How to exercise to lose belly fat
without dieting

Learning to exercise to lose belly fat is not just about looking sexy..
..your life AND death may depend on it

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Want to lose stomach fat?

Well, how about a program based on the latest findings in human physiology and body chemistry..

A belly Fat Buster for Men And Women!

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Page Summary

Here are 5 MAJOR reasons most people cannot lose weight

 In fact, these 5 factors ARE the
 major causes of most diseases!


      Hormonal Imbalance

          Sleep Deprivation

              Poor Gut health


 The symptoms of these 5 factors are what most people take
  drugs for!

  No doctor worth his/her stethoscope..
  would disagree with that!!

Control these 5 factors..

..and you can easily lose weight and get dramatically healthier!

That is what the flat belly program in the video above does!

Go see what the buzz is all about!

Are there other factors?

Of course..
..but these 5, are especially dangerous to your health!

They mimic, and ARE the
underlying causes of most diseases!

 Belly fat is especially dangerous; it can wrap around internal
 organs and
damage them!

How you know you need to lose belly fat-a comedian's take?

This are what a friend of mine says tell you, you need to lose stomach fat.

He fancies himself a comedian!

He could be funny sometimes, but he could be silly too

Anyway, this is his take on how to know you need to lose abdominal fat

  • If you have to ask your friend; Hey, Am I fat?
    Then you need a belly fat buster program

  • If you haven't seen your knees in the last six months, well, you know what you need- a flatten your tummy program

  • If people see your tummy before they see you, well.., you know!

  • If you're carrying a twin, but are not pregnant....

  • If you can't climb the stairs without huffing and puffing like a 70 year old man with a 50 year smoking habit

  • If your partner can't hug you without a 3 foot strap, then you need to exercise to lose belly fat as soon as possible

All kidding aside-don't mind my friend..

But, what we are talking about here, though, is a serious issue.
It goes to your health and your quality of life

Watch Your Waistline

  • Recommended maximum size for a man's waist-no more than 40 inches

  • Recommended maximum for a woman-nor more than 35 inches

 A higher measurement is unhealthy and should prompt you to strive to slim down

 Of course, these measurements are NOT set in stone.

Some people's body structure may make these figures unattainable, even when they are fit

 But.. no one has to tell you if you are fit-you know!

 Even so, implementing a flat belly exercise routine would not hurt, if your
 waist measurement far exceeds this recommendation

 You know if you need to lose belly fat.

Sure, men and  women gain belly fat


 Men are more prone to gaining upper belly fat
 Women are more susceptible to gaining lower belly fat 

This makes losing fat tummy for women more difficult

But would you exercise to lose belly fat if you know you could improve your health?

Exercise to lose belly fat-Belly fat loss for women

  1. A woman's body is different from that of a man

  2. Women are more prone to gaining lower belly fat

  3. Women have a thicker layer of fat under the skin

  4. On average, women live longer than men

  5. It is harder for women to lose weight than men

  6. Women-on average-get more drunk on the same amount of alcohol than men

  7. Women have more of the hormone, Leptin-the hunger hormone, than men

  8. Women get pregnant-obviously!
    For 9 months, their stomachs are distended with a baby
    This makes it even more difficult for women to lose a fat stomach!

 But even so, both men and women need to exercise to lose belly fat for good health

What is the point of all these statistics, you ask?

An exercise to lose belly fat and belly fat diet program-should it be gender specific?

How to exercise to lose belly fat and get fit


 The point is that, a belly fat loss program may have to be
 gender specific. 

 Remember earlier, I observed that women are more likely to gain lower
 stomach fat?

 That's why a program to burn abdominal fat is especially important
 for women

  This is the exercise to lose belly fat program, designed specifically to
  help the female body that helps a female body get fit without killing yourself at the gym
  and no crazy diet

Flat Belly for Men

Oh!, so you are a man?

Here is how you can..

  • Get a flat stomach

  • Lose love handles

  • Lose fat and build lean solid muscles

  • Get the body the envy of other men and the admiration of women..
    ..the kind of body you flaunt at the beach!

