With the right brain fitness program, you read faster, retain and recall what you read and hear...
AND develop a photographic memory

A brain fitness program is one thing we didn't have to worry about when we were children

We had good memories that most adults would kill for. We absorbed information like sponges.

Our hearing was sharp; our eyesight was superb. Ever looked at the eyes of babies? The white is pure white.

brain fitness gym

So what happened to the brain power we had as children?

LIFE! That's what happened!!

Can you supercharge your brain?

Without his gadgets, man seems to be the laziest and least efficient of all animals:

  1. Eagles can see their prey even below water at a great distance
  2. Sharks can smell a drop of blood a mile away
  3. Birds can feel the subtle vibrations of the earth
  4. Cats can see in the dark
  5. Dogs can hear high frequency sounds out of range of human perception
  6. Bats can even see without eyes!

Remember the Indonesian tsunami?

It was reported that hours before the tsunami hit, animals started moving to higher ground! They sensed it!!

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As far as we know, these animals do not have any brain fitness program to make them this efficient. Or has nature deliberately cheated us?

If animals have these abilities, is it possible we do too?

Could it be we have become lazy because of those same gadgets that seem to make our lives easier?

If this is true-and some people swear it is-is it possible then, to increase our brain power with the right brain fitness program, and unleash the genius lying dormant in most of us?

Wake up the genius in you

But we have our brain- it is bigger than those of most animals, as a percentage of body weight-that's why we have come to dominate other species

As time passes, we gradually lose the good brain power we had as children, or do we?

Are there any brain fitness program that can enhance our brain efficiency? Experts in the field of brain fitness techniques answer yes to that question

We suspect that, locked in our psyche, are abilities that go beyond what we term normal, and that we can, with the right brain boosting training, develop a photographic memory, recalling names and numbers at will.

We see plenty evidence for this notion in fields as diverse as:

  1. Hypnosis
  2. Yoga/Meditation
  3. Martial Arts

These are fields in which humans have performed feats that are normally classified as impossible.
Are these people freaks of nature or have they tapped into a pool of abilities inherent in the human psyche?

Is a photographic memory one of these abilities?

This is how you know your brain is a sleeping giant waiting for you to wake it up!

Brain boosting foods

Brain Health Supplement
Brain power nutrients

Like any part of the body, the brain also needs to be nourished with the proper brain foods

After all, the brain is the body's master computer. Any brain fitness program will not be complete without attention to nutrition

Just as there are brain exercises to enhance brain power, there are also brain nutrients to boost brain efficiency

Without proper nutrition, the brain cannot transmit to, receive from, and respond to information coming from the various systems in the body

Brain food for photo memory

The brain, though 5% of body weight, consumes about 20% of its oxygen supply!

This high energy consumption requires awesome nutrition

Here is where you can buy the best brain supplement You want to supercharge your brain, don't you?

Combined with this brain fitness program, a good brain boosting supplement is a ticket to a genius brain

Unleash your brain power

If you lose your cell phone, can you recall all the numbers in your contacts?

Suppose there is a way you can easily do that?

With the right brain training, you can

Of all man's abilities, the one he is most scared of losing is his memory.


Because memory is what gives us a sense of self-- as an individual and as a member of a family, group, country etc.

Memory defines our very identity. Oral tradition and history get passed down to us by men and women of awesome brain power. That's why Alzheimer's is a vey painful disease!

We fret about maintaining our brain efficiency. We are constantly looking for ways to preserve the good memory we had as children. We suspect things are not the same as they used to be.

Read Faster Recall More

But as the fields of Hypnosis, Yoga/Meditation, Martial Arts etc have taught us , the body can be trained to perform incredible feats; it would follow then by extension, that by training, we can dramatically improve brain efficiency.

Less than perfect memory is not confined to old people. Even teenagers do not remember the way they used to

How many times have you as a student, in an exam room, tried in vain to remember the answer to a question? You've studied the textbook.

You could even "see" the page where the answer was, but no matter how hard you tried, the answer just won't come. So you see, we all-young and old-have imperfect memory.

But we know this is NOT the normal state of being. How do we know that?

We know that because, not too many years ago, in school plays, we demonstrated our awesome brain fitness-we memorized, not only our parts, but also the parts of others!!

Can you train your brain smart?

The good news is, memory CAN be trained. You can supercharge your brain, with the right brain fitness techniques!!!

Experts who study these things tell us that man has not tapped into the full potential of his brain power!

With only a limited brain capacity, look at what man has achieved

What if we can unlock our super brain potential; how much more can we achieve in our careers, family life, technology, health etc.-after all, the brain is the body's master computer.

Even if we can only improve our brain efficiency another tiny 5%, what tremendous brain potential can we unlock!

Brain Fitness Exercise, it could Ease Your life

Had this ever happened to you, guys?
You meet a girl a second time, and she refuses to give you her number because you could not remember her name?

Don't you just wish you had enrolled in a brain enhancing program prior to such an encounter?

Yup, an efficient memory can enhance your social life, and a bad memory can put you in a doghouse. People warm up to you when you address them by name. It tells them you consider them important.

This is why a strategy for developing and maintaining optimum brain fitness is imperative.

How do you think people, especially customers, would react to you if you remember their birthdays, anniversaries etc. Loyal customers for life, right? You bet!

Do you know how many husbands have slept on the couch because they forgot an important date in the lives of their wives?.

My advice to these foolish husbands? Enroll in a brain fitness gym, so you can get off the couch and graduate to the bedroom.

What are you, stupid? I didn't think so.

Memory works by association and repetition-in fact, a lot of brain training programs take advantage of this fact.

We associate a voice, a face with a name. We keep articles of clothing of a loved one because of the memories it evokes of that person. We "know and remember" the smell of our mothers and fathers.

Develop Photographic Memory

Here is an example of babies demonstrating the photographic memory we adults wish we still have.

Did you know a baby knows his mother by smell? The baby associates a particular smell with that of his mother.

The baby stores this memory of maternal identification. That's why the baby stops crying when you hand him to his mother.

The baby says to himself:I recognize this person, this is my mother, this is comfort, I am safe! Awesome stuff, isn't it?

Did you also know that the first sense to develop in a fetus is the sense of smell?

So you see, memory does not just involve what we hear. It can also involve what we smell, what we see, or what we experience

A good memory can save your life.

We can remember the signs of danger. A leaking gas in the house, we know from experience, is dangerous. How do we know this?

Well, from our memories of past incidences of this gas causing houses to explode!

Good memory is how we know our way home, recognize our loved ones.

Memory is how we get to "re-enjoy" the pleasures of past experiences-the joys of love we feel even when the object of affection is not around.

We can "re-enjoy" how we felt when we were held by a lover, the incredible feeling of love we felt when our mother stroked our head on her lap.

Memory makes all this possible. And a super memory is possible only with optimum brain health.

In a cruel twist of life, some people with Alzheimer's disease can not remember even their own spouses and children!

They lose the brain efficiency that is theirs by right.

When this kind of memory impairment occurs, life, for all practical purposes, grinds to a halt-very sad indeed.

That's how important a good memory is.

So you see, a brain fitness program is actually a strategy for survival and connection, and that's why it is so important.

And the time to embark on brain fitness strategies, is NOW.

You can unlock your full brain potential now.

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