brain power.

The brain, though 5% of body weight, consumes more than 20% of its oxygen supply

Why does the brain need all this?

For the same reason other parts of the body need oxygen and other nutrients, but more so, because the brain is the body's Central Processing Unit {CPU}....

  1. It has to know about, and monitor all activities, and modify/modulate these activities if, and when neccessary
  2. It has to receive and send signals, and if need be, produce the appropriate output signals, depending on the input it receives.
  3. It has to able able to form new signal pathways when necessary

All these and more

As you can see, it is a big, complex resposibility

Good nutrition is thus a potent brain boosting technique


Stress can damage our immune system

It is no secret that stress is bad for health in general, and for brain health in particular. Stress depletes the body's supply of nutrients and energy

Stress is a risk factor for obesity. Obesity is a risk factor for heart disease.

Stress is a risk factor for depression.

Depression is a risk factor for obesity

Stress, depression, obesity and heat disease, are ALL risk factors for dementia

You can see the complex, inter-connectedness of all these risk factors-and their common, negative impact on cognitive function

Brain boosting techniques must thus involve a multi-prong aproach


Obese people have smaller brains

Obese people have a higher risk of dementia than their fit counterpart. A lot of obese people have high blood pressure, and high blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease

And a heart that's diseased, as we have earlier noted, could prevent the brain from functioning at its best

Obesity is even a risk factor for cancer

The best way to reduce these risks, is by urgently implementing brain boosting methods, that include effective weight loss, good eating habits, and exercises.

Our ability to age healthy, and not be a burden on our loved ones, depends on a long term use of brain boosting techniques to stay sharp for life

Poor Circulation

Poor circulation, by implication, results in inadequate amounts of nutrients supplied to the brain.

The brain needs some nutrients, to be able to send and receive signals. If blood circulation is inadequate, then the brain might not get adequate amounts of the nutrients it needs to function-nutrients such as Potasium, Sodium, fatty acids, chloride ions etc.

Maintaining brain health requires several factors working towards a common goal-that of supercharging the brain.

Envinromental Factors

There are tens of thousands of man-made chemicals. We breathe them in, some of them are in our foods, cosmetics, clothing, household products. Some of these chemicals are toxic. Some reprogram DNA. Some can choke you to death.

Some distrupt hormonal balance. And hormonal imbalance makes it hard for people to lose weight

Add to that the pollutants from automobiles and industrial machines, and you can begin to realize the nature of the assault on health.

The brain is part of the body. It, too is adversely affected by all these chemical assaults

To defend your brain against all these chemical assaults, you need to constantly supercharge your brain with the best brain boosting techniques available.

Lack of Exercises

Our sedentary lifestyle has done a job on our health. The advent of video games, computers and computer related jobs, have put people on their rear end for long stretches at a time.

The result is bulging waist lines, and hanging bellies. And obesity IS a risk factor for brain impairment.

Obese people are susceptible to poor circulation, heart disease and high blood pressure-all of which are risk factors for brain impairment


Smoking makes you stupid!
You don't believe me? Well, smoking causes hardening of the arteries. This results in the arteries not being able to carry enough oxygen to the brain. The result is a brain without the most important "nutient" it needs, for peak performance

A study of 20,000 young people, conducted at Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer, in Israel, found that regular smokers have lower intelligence, compared to their non-smoking counterparts.

But the effect of cognitive decline as a result of smoking, is not confined to young people

A study of people over 65, this one from Institute of Psychiatry, London, found that smokers are 4 times more likely to suffer cognitive decline than their non-smoking peers

Smoking is a major cause of artherosclerosis-a condition in which the artery narrows and hardens. This restricts blood flow to the body in general, and to the brain in particular

The best defense for these people is to: 

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Implement serious brain boosting techniques-a process that may reverse years of damage. This is especially important for older folks

Lack of Sleep

Sleep is so important that humans spend a third of their lives doing it, or should.

Sleep is so potent it's used as a weapon. Military interrogators sometimes deprive captives of sleep to extract information

Lack of sleep is a risk factor for obesity, heart disease and bad mood. All these can affect your mental ability

During sleep, the brain helps us destress, edit our experiences.

