Periodic colon cleansing is how to you can be sure you have a healthy digestive system

...And a healthy digestive system is the key to overall good health!

A regular colon cleansing is the key to a clean digestive tract

A clean digestive system is one of the major keys to good health

In fact, death is said to begin in the colon..But it is more accurate to say that death begins in a dirty colon

An unhealthy digestive system can cause a clogged colon

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But even an efficient digestive system requires colon cleansing on a regular basis

In fact, it is estimated that most of us are carrying around between 5-15lb of impacted waste in our colon!

This impacted waste material can cause serious health problems

Here is the best colon cleasing program ever. Scrub your colon clean to enjoy good health

The colon-the digestive system's drainage system

colon cleanse detox program By Mariana Ruiz Villarreal(LadyofHats) (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The colon is a very important part of the digestive system. It is involved in the digestion, absorption of nutrients, elimination of wastes

A thorough bowel cleansing can resolve some nagging health problems-there are few problems that would not benefit from a digestive system cleanse

Bad dietary habits and improper digestion can clog the colon with more harmful wastes than it can handle

What are the consequences of this?

  1. This allows the proliferation of harmful bacteria
  2. Makes the body more susceptible to yeast infection and the consquencies of yeast infection can be serious
  3. Weakens the immune system. This can open the body to infection from opportunistic pathogens
  4. A clogged digestive system deprives the body of nutrients and can cause malnutrition
  5. Lack of nutrients can cause fatigue, bloating, gas, irritability, etc
  6. Constipation-This can be very frightening-and painful too
  7. Halitosis-a very serious social embarassment
  8. Cramps
  9. Skin Problems

  10. Polyps, Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome etc.
  11. Auto-toxicity-this is when the body absorbs into the bloodstream some of the wastes that should have been eliminated.

    These wastes stay too long in the digestive system, instead of been flushed out on time.

    The presence of these harmful products in the bloodstream compromises good health in general, and the immune system in particular This can also result in gas, bloating, skin rashes, headaches, fatigue, weight gain etc.

  12. Higher risks of Diverticulitis, and ulcerative colitis
  13. Higher risks of Chron's Disease and bowel cancer

A thorough system cleanse-the key to a healthy digestive system

A colon cleansing regimen plus a detox diet can resolve the problems of an unhealthy colon, IF implemented before the problems become serious

But what causes the colon to be clogged in the first place?

It is almost impossible for the body to evacuate all the waste materials from the bowel at all times

So, as a consequence of living, we all have some impacted material in our colon, some more so than others.
This is why colon cleansing should be done by everyone

But there are some habits that compromise digestive system health more than others...

  • Not drinking enough water... Can you imagine trying to flush your toilet without water?
  • Lack of fiber in the diet... Fiber acts as a broom to help the system sweep out wastes from the colon. These fibers come mostly from plant foods-fruits, vegetables. Fiber in the diet reduces the risks of colon cancer
  • Lack of enzymes... Enzymes help the body digest the foods we eat-proteins, carbohydrates, fats, oils etc. These enzymes are either produced by the body or are ingested from foods. Ingested enzymes come from raw fruits and vegetables. A lot of people do not eat enough raw foods to get adequate amount of enzymes
  • Excessive Alcohol consumption... Excessive alcohol ingestion can damage the liver. This can greatly reduce the efficiency of digestion. But alcohol can also contribute to putrefaction in the stomach
  • Lack of exercises.. We all know how exercises benefit overall health. Being a couch potato can slow down digestion
  • Habitually ignoring the urge to use the toilet... This can cause constipation and digestive complications
  • Stress... Stress can deplete nutrients in the body as the body tries to restore balance. Stress can also lead to constipation
  • Vitamin A deficiency... The walls of the colon are lined with special glands. These glands produce mucous to lubricate stool for easy elimination. These glands require adequate amounts of vitamin A for proper fuction

People who engage in these kind of risky behavior may have to do a master cleanse in addition to colon cleansing.....

And then go on a colon cleansing detox diet for weeks to bring their bodies into balance

Because of the hectic pace of so-called modern living, it may not be possible to incorporate fresh foods into our diets at all times, for adequate enzyme supply

But pro-biotics supplements are available at health food stores. A good pro-biotic formula would supply full spectrum digestive enzymes

In fact, the taking of probiotics may be the most important phase of an effective colon cleansing regime

  1. Complete spectrum probiotic supply enzymes to digest components of the food we eat
  2. Probiotics restore a healthy balance of intestinal flora
  3. Probiotics help boost the immune system to protect against infection
  4. Probiotics help in the elimination of wastes
  5. Probiotics restore intestinal flora and help prevent the proliferation of bad bacteria in the intestineM
Benefits of Colon Cleansing and Good Bowel Movement
aloe vera soothing effect on digestive system

  1. Lower risk of cancer in general and colorectal cancer in particular
  2. Reduced risk of Irritable bowel syndrome
  3. Less susceptibility to constipation
  4. Better absorption of nutrients
  5. Reduced risk of bloating, gas and halitosis
  6. A more efficient immune system
  7. More energy. Good bowel movement means your body can eliminate waste, and absorb nutrients efficiently.

If you've been trying to lose weight without success, a clogged colon may be behind your failure. Why not try colon cleansing, together with this best weight loss program-it can only help

The digestive system and the colon is the irrigation system of the body

Consider what would happen if when you flush the toilet in your house, a little waste is always left behind

Over a period of 50-100 flushes, your toilet would be backed up and your house would smell like a sewer

You would then need to do something to dissolve and flush away the blockage so your house can smell nice again

Well, this is not unlike what happens with the body-it needs this kind of help from time to time!

