How to achieve Weight Loss Glory and good health.

by Rishi Sharma
(New Delhi , India)

My fat  pic before losing 110 pounds

My fat pic before losing 110 pounds

My fat  pic before losing 110 pounds
My fat  pic before losing 110 pounds
My thin  pic after losing 110 pounds
My thin  pic after losing 110 pounds

I have a weight loss story of losng 110 pounds in the year 2001 and I have managed to maintain my weight for past 11 years. I have been obese right from my childhood until age 25. The reason for me to be overweight was eating too much
food always and that too junk food. Basically I led an unhealthy lifestyle

I landed up into a hospital at age 25 having high Blood Pressure and high cholesterol. Also my mother was a diabetic and suffered chronic renal failiure.
The reason to live a healthy life and not to suffer as my mother did motivated me to embark my journey of losing weight and moving towards good health.
I followed very slowly a healthy lifestyle of proper exercise , proper diet and proper rest as per my physical and mental capacity. I started walking daily and slowly incorporated rope skimming in my daily schedule of exercise.
I gave up sugar and fried food and included fruits, vegetables and lentils as main part of my meals . I made it sure that I slept at least 8 hours daily. It took me a complete year to lose 110 pounds of weight.

The key to my success has been never compromising on healthy nutrition. Due to work schedule I have missed out on my exercise schedules many times , but i made it sure that I consistently followed a healthy eating pattern daily.
People do not believe I am the same person . I keep getting comliments . That keeps me motivated.
All me health parameters(Blood Pressure, cholesterol, etc)
which were in the wrong range when I was obese are now in the right range . That keeps me motivated.
Above all a good health happiness feeling keeps me motivated.
I pray every day and thank god for giving me an opportunity in this life to experience weight loss benefits and good health.

I learnt a lot about importance of proper nutrition and proper exercise during my weight loss journey . I propagate the message of good health through the following websites:

Rishi Sharma

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