Excessive Drinking

Have you heard people joke that excissive alcohol consumption kills brain cells?

Well, it is not a joke.

Excessive alcohol can cause impaired memory, blackouts etc.

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause liver damage. The liver is the organ needed to break down alcohol and other toxins into harmless substances

Damage to the liver can cause brain disorder

Drug Use

This one is a no-brainer. Drugs damage every indicator of good health, especially the health of the brain

Enough said

Some Medications

The world is now awash in dangerous medications. One medicine prescribed to treat one ailment can have 5-8 side effects, some of them more serious that the original disease.

But some of these medications interfere with the normal functions of the body. A Japanese study found that statins can impair brain function. There have been numerous reports from users of this class of medications, causing confusion and disorientation


Overeating can cause obesity. Obese people are prone to depression. Depression is a risk factor for brain malfuntion. There is also evidence that constant overeating can shorten your life.

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Brain boosting techniques
  1. Good Nutrition
  2. Of all the brain boosting techniques any one can apply, eating right is the most important. Food is how the body survives. But poor eating can compromise health at all levels.

    Take acetylcholine for instance-acetylcholine is a neurotrasmitter. A neurotrasmitter, in layman term is a substance that allows the brain to send messages back and forth

    Experts now think that damage to acetylcholine-producing system {cholinergic system}, is partly responsble for Alzheimer's disease

  3. Breathe Properly
  4. A brain deprived of oxygen for just a few minutes starts to die

    Adequate supply of oxygen at all times is crucial for brain function, and even survival. This oxygen is brought to the whole body through the act of breathing.

    Unfortunately, some of us do not breathe right. That may surprise a lot of people, since breathing is a natural process. Look at it this way: Not every one with two legs can run 100 meters in 9.9 seconds, even though running is natural.

    Some of us take shallow breaths. Not only does this leave a pocket of stale air at the bottom of the lungs, there is less oxygen supply to the brain too. This pocket of stale air is also a breeding ground for germs and infections.

    And the less oxygen the brain gets, the less efficient it is.

    Proper breathing is one of the most important brain boosting techniques.

  5. Yoga, Meditation, Tai chi
  6. These are ancient practices that have been found to calm, and energize at the same time. But the geatest brain boosting benefits of these practices is deep breathing.

    The increase in lung capacity that comes with the practice of these disciplines directly benefits brain health. And lung capacity may be a good indicator of how long we'll live

    Research by Dr Dean Ward found that by age 50, most of us would have lost 40% of our breathing capacity.

    BUT..Not if you practice these disciplines faithfully. These disciplines greatly reduce stress and blood pressure.

  7. Exercise
  8. Exercises relieve stress, helps the immune system, and improves circulation and heart health in general. Exercises increase lung capacity, and consequently, breathing power

    Better breathing is good news for the heart and the brain.

  9. Learn another language
  10. One of those things one never suspects of being among brain boosting techniques, is the learning of another language

    But a research from the University of California, Los Angeles found that being multi-lingual is "associated with better mental capacities,"

    Confirming this findings is also the research of Ellen Bialystock of York University in Toronto, Canada. This research found that "multilingualism can provide health benefits for Alzheimer's patients."

  11. Get Some Sleep
  12. Humans spend a third of their lives sleeping. The body is recharged during sleep, just like the battery put on a charger.

    Lack of sleep can cause obesity, stress, irritability etc. Lack of sleep can negatively affect brain function

  13. Read.
  14. Reading greatly enhances your verbal skills. Reading is relaxing.

  15. Listen to good music
  16. Music has been used to calm nerves and improve mood for ages. Music is even used as therapy. It is one of those brain boosting techniques that is practiced by all cultures

  17. Do crossword puzzles
  18. It increases focus and calms the nerves

  19. Laugh
  20. It puts you in a good mood. It dispels anxiety and anger

  21. Study great thinkers
  22. You directly tap into their wisdom to compliment yours

  23. Relax, it's not that serious
  24. This too shall pass-that should be your motto. Getting all worked up elevates your blood pressure, which impairs your brain function

These brain boosting techniques will keep the brain at its best, and protect it against cognitive deterioration