This is why a periodic colon cleansing is a healthy way of living

A bowel system cleanse, combined with a colon cleansing diet, is the path to a healthy digestive system

When wastes coat the lining of the intestine and colon, absorption of nutrients may be impaired. Smooth elimination of wastes is almost impossible

Not only that, a clogged digestive system is also a friendly environment for bad bacteria, viruses and parasites to thrive

And speaking of parasites:

Did you know that most of us-wherever we live, not just in the tropics-are infected with intestinal parasites?

For good digestive health, in addition to periodic colon cleansing, we should also clean the bowels of parasites from time to time-a kind of master cleanse

See why we all need to do periodic bowel parasite cleanse by following this link

Unfortunately, we cannot see our colon to see if it needs to be clean or not, except under X-ray, but we can feel it.


  1. A sluggish colon is why some people have bad skin
  2. A clogged colon is why some have recurring yeast infection
  3. Constant running nose may be a signal that you need to detox your body for better health
  4. A sluggish colon is why some suffer from chronic halitosis
  5. Bloating, joint pain, flatulence, gas, cramps, skin problems-all these may be your body's way of telling you that you need a thorough colon cleansing
  6. A weak immune system may also be a sign of a weak digestive system. A high percentage of the body's immunity is controlled by the digestive system. This is how important digestive health is to overall well-being!
Digestive System Cleanse-the key to healthy bowel

So when people have digestive problem, what should they do?

There are a lot of things people can do to ensure a clean colon

  • Do a thorough colon cleanse of course
  • Take probiotics.. Either by eating probiotic-rich foods or as supplements
  • Drink plenty of water... Water is necessary to process the food you eat. It allows the body to also absorb nutrients. In fact, most of the water in your food is reabsorbed in the large intestine. Water also softens your stool so it can be easily eliminated
  • Respond to the urge to use the toilet immediately... Constantly putting it off can cause constipation
  • Eat enough fruits and vegetables. These supply fiber that helps clean the bowel. They also supply water, minerals and vitamins. Raw fruits and vegetables are also good sources of digestive enzymes
  • Eat vitamin A rich foods... We have seen how this vitamin is important for the production of mucous that line the colon. These mucous lining make passing stool easier. Better evacuation makes for a clean colon. Good sources of vitamin A include Carrots, Spinach, Sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, raw nuts and seeds etc.

  • Eat healthy fats... Healthy fats are necessary for good health. Vitamin A is important in preventing cosntipation. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin-that is fats are required for the body to be able to absorb vitamin A. Sources of healthy fats include cold water fish, coconuts, avocados
  • Reduce Stress... While we may not be albe to totally eliminate stress from our lives, a lower level of stress can prevent constipation from ruining our health
  • Colon Cleansing Detox Methods and Products

    Over time, people have used several products for colon cleansing and bowel health

    Some have used...

    1. Coffee enemas
    2. Warm water Enemas
    3. Colonic Irrigation-
      Caution: This should be done by a "professional."

      But, note that neither the equipments, procedure, nor the personnels are approved by the FDA-or any certified medical body for that matter. In fact, a lot of doctors discourage colonic irrigation

    Colonic irrigation is NOT the same as an enema. While an enema requires a little amount of liquid, Colon Irrigation uses a lot of liquid.

    The introduction of this much liquid [as much as 60 liters in some cases!] into the large intestine from the rectum, is what some health professionals have cited as posing some health risks

    People with heart disease, liver disease, ulcerative colitis, chron's disease, diverticulitis, people who had had colon surgery-should think twice before they undergo Colonic Irrigation-in fact, health professionals would advice against it for these folks!!

    But you can cleanse your colon, without colonic irrigation, with an effective ORAL digestive cleanse formula, a high fiber diet, plenty of water and good diet

    The risks of colon polyps would be reduced by close to 40%, with the consumption of green vegetables, dried fruits and legumes, and brown rice.

    This is according to a recently published report in Nutrition and Cancer, of a research conducted at Loma Linda University-in other words, high fiber foods

    And oh!, together with drinking plenty of water

    Click this link to get the best colon cleansing product you can find anywhere, period!

    Some oral products people have used include:

    • Flax seeds
    • Aloe vera juice
    • Psyllium
    • Caraway seeds
    • Stool Softeners
    • Coffee
    to relieve constipation.

    But the one product a lot of people swear by to help a colon cleansing detox program is- KIWI FRUIT

    colon cleansing fruit nutrition

    fruits supply fiber for digestion

    And with good reason too

    This fruit is packed with nutrients-a very high fiber content, a high amount of vitamin C, potassium and other goodies.

    It acts as a natural stool softener while supplying a good amount of vitamins and minerals

    Another natural stool softener? CELERY!!

    All these still do not negate the need for colon cleansing, and a healthy bowel nutrition regimen

    Consuming raw fruit and vegetable juices is a very effective addition to a colon cleanse detox diet plan

    These supply copious amount of enzymes to enhance digestion.

    The chlorophyll in the green vegetables and juices detoxify and deodorize the digestive system. They also supply good nutrtition. The fiber in them help elimination of wastes

    Juicing is a good way to maintain a healthy colon

    A good juicing machine will extract most of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables

    Check out some of the best juicers here

    The fiber left behing from juicing can even be used to make delicious soup

    Periodic colon cleansing, good nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle-this is how to maintain a healthy colon, and ensure good health

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