Did you know breastfeeding reduces cancer  risks for the baby.. AND Mother?

  Research says breastfeeding reduces cancer risks for the baby

  New studies now says "...breastfeeding for six months or more was linked with a 19 percent lower risk of childhood leukemia compared to children who were breastfed for a shorter time, or never at all."

Here's the report

Benefits of breastfeeding for baby and mother

Cancer..an industrial age disease?

  But suppose I tell you that Cancer is a modern disease?

  And suppose I also tell you that being diagnosed with Cancer is not necessarily a death sentence-and that you can beat cancer?

  Would you believe me?

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Cancer proof wyour body with healthy lifestyle

Breastfeeding Infant Leukemia and Allergies

Now I was watching the News on ABC this morning-June I, 2015-and there was the report of a woman being berated by a man, because she was breastfeeding her baby in a restaurant.

  It turns out she was actually enhancing the health of her baby, judging by this research

  I don't see what is wrong with breast feeding
  a baby in public anyway.

  What's a mother to do?
  Tell the baby:
  Junior, not now; wait till we get home!

  Maybe someone should have shown this man that breastfeeding reduces cancer risks and the mother was just protecting her baby

  The only people offended by this beautiful, supreme act of love are perverts whose minds are in the wrong place

  Anyway, back to the health of the baby.

  This report published in the JAMA Pediatrics, is good news indeed.

  But I hate to be a spoiler..

 The fact of the matter is, it has been known since ancient time-yes, that long-that apart from the fact that breastfeeding reduces cancer risks for a baby it builds up a baby's immune system-and very rapidly too!

  And protects him from all diseases
  Breast fed babies suffer less allergies.

  A strong immune system is a strong defense against cancer

  And one of the natural wonders that builds the baby's immune system, is COLOSTRUM-the first secretion of the mammary glands immediately after birth.

 There is no man-made baby's formula-NONE, that can rival mother's milk!

  This nature's wonder food is also good for adults!

  If you talk to women, you would learn that breastfeeding is very relaxing to mother and child
  Here is another clue as to why breastfeeding reduces cancer risks for mother and child.

   Stress is another risk for Cancer. Being this relaxed reduces stress for both mother and child

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  You would also have known that cholesterol drugs are a scam before the authorities all but confessed to that fact.

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In fact, you can buy Colostrum to boost your immune system here

So breastfeeding reduces cancer  risks for babies-But How?

  Colostrum contains ALL known Immune Factors and Probiotics

  Colostrum not only builds up the baby's immunity rapidly, it also helps the baby get its first bowel movement, and provides the baby with the first set of healthy intestinal flora

  But it does more that.
How much more?

     Colostrum, Immunity and the Flu

    Colostrum is even reported to be 3 times as effective against the flu as the Flu Vaccine!

  Before the advent and proliferation of Antibiotics, it was the natural anti biotic of choice.

  That is a very interesting, in light of the fact that germs have now outsmarted most of our antibiotics!
  Colostrum is now even being researched as a way to reduce the risks of cancer!

  This is why the conclusion of this research that breastfeeding reduces cancer risks does not surprise me or readers of my newsletter. 

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Colostrum Reduces Cancer Risks and More

 But Colostrum bests any antibiotic in one significant way.

 We have known that breastfeeding reduces cancer risks for a long time. But what modern man has failed to come to grips with, is the over use of Antibiotics.

  But antibiotics, however powerful do NOT work on viruses.

  Colostrum is anti-viral, anti-bacteria and is a potent immune booster.

  A baby gets plenty of Colostrum if he is breast fed.

  That would explain the findings of this research!

Which makes perfect sense in light of another research that says that boosting the immune system is superior to Chemotherapy and Radiation

See why and how breastfeeding reduces cancer risks at this link

Read more about the healing power of Colostrum by clicking this link

  If breastfeeding reduces cancer risks, and the factor most responsible for this is Colostrum, it is not far fetched to research this product as a way to cancer proof your body.

  After all another research-cited above-confirmed the fact that boosting the immune system is a viable cancer therapy, more effective than Chemotherapy

  And Colostrum contains ALL known immune factors!

    Colostrum a Strong Antioxidant

  But here is another way Colostrum and other Immune Boosters can help combat cancer.

  One major risk of Cancer is Free radical damage.
Colostrum is a strong Anti-oxidant.

It contains one of the most potent anti-oxidants known, namely Glutathione.

  Remember when a baby is born, his immune system is at zero value.
There is nothing preventing free radicals and opportunistic diseases from killing the baby.

             EXCEPT THERE IS!

    COLOSTRUM and its strong antioxidant power
Here is another way breastfeeding reduces cancer risks for your baby

Breastfeeding reduces Mother's risks of Cancer

  Here is one thing the research did not mention:

   Breast feeding not only reduces the risks of Leukemia for the baby, it also reduces the risks of Cancer for the mother!

    Another risk of Cancer?

   Poor Digestion.

  In fact, bowel health is linked to over all health.

  The immune system in particularly, is directly tied to good digestion
  In fact, 80% of the body's immune system is linked to digestion

   Now, knowing that a good immune system reduces cancer risks, anything that boosts the immune system would help beat or at least reduce your cancer risks, won't it?

  Turns out Colostrum has ALL known Probiotics!
  This is important for general bowel health and the health of the Colon

  An unhealthy Colon is a risk factor for Stomach and Colon Cancers
  An unhealthy Colon can can also cause Fatigue

Cancer and cell metabolism

According to the research of Dr Otto Warburg, one of the major risks for      Cancer is low Cellular Energy

  Never heard of Dr Warburg or his research?
  Well, Dr Warburg was a brilliant German doctor.

  This research was so well regarded that it was awarded a prestigious international prize:

  Namely, the Nobel Prize in Medicine..

   IN 1931!

  I know you're wondering why you've never heard about this Cancer research

  Maybe because it was natural.

Bowel health immunity and energy

  Anyway, good digestion gives you more energy and boosts your immune system
Colostrum contains ALL known Probiotics and immune factors, as you know by reading this far.

  These help maintain a healthy digestive system and an effective immune system

  And one of the major risks for Cancer, according to the  2 researches cited above  is a Weak Immune System

  And according to Dr Warburg Nobel Prize winning research, the major causes of Cancer are..

  1. Low Cellular Oxygen
  2. Low Cellular Energy Levels

   It is now clear how breastfeeding reduces cancer risks in babies and adults
   Transitional Breast milk-that is, breast milk secreted immediately after birth and three days there after-has one of the highest levels of Colostrum

  Even after these 3 days, breast milk still packs immune factors and superior nutrition

   Taking all these together, it means that strong immunity is a great defense against cancer.

  And one of the best-maybe the best immune booster, is Colostrum

  Best of all, IT IS NATURAL!
  That might explain why this research found that breastfeeding reduces a baby's Cancer risks.

  But as you read from previous, this is not news.
  It's been known for centuries that breast milk protects babies from          diseases

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