See colostrum benefits..
perfect food from mother nature, that
dramatically improves your health

What are the health benefits of colostrum, and why do experts-who often disagree with one another-agree that it is mother nature's perfect food?

What is it anyway?

It is mother nature's best attempt to get you healthy.
No food known to man is as complete
in nutritional value

It is a yellow liquid secretion of the mammary glands produced during pregnancy and immediately after birth-PRIOR to the production of milk. It is the first food of all mammals

Bovine Colostrum
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Colostrum benefits for babies

It should be a newborn's first food. This is why breastfeeding is very important

Research has shown that breastfed babies are less susceptible to infections

The digestive system of a newborn is immature immediately after birth

Newborns are thus susceptible to infections because their immune system is immature

But the health benefits of colostrum does not end there

No, Sir!

These are just a few of the health benefits of colostrum for a baby!

Colostrum with its content of antibodies, immunoglobulins protect newborns against opportunistic pathogens

Colostrum has a mild laxative effect. This helps the baby have his first bowel movement

Note though this mother nature's perfect food should be gathered not too long after birth, for it to be at its most potent, with all its benefits

Transitional milk-that is, milk gathered after this time, when milk production has actually started-is NOT full spectrum colostrum and does NOT have all the health factors of that gathered before

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colostrum immune boosting power
By Tonicthebrown (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Colostrum Color

Look at the difference between the two containers

The first bottle with the deep yellow color was collected on day 4; the second one was collected on day 8!

You can see that the firtst one has a higher concentration of colostrum while the second one has almost none

This is why this super immune booster should be collected as soon as possible, to ensure maximum colostrum concentration

It's no wonder then, that nature has designed this as the most potent nutritional factor, ever

How do you like your colostrum?

Colostrum Capsules

Colostrum capsules are very convenient to carry

They are compact, easy to take with you and less messy

And some would argue they are more convenient to take

Colostrum Powder

Colostrum powder on the other hand is prefered by a lot of people

You can take in water-it is sweet by itself

You can mix it with other juices

Whichever form of colostrum you prefer, there are different sizes for each type

best immune booster known

Why has Colostrum emerge as best immunity modulator?

Well, consider these..

  • It contains ALL essential fatty acids
  • It contains ALL essential amino acids
  • It contains ALL known growth factors-87 of them!
  • It contains ALL immune factors-97 of them!
  • It contains ALL Probiotic bacteria
  • It has antiviral, antibacterial factors-
    ...this is very important in light of the fact that antibiotics are no longer effective against some dangerous germs
  • It contains growth factors, antimicrobial factors, immunoglobulins to fight infections and many many more health factors

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Benefits of Breastfeeding for baby and mother

When a baby is born, it is virtually defenseless against infection. It is with Colostrum that the mother passes immunity to the baby. The abundant leukocytes protect the baby from nasty bacteria and viruses

It is the engine that powers the newborn-it helps it have its first bowel movement. It has a mild laxative effect.

In fact, it has been estimated that no less than 50 biological processes are initiated by this wonder food in a newborn

It is the first food babies are supposed to eat, and this is why breastfeeding is the best thing a mother can do for her baby

Colostrum Breasfeeding and Cancer

But the mother also benefits from breastfeeding!

The risks of certain cancers are greatly reduced in mothers who breastfeed!!

Breast fed babies are less prone to infection, are less fussy and have fewer allergies

Not just for babies anymore

But its health benefits extends to adults too
From weight loss to anti-aging, from heart health to immune booster-Colostrum enhances health in so many ways

Since we can't go around milking human mothers after birth, bovine colostrum is used by humans to enhance health

This is because it is bio-identical to that of humans. This means that both are similar in molecular structure, and is readily usable by the human body

But this is by no means a new product.

In fact, cultures around the world had known about it for thousands of years

  1. Ayurvedic tradition revere it as an all around healer
  2. African cultures use it in so many healing preparations
  3. Would you believe that before the wide-spread use of antibiotics, bovine colostrum was the antibiotic of choice of doctors-in the U.S?

Our scientific knowledge is just now catching up to what the ancients knew

Researches from all over the world have confirmed its awesome benefits

But its benefits depend on its source!

All bovine colostrum are not created equal. We all know that our foods, water and air are contaminated with toxins-pesticides, herbicides, drug residues, hormones, artificial fertilizers etc.

This makes the source all the more important.
For the best sources:

  1. The cows must be grass-fed
  2. The colostrum must NOT be the defatted variety, as the fatty acids are essential for heart health
  3. The cows must not have been treated with rBGH
  4. The cows must not have been treated with antibiotics
  5. It must be garthered within the first 12 hours after birth..
    ...after this time, the level of colostrum in the mother milk starts to diminish dramatically
  6. It must be properly processed so as not to destroy the nutrients...
    ...Colostrum is a a delicate nutrition powerhouse. Improper processing can destroy some of its healing factors
  7. It must be fed non-GMO feed

Its benefits to human health is tremendous. This is why it is smart for everyone to take advantage of this most precious of mother nature's gift to her children

Bovine Colostrum Benefits

Anti-aging benefits of Colostrum

It is an anti-aging product

As we grow older the levels of hormones in general and of growth hormone in particular, diminish.

The ability of the body to heal itself, and regenerate slow down.
At the same time, the rate of cell destruction accelerates

Colostrum has several growth factors. These help the body to heal itself and regenerate; it also slows down the destruction of cells

A large part of aging is traceable to oxidative damage

Combat oxidative damage and you can slow down aging. This can be done with antioxidants

And one of the most potent antioxidants ever is glutathione-abundant in bovine colostrum!

Getting rid of free radicals, better healing and regeneration, slowing down cell destruction, and the presence of growth hormone make this a powerful anti-aging product

Colostrum benefits the heart
  1. It contains fatty acids that are essential for heart health.
    In fact, it has ALL the essential fatty acids known
  2. Fat soluble vitamin E in these fatty acids are essential for healthy heart function
  3. The growth factors in this superfood can also help rebuild damaged heart muscles, in its ability to regenerate muscle tissues
  4. It also has the ability to destroy the bacteria that cause plaque. Plaque is a risk factor for heart disease
Boost Immunity with Colostrum

Remember, the baby comes into the world with under-developed immune system. He is at the mercy of all opportunistic pathogens.

But thanks to the immune boost he gets from his mother in the form of colostrum, he is protected

  1. Colostrum helps modulate and boosts the immune system, neither over-stimulating it-which can lead to autoimmune disease-nor under-stimulating it-which can make one susceptible to infections
  2. The immunoglobulins it contains is how babies can fight off infections.
  3. This is also of benefit to adults
  4. Without our immune system functioning properly, we would be sick every minute. So it is imperative to make sure our immune system is at its peak
  5. The components of lactoferin, leukocytes and all other immunoglobulins can help jack up our immune system for optimum performance
Anti-inflammatory benefits

Would you believe inflammation is at the root of so many health conditions, conditions such as:

  • Heart Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Aging
  • Diabetes
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Asthma
  • Allergy
  • Alzheimer's disease etc...

And even some cancer, according to a research from the University of California San Diego, can be attributed to inflammation

Its anti-inflammation properties help it quench inflammation in our bodies, by stopping the excess production of white blood cells, and thus protecting us from all these diseases

Colostrum for Weight Loss

Apart form its other health benefits, bovine colostrum can help people lose weight

A lot of people swear they eat right, exercise and still can't seem to lose weight

A particular growth factor in Colostrum is needed for the metabolism of fat.
Ironically, this growth factor diminishes with age.

This may be why we pack on pounds as we grow older, and find it difficult to lose the excess weight

Incorporating this wonder food from mother nature may boost the chances of burning off excess fat

Boost athletic performance

Forget steroids-that stuff is poison anyway, and illegal too

Bovine colostrum is the way to get an edge, without running afoul of any regualtion

Not only do this awesome product help you recover faster, it also makes energy more readily available to the muscles. It also makes for more efficient digestion. Better digestion makes for better absorption and utilization of nutrients

Its anti-inflammation property ensures faster recovery from exertion, stress and injury

Pro-biotics for good digestion and more

Pro-biotics are beneficial bacteria in our digestive system

With its content of ALL probiotic bacteria, bovine colostrum improves digestion. Their functions are to ensure proper digestion and prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria and fungi. They help the body cultivate healthy intestinal flora

When these harmful bacteria are kept in check, we have good intestinal health

These pro-biotics help the body defend itself against diseases

Proper digestion means better absorption and better use of nutrients. The presence of probiotics also means that the risks of intestinal and digestive disorders-such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome etc.- are greatly reduced

But pro-biotics in bovine colostrum also help in cases of Athletes's foot, Diverticulitis, Acne, Allergies, Candidaliasis, Bladder infection, Aging, Peptic ulcer, Colds, Lupus, Shingles, Immune sysem etc.

The dominance of good bacteria in the intestine, prevents harmful bacteria from thriving

Bovine colostrum benefits human health in so many ways, including:

  • Allery Relief Help
  • Pain Relief
  • To combat helicobactor pilori-the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers
  • Help Combat Diabetes
  • Overcome digestive disorders
  • Alleviate Skin problem
  • Speeds Wound healing
  • Antiviral Properties
  • Inhibits cancer cell growth
  • Aleviates asthma
  • Reduce risk of Alzheimer's and cognitive decline
  • Auto-immune disorder, etc.

Taking advantage of the health benefits nature has to offer is a sure way to enhance your health.

It is important to eat right
It is important to exercise

It is equally important to include this nature's healing resource in your health regimen.


Because thousands of researches all over the world, have determined bovine colostrum to be the most complete, nutritional dense, healing food nature has ever produced

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