How do you protect yourself from heart disease?

1 in 4 deaths in the U.S is from heart disease-
it is the number one killer...

The two standard treatments for heart disease are bypass surgery and statins. Cholesterol lowering drugs [statins] are being aggressively marketed in all of media with a vegeance. And that's no surprise....
These are the best sellling drugs of ALL time......!

In fact, Lipitor-at its peak sales-made Pfizer over $8 billion a year!!

healthy cardio-vascular system


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Is cholesterol the real culprit in most cases of heart disease?
Well, consider this:

  1. If high cholesterol were the major culprit in heart disease, bears and other hibernating animals should have been extinct by now..
    wiped out by heart disease their cholesterol level, at least in winter, is about 600mg/dl!
    Yet, heart disease in bears is extremely rare!!
  2. Over 30% of heart attack victims have "normal cholesterol" levels
  3. If you have too low cholesterol level, you run a serious health risk-namely- a heart attack

    Cholesterol is actually necessary for good health-among other things- in the production of hormones, bile synthesis and brain function.

    Yet , a lot of folks worry to the point of a heart attack trying to get their cholesterol levels under 200

  4. The highest concentration of cholesterol in the body is in the brain!
    Ask yourself this: How come the brain does not choke on itself all the time?
    We should all be epileptics by now!
  5. Cholesterol lowering drug, Lipitor, makes Pfizer about $8.6 billion a year. It is-at least, it was at its peak-the best selling drug in the world. That's 8 billion reasons to push the cholesterol angle, won't you say?
  6. Cholesterol drugs {Statins} can cause diarrhea, liver damage, kidney failure, muscle pain, loss of libido by lowering testoterone levels.etc.
    God, these pills can turn you into a "girlie man". No, thanks.
    I don't know about you, but I will not opt for a cure deadlier than the disease, will you?
  7. Adequate levels of B vitamins help maintain the integrity of the arteries
  8. B vitamins are known to zap homocystein. Homocystein is about the most dangerous to arteries, robbing them of their flexibility.
    Ironically, overcooking meat produces homocystein. So, if you eat meat, do not cook at high heat, so you can reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases. But, please, don't eat it raw!
  9. About 25% of heart bypass surgery patients suffer mental deterioration. This is according to a study from Duke University
  10. On March 26, 1997, on NBC Nightly News, it was reported that research shows Angiosplasty has no benefit over that of medication in "non-emergency situations;"
    In fact, heart surgery can increase a person's chance of a heart attack! {NBC News}
    Talk about contradiction!!

So you say to yourself: Have the doctor go in and scrape off the gooey mess, and everything will be O.K, Right?



  1. Bypass surgery does NOT solve the underlying problem.
  2. In almost ALL cases, bypass surgery has to be repeated {NBC Nightly News, March, 26, 2007}
  3. Would you believe the British Medical Journal recently said that cholesterol screening is not worthwhile?

Listen to what a "former" heart surgeon has to say. "Former", because he has performed more heart
surgeries than most, before he quit in disgust. Why would a man quit such a lucrative enterprise?

Let him tell you how to teduce your heart disease risks

The life you save might be yours or that of a loved one.

But inspite of these, millions of people are still gobbling down these poisons-in fact, 39 million

Americans at last count! Hey, where do you think those billions come from?

You know what I say- and this is my general philosophy about life:

Whatever is going to kill me is not going to get my help.   It should be yours too.

Some experts now believe cholesterol is NOT the disease, but a symptom of something else.
That "something else" is now pointing strongly to NUTRITION....

In fact people with low blood selenium are 2-3 times at risk of heart disease than those with adequate levels of selenium.

But let's talk about this selenium for a minute, because it is looking like a superstar nutrient.

Not only is it heart protective, it is also a powerful anti-oxidant. It may also be a major factor in protecting DNA against ageing and enviromental damage.

And here is another feather in the cap of selenium; in a study involving 1,312 people spanning a period of 4 1/2 years, the Journal of American Medical Association found that selenium also protects against cancer!

Best form of Selenium......? Selenomethionine.

What's more, people with adequate levels of vitamin C, beta-carotene, and especially vitamin E, are less likely to suffer from heart disease.

Other risk factors for heart disease include lifestyles namely;

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  1. A sedentary lifestyle
  2. Smoking
  3. Excessive Drinking
  4. Drug Use
  5. Stress etc.

The fat-rich diet of the eskimos would suggest they should be dying in great numbers from heart disease, precipitated by clogged arteries.

But this is not the case.

Won't that suggest that the amount of fat you eat has no correlation to blood cholesterol level?

Because, Fat, is NOT Fat! Some are better than others. Pork fat: Salmon fat-Now, those are two very different kinds of fat.

I know you can guess which one will enhance your health

I can't vouch for pork, but I can tell you how delicious salmon is, and it is good for your heart to boot. Nothing against pork, I just don't touch the stuff. Oh, a word about salmon, and may be for all seafood in general- when possible, make sure they are wild caught to reduce the chances of contamination with heavy metals.

Dr Bang and Dr Dyerberg found that inspite of their fat-laden diet, the eskimos actually have lower incidences of heart disease.

The fats they consume from fish [EPA, DHA], actually offer protection against heart disease

What's more, these Essential Fatty Acids [EFAs] have been proved to cut heart disease risks by as much as 25%! They are also essential for proper brain function.

Did I just hear you say: I am young, fit and in shape, I don't have to worry about clogged arteries and heart disease?

Well, I have news for you....
Research at Louisiana State University shocked experts: It found that clogging of the arteries- a predisposition for heart disease -starts early in life-in fact, as early as 5 years old!!

Besides, being fit does not mean being healthy! A lot of fit people are actually unhealthy!!

What can we infer from all these?

If adeqaute levels of these nutrients protect against heart disease, it will follow, by simple logic then, that a lack of them makes you susceptible. It's just simple mathematical deduction, really.


It is best to get nutrients from food, or from food-form supplements.   


Because the nutrients are more bio-availabe in food form. That's a fancy way of saying the body can use calcium from collard green better than calcium from chalk. If you ask me, I prefer collard green to chalk; but that's just me!

You don't have to be a doctor to infer that the major risk in heart disease is POOT NUTRITION!

How else would you explain clogged arteries in 5 year olds?

That fact, linking poor nutrition to poor health in general, and heart disease in particular, had been proved by the researches of Dr Linus Pauling on vitamin C, among his various achievements.

You don't have to listen to me, but you'll want to listen to Linus Pauling

Who is Linus Pauling, you ask?

The only man ever to win 2-yes TWO- solo Nobel Prizes, that's who!
Would you listen to such a man, or to the pin-heads on television?

Unfortunately, humans have to ingest vitamin C. Animals make their own vitamin C. Man and guinea pigs are exceptions!

Your health is your responsibility. You should take that responsibility very seriously

And when it comes to heart health, here is life saving information from a heart surgeon who has seen and done it all and then quit. Why? Let him show you a non toxic way to better heart health

Here is wishing you and your loved ones, Good Health.



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