An intestinal parasites cleanse is the best body detox to get healthy

An intestinal parasites cleanse, who needs it?

Who needs it...?

Every one, that's who needs periodic intestinal parasites cleanse!

I know what are thinking: Isn't that what only people in "Third World" countries have to worry about..Right?


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Parasites can spread from human to human, in public pools, foods, pets etc

And the global nature of today's existence puts everyone at risk

But, what are parasites, anyway...?

Parasites, in a biological sense, are organisms that live off another organism-a host-mostly to the detriment of that host

In this case, we are talking about intestinal parasites in humans

The damage they can cause to human health, is why we should all find ways to kill intestinal parasites that may be feeding on us


Why is intestinal parasites and
colon cleanse neccessary?

Well, how about these......

  • Greater Energy
  • Elimination of digestive disorders
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Elimination of toxic wastes that can cause illnesses
  • It can help people lose weight
  • It can help eliminate bad breath and body odor
  • Better circulation and relieving of inflammations
  • Helps eliminate bloating, gas and intestinal spasms
  • May relieve acid reflux and heartburn
  • Some unexplanabel illnesses may actually disappear, as they may be due to internal parasites infection or intestinal blockage

This by no means exhausts the benefits of a bowel cleanse, but you get the picture

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Some of the intestinal parasites that torment humans include:

  1. Hookworms
  2. Ringworms
  3. Roundworms
  4. Tapeworms
  5. Pinworms
  6. Giardia
  7. And many more...

And they are everywhere. We come in contact with parasites in foods, water, soil, pets etc.

Intestinal worms in humans are more common than you think. Acording to CDC estimate, 800 million to a few billion people might be infected by one form of parasites or the other

Parasites are responsible for hundreds of misdiagnosed ailments in humans-and that includes some serious diseases as heart disease, liver disease and asthma etc.

So, you see, an intestinal parasites cleanse is not just an option, it is a neccesity for good health.

Don't believe me?


Let's see who needs stomach parasites flush, and you can determine if you're one of them:

  • Have you ever eaten a fruit?
  • Has your foot ever touched the soil?
  • Have you ever touched a surface anywhere?
  • Have you've ever played with a child?
  • Have you've ever drunk any water?
  • Have you've ever eaten food at all?
  • Have you've ever been involved in a handshake?
  • Have you ever eaten at any restaurant?

Now, let me ask you-have you ever done any of these things?
If you answer yes to even one of these, then an intestinal parasites cleanse is one of the best healthy choices you can make

Expel parasites that infect you

How do parasites get into our system...let's count the ways

Fruits and vegetables are some avenues through which parasites can get into us. Fruits and vetables are some major sources of parasite eggs

This is especially true in places where foods are grown in soils fertilized with feces and manure.
And believe me, it is done everyday, even though you don't know about it

Man eats fruits and veggies, man eats parasites eggs. You do eat fruits and vegetables, don't you?

And since we aren't going to stop eating fruits and vegetables any time soon, an intestinal parasites cleansing once in a while is a healthy choice

Washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly reduces these risks
In fact, a thriving economy sector has been built around fruit and vegetable washing solutions

Infested Soil-another reason for periodic bowel cleanse

Some parasites, such as the hookworm for instance, lay their eggs in the soil. The larvae can penetrate human skin when man comes in contact with them.

This is the reason children are particularly susceptible to parasites infection. They are constantly playing in dirt and putting their hands in their mouths without washing them

Children understandbly, transmit parasite infections more than any other group
This makes every family member vulnerable to infection. For instance, children spread ringworm infection more than any other group

Children thus need periodic intestinal parasites cleanse

Not only that, family members of these children also need bowel cleanse to get rid of parasites, since they, by neccesity, come in close contact with children who may be infected

Why you may need a body detox, after just an ordinary touch

Touching a surface that had been previously touched by an infected person can also spread infection

Ringworms can be spread through this kind of ordinary touch

Doorknobs, counter surfaces, table surfaces-it seems we are vulnerable everywhere. But a little cleanliness can reduce our risks

The question then, is not whether we all need parasite cleanse, the question is: what is the best way to expel parasites from our bodies?


natural parasite cleansing

Image courtesy of the CDC

Consider the Hookworm for instance....

These are primarily transmitted through the soil, and to a lesser extent, through food. Its risk is greater with poor personal hygeine, poor sanitation, and where human feces and manure are used as fertilizers.

While infections of hookworms are more common in warm tropical climates and in rural areas, the global nature of today's living makes everyone vulnerable

What makes hookworms so dangerous is not only that they can infect humans, but that they start to produce a large volume of eggs, thus creating a higher degree of infection over time

If this does not scare anyone into seriously considering a thorough, intestinal parasites cleanse, I don't know what else would

Anyway, these worms live in the intestine and their eggs are passed through feces. This is why children are at a higher risk of being infected and of infecting others.

Hookworm eggs can be ingested from contaminated dirt on fruits that had not been properly washed, or peeled.

Infