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I know what you are thinking..

Why would a company be willing to give away the best natural sex booster-

 Won't the company make more money selling it?

 Yeah, sure;

Won't it be nice to have a chance to try a product for a few days..
          BEFORE you buy?


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TBYB-Try Before You Buy!

Won't it be nice to have the chance to test out a product before buying?
Well, with VigFX, YOU COULD!
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There is a method to that madness, you see

The company implementing this 15 day free VigFX erection supplement offer is not stupid

It understands that just giving away its products for free is not a profitable business model

 But is one thing it also understands.
It understands that giving prospective customers a chance to try a good product is a good way to generate good will and secure loyal customers

But this model is NOT for every company, though you wish each one would be doing it..
Every company that is confident its product works, that is!

 AND WHY NOT, you ask?

If you are going to offer a free trial of your product, you had better make sure it works!


Last longer

If it does not work..

  •   You would have damaged your reputation

  •   You would have made sure the product can never get traction in the
      People talk, you know. And people talk even more about a bad product

      Unsatisfied customers can destroy your chances of making a
      single cent-especially in this age of online reviews, complaints etc.

  •   But here is another problem with giving away a bad product
      There is the cost to the company of those free samples

      If the product does not work..
      No one would be foolish enough to buy after the free samples

      The company would have lost a lot of money giving away free samples.
      It would also had lost the chance to recover its loss or even sell
      any more of that product!

So, the reason behind the free VigFX erection supplement giveaway is that this male libido booster works.

Look at this way:

Let's assume just 1000 people take this offer, the company would have given away an amazing erection booster worth at least $25,000!

The Vigorous male-the best advertiser for VigFX sex drive enhancer

If this product works to boost your libido as promised, the company would have secured your loyalty and that of all who  take the offer

And guess what..
                you are more likely to tell others.

This word of mouth endorsement is the best form of advertising ever
You can't buy that for any amount of money

You can only secure it by the quality of your product

And IF the product does not work, you have lost NOTHING!

THAT, precisely, is the genius of this free VigFX erection supplement giveaway

15 Day Supply of VigFX erection enhancer FREE!Get a FREE 2 Week supply of this clinically proven male libido booster

Why is it you can't get hard erection?

Well, you know, stuff happens

There are many reasons men can't get erection

And contrary to so called prevailing wisdom, it seldom has anything to do with age!

A friend of mine constantly says..

     Buying before trying is stupid!

When I objected to that characterization, she said her statement is justified IF people do not take advantage of free offers

I had to agree she has a point

If you see a bargain and don't take advantage of it, it's like you setting fire to your money.

You won't light your stove with ten dollars bills, would you?

And if you were that rich, then send me some of that loot

I sure can use it.

 I mean, who doesn't love a bargain?


This is even better than a bargain


Free VigFX erection supplement giveaway vs Mail-in Rebates, Discount Coupon Codes etc.

Are you kidding me?

How many people you know mail in those rebates?

  • What a hassle
  • It may take months for those rebates to arrive, if they ever do

    With the free VigFX erection supplement giveaway, you claim your 15 day supply-at no cost to you.
    That's it!
    Any other action that happens is up to you!

Here is a better idea instead of those rebates:
Why not give it to you at the point of purchase?

Unless there is a catch.

And there is a catch alright!

The Mail-in Rebate Shell Game

  1. You have to get the form in the mail.
  2. And you may have to wait for months

  BUT, have they done you a favor with these rebates?


 By mailing in that rebate form, you are consenting to a few things, such

  • Granting them permission to solicit you over and over for whatever else they are selling
  • OR they can sell your data to other companies

   Did you know you consented to that?

 You did read the fine print on the form, didn't you?

Why do you think you've been getting sales letters and phone calls from those strange companies?

Have you ever wondered-how did they get my name and address?

  Now you know how!

Now get Free VigFX erection supplement

  1. Without any harassing phone call
  2. Without any risk to you

    And did I say this male sex drive booster is natural?

Yes, I know.

There is Viagra.
Then there are others such as Levitra, Cialis etc.

But have you seen where the FDA-the agency that approved these drugs to begin with..

Have you seen where that agency warns about the
heart attack risks of Viagra?

Or that Viagra is a risk factor for seizures

And how about Testosterone drugs?

Here is where the FDA says testosterone drugs can cause strokes and heart attacks

Now see why a choice of natural is best
And a free VigFX erection supplement that is natural-and FREE?

That's even better!

Why do companies offer free samples and coupon-is it from the goodness of their hearts?

Well, yes and no!

Yes, a company that wants to stay in business long term has to make its customers happy

Customers are happy if they can get to test a product to see IF it works..


..they spend their hard earned money

If it works, they are more than happy to patronize a company that sells a product they need anyway

In an ideal world, every company would be doing this
Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world

Which is why you should take advantage of this free male libido booster

And you can't beat FREE!

As in a 15 day supply of free VigFX erection supplement offer

What's more, a satisfied customer is likely to buy again and again

   A WIN-WIN for all!

This is why FREE trial actually saves companies money
The cost of acquiring customers is lower

But you had better be sure of the effectiveness of your product
Your product had better deliver on it promise[s]

I know this one does

Go get your free VigFX erection supplement



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