Why you need to lose tummy fat

risks of big belly


 Look at the image.

 See all those risks listed?
 Serious enough for you to exercise to lose belly fat?

 I don't know about you, but these scare the pants out of me!
 You need to exercise to lose belly fat now

 If you need to lose stomach fat,  that means you're overweight or obese

 Either way, you're at risk for various serious diseases
  Abdominal obesity -also known as Central Obesity, is extremely dangerous

 The only way to reduce your risks of these diseases is for you to tone your stomach muscles, and implement a flat belly diet

 But you do not have to kill yourself at the gym to get a flat belly.

There is a better way.

What you need is an exercise to lose belly fat

program that fits your level of fitness, and then

scales up as you get stronger and more fit


Why you can't lose stomach fat

Did you know why some people cannot tone stomach muscles, even though they work so hard at it?


  •  Toxins in the body

  • Intestinal Parasites and Worms.
    A lot of people are infected with worms and parasites-they just don't know it..
    ..and I'm not just talking about people in the tropics; in fact most people on earth have parasites in them!

  • Slow metabolism

  • Thyroid problem-in fact, thyroid problem is one of the major causes of slow metabolism

  • Poor digestion

  • Lack of sleep

  • Stress

  • Poor nutrition etc.


Here is a natural product that kills parasites, worms, gets rid of toxins, and boosts metabolism

 Your big stomach is ruining your health

Too much fat in general is unhealthy. But stomach fat is particularly dangerous

The ones that wrap around internal organs are particularly dangerous.
This visceral fat-as it is commonly known-puts you at a higher risk for..

  • Type II diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Brain impairment
  • Heart disease
  • Some cancers, such as colon cancer and breast cancer. etc.

Too much fat can also damage the liver.

The liver is responsible for the manufacture of:

  • Vitamins
  • Enzymes
  • Hemoglobin
  • Hormones etc.

The liver also detoxifies the body of toxins that would otherwise harm your health

Damaging this very important organ is a serious affair indeed

That's why you need an exercise to lose belly fat program, combined with the best flat tummy diet

Why your stomach is fat

Here are SOME reasons why some people develop a fat tummy

  •  Overeating

  •  Poor diet
  •  Sedentary lifestyle-that is, lack of physical activities

  •  Sleep deprivation

  •  Poor metabolism

  •  Alcohol abuse

  •  Drug abuse

  •  Poor digestion

  •  Parasite infection

  •  Malfunctioning thyroid

  •  Stress

Why you need to tone your tummy

Why you need to tone your belly

Why should you exercise to lose belly fat?

How about these scary facts?

Health Risks of a big belly

 Heart disease

 A fat stomach puts you at a higher risk for heart disease.
 This is a major health risk

 Bad Posture.

 A fat stomach puts too much pressure on your spine, alters your posture
 and can lead to misalignment of your hips, and the entire skeletal system.

 Risk of Arthritis

 A big belly puts too much pressure on your joints,increases your risk of
 Anyone who suffers form arthritis would tell you they won't wish it on
 their enemies 

 Cognitive Problems

 Why do you need to exercise to lose belly fat?
 Because you run a higher risk of memory impairment if you do not.  
 Your very life and identity depend on the efficiency of your brain and


 You are a prime candidate for strokes, if you have a big belly.
 Strokes can make its victims disabled and unable to perform everyday tasks.
 Not only that, strokes can rob its victim of his/her
 memory and identity

 Another risk factor that should prompt anyone to commit to a flat belly
 exercise program.
 Cancer is a scary disease indeed. Everyone should do what is needed to
 avoid this dreaded disease

 High blood pressure

 Here is a another reason exercise to lose belly fat
 High blood pressure is a particular serious risk of a fat stomach.

This is because..

  •  A lot of people may not know they suffer from it.
     This is why high blood pressure is called the silent killer

  •  High blood pressure and its complications kill millions of people
     world wide each year!

  •  It is a risk factor for diabetes

  •  It is a risk factor for heart failure

  •  It raises your risk for strokes

  •  It is a risk factor for kidney failure

  •  High blood pressure is a major risk factor for brain impairment.
     If there ever is a strong reason to exercise to lose belly fat,
     this is it!



 Here is another reason why you need to exercise to lose belly fat.
 Depression is a major gateway for other diseases.

      What makes depression a major health risk?

 Well, consider these..
 Health risks of depression for those who need to lose belly fat
 a. Depression is a risk factor for obesity.

 b. Obesity itself is a risk factor for depression-a vicious circle of
    one ailment feeding on the other!

 c. Depression is a risk factor for type II diabetes
 d. It is a risk factor for heart disease and strokes

 e. It is a risk factor for digestive disorder, brain impairment

 f. It lowers the immune system, leaving you defenseless against
    opportunistic diseases

 g. Depression is a risk factor for suicide

 h. Depression depletes body nutrients

 i. A lot of depressed people engage in destructive behavior

A beer gut is dangerous to your health

Fat Belly Health RisksExercise to lose belly fat, lose love handles, tone your thighs and tone your tush How? With the incredible 3 Week Diet Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days!

I do not want to depress you with all these facts.

I am just trying to impress upon you why a commitment to exercise to lose belly fat is important to your health

I know some people  may not want to exercise
But there is a side effect when you exercise to lose belly fat-you also improve your overall health

 May be you're been thinking to yourself:
Well, I'll start my fat belly diet and exercises tomorrow or next week

 NO.. about right now, today before other concerns of life crowd out that

You want to be healthy, don't you?
 You've seen the serious consequences of a big belly, haven't you?

  And that's not all either!

 Type II Diabetes.

 A big stomach is a risk factor for diabetes.
 Losing your fat stomach is not just about fitting into your high school
 cheer leading outfit again, it is about saving your life. 

 Consequences of diabetes-reasons to tone your stomach muscles with easy
 abs exercises and bell fat diet

a Diabetes can lead to blindness

b Diabetes can lead to nerve damage

c Diabetes is a risk factor for heart disease

d It is a risk factor for poor memory

e Diabetes can rob a man of his manhood-it is a risk factor for erectile

f The complications of diabetes can result in limb amputation!



      Stress is a major doorway for other diseases to sneak on you
      These diseases include depression, heart disease, obesity,
      irritability, bad mood etc.

 Sleeping disorders

 Do you know how important sleep is?
 Sleep is so important we spend about a third of our lives doing it.

 Sleep deprivation can result in loss of memory, heart disease, diabetes and 
 a host of other diseases too numerous to mention.

 And would you believe sleep deprivation also kills sex drive?

 It may seem to you that I am a bearer of bad news
 But, what I want to impress on you is the need to exercise to lose belly 

..if you have a beer belly!

 Breathing problems

You've seen overweight people huffing and puffing after a little exertion.

What they are doing is struggling for every breath.
That means not enough oxygen is getting to the lungs and the whole body in general.

I do not have to spell out the consequences of inadequate oxygen to the body..
..which by the way includes brain impairment, heart problem, fatigue, slow reflex etc.

Brain cells start to die if deprived of oxygen for even a few minutes

Lack of cellular oxygen is one of the MAJOR causes of Cancer, according to the research of Dr Otto Warburg

That research won him the Nobel Prize in 1931!

Any one ever told you that?

 Erectile dysfunction

Obesity is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction
Obese men have a 33% higher risk of ED than their fit counterpart

 Low testosterone

Obesity is a risk factor for low testosterone
Being overweight is a risk factor for liver problems

The liver is the manufacturing factory for cholesterol
Cholesterol is what the liver uses for the manufacture of the male hormone, Testosterone

Testosterone and nitric oxide are what make erection possible

 Higher risk of infertility

Overweight young men have lower sperm quality than their fit peers.
This is according to Journal of Fertility and Sterility.
And obesity is a risk factor for

Which would you prefer-exercise to lose belly fat or shooting blanks in the bedroom?

I know what my choice would be

O.K, now you know why a fat stomach is not the most desirable, but it can also be hazardous to your health

 Which leads to the next 2 logical questions

What is the best exercise to lose belly fat program..

..and which flat belly diet can get you a beach body?

 The 3 Week Diet, that's what!

Go here to access the Amazing 3 Week Diet and start on the road to getting the body you want

Let's answer these questions

 You've seen a lot of ab workout programs on television.
 You see how participants swear on their ancestors' graves about how effective these are

 My friend, the comedian-remember him?

  He swears some of these people were fit to begin with..
..and that even if they were not, they only needed to lose a few pounds

 I pointed out to him that he's struggling with his own weight issue..
..and therefore could not be counted on to be objective.. which he responded with a joke I cannot repeat here, for the sake of 

How to tone your abs safely

Anyway, these tummy exercise programs you see on television, are NOT for everyone.

 While my friend may not be totally correct, he might have a point 
 When you start out to lose tummy fat, you cannot be jumping around like a flea on a hot plate-at least not right away.

 You could end up with serious injuries
 You are trying to exercise to lose belly fat, not injure yourself.
 You are NOT dying to look good.
 You want to look good, alive

 That's why you need an  ab workouts  routine that helps you  lose stomach
 fat  without hurting yourself

 What you need is a way to exercise to lose belly fat that fits your level of fitness and then scales up as you get stronger and more fit

 What is the best Belly fat diet?

 There are some natural foods that burn bell fat, and some of them might
 surprise you

Facts about losing stomach fat
that may surprise you

Did you know that:

  •  You need to eat fat-the good kind-to burn fat?

  • That long cardio can actually make you lose fewer pounds?

  • Too much protein can weaken your bones?

Even when you exercise to lose belly fat faithfully, you still have to be mindful of what you eat. 

 I know I sound like a broken record, but there is no substitute for good nutrition

Foods that burn belly fat

You can exercise to lose belly fat from now till eternity, but without proper nutrition, your effort may come to naught

 Losing weight is hard enough, but losing a fat stomach  is especially hard
 Fortunately, nature offers some help.

 There are some natural foods that help in the elimination of excess body
 The best foods for losing stomach fat are nutritious foods with:

  •  Natural vitamins

  •  Antioxidants

  •  Essential fatty acids

  •  Healthy fibers

  •  Prebiotics and Probiotics

  •  Proteins

  •  Healthy complex carbohydrates

  •  Fruits and vegetables

  • Soluble and Insoluble fibers  etc. 

 Not some chemical supplements manufactured in a lab and mislabeled as natural


 Apples are one of nature's greatest gifts to man.
 Every religious text extols the health benefits of apples.

 This reputation is well deserved
 Apple contains a substantial amount of vitamin C, a very important vitamin.

  • Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant.
    Lack of antioxidant can lead to premature aging

  • Vitamin C is important in the synthesis of collagen. Lack of collagen can result in wrinkles

  • Vitamin C is required for good cardiovascular health-reducing the risks of heart disease, heart attacks, strokes

All animals, except man and guinea pigs can synthesize vitamin C in their own bodies!

 It has been postulated that this ability to synthesize vitamin C, is why animals are less susceptible to heart attacks

 Apples contains other vitamins, minerals etc.
 One of the most important products in apples is Pectin

  What is Pectin?

  1. Used in food and medicine, pectin is a soluble fiber

  2. Pectin prevents the absorption of fats by binding with cholesterol in the intestine

  3. Pectin slows the absorption of glucose, thereby preventing blood sugar spikes

  4. Reduces the risks of colon and prostate cancer


In light of all these..
..and these are just a few of the benefits of apples.. is easy to see why apple is regarded as one of the most important foods in the effort to lose tummy fat


Some people think avocado has too much fat to be a weight loss food

 Avocado is a health food!

 There, I said it!

 I know you don't believe me
 Avocado boosts healthy cholesterol level.
 Good cholesterol helps neutralize free radicals, regulate blood fat levels

 This is according to a study from University of Toronto and St. Michael's Hospital in Ontario, Canada

 This research was important enough to be published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

 The mono unsaturated fat in avocado has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity..

..a feature that makes avocado and other monounsaturated foods ideal diet foods for diabetics and non-diabetics alike 


I know, I know, you might not have listened to your mother to eat your broccoli, but broccoli can help you lose fat stomach

 A low calorie food, that may also be a cancer fighter, it has antioxidant properties that protect you against free radicals

 It is a low calorie food loaded with nutrients 
 If you really need to exercise to lose belly fat, listen to your mother and  eat your broccoli


Yes, the lowly Oatmeal, but there is nothing low about this super food
 Yes, I said super food

 When I say oatmeal is a super healthy food, I mean the natural unadulterated, stone cut oatmeal
  NOT the sugar-laden, processed oatmeal that fills some supermarket shelves nowadays

 This is the way to ensure that your flat tummy exercises produce best results

 Oat meal is a high fiber food. It..

  •  Greatly benefits digestion
  • Elimination of wastes
  • Helps the body get rid of excess fats
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Oatmeal suppresses appetite because it is filling
  • Helps prevents heart diseases, according to a publication in Archives of Internal Medicine
  • Its high fiber helps reduce the risks of high blood pressure and  heart attack

 To really succeed in your exercise to lose belly fat program, oatmeal is one of your potent weapons


berries help lose stomach fat

Berries occupy a special category in the annals of natural foods
They are potent nutritional powerhouses

  •  Blackberries

  •  Blueberries

  •  Boysenberry

  •  Strawberries etc.

Apart from being delicious, berries are strong antioxidants that help you neutralize free radicals

 But the story gets better. Berries are low calorie foods.
They have phytochemicals that have the potential to delay aging, help digestion, reduce your risk of heart disease, and other serious diseases, help burn belly fat, boost metabolism etc

 Berries may be the most potent group of healthy, low calorie foods on earth

 Want to get the best results from your effort to lose belly fat
 Then you need to gorge-no.. gorging-you need to consume a generous amount of berries!

Yes, you have to exercise to lose belly fat, but good nutrition is also a big part of that effort
 I call it the flat tummy diet.

You have to eat right anyway
 This list does not exhaust the list of foods that help burn tummy fat

  Flax seed

This is a food rich in EFA-Essential Fatty Acids that have been proved to help people lose weight, reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases etc.

Flax seeds also has fiber that reduce the risks of heart disease, helps digestion etc

 Chia seeds

Listen, I have experience with this one.
This is a super food too that helps digestion and helps bowel evacuation

Good digestion is fundamental to good health in general, and to losing belly fat in particular

 The reason some people have a fat stomach is poor digestion and poor elimination
 And this is where Chia seeds can help your fat belly diet program


A discussion about nutrition, weight loss and good health will not be complete without mentioning NUTS

 Walnuts, Almonds, Cashew, Brazil nuts, Pine nuts etc.

 Aren't nuts high in fat, you ask?


 The fats in nuts are the healthy fats
 Can healthy fats help your exercise to lose belly fat effort?
 Well, listen to this:

 According to that research from the  University of Toronto and St. Michael's Hospital in Ontario, Canada..

..the healthy fat in nuts can help reduce inflammation, lower unhealthy cholesterol, improve insulin sensitivity

 You need fat-healthy fats, that is, to lose belly fat, and lose excess body fat in general

 Other foods that burn belly fat







An exercise to lose belly fat program requires good nutrition, exercises, healthy lifestyle, discipline and commitment

 After you put in all that effort and exercise to lose belly fat, you don't want all your hard work to be derailed by poor nutrition
 Good health is a choice.
It is also a life long commitment!

 Look at the unique products on this page.

 You want to look good and get healthy?
 Then do something about it

 Nothing is going to happen unless you make it happen
 Click on the link that is most relevant to your needs.

 Good Luck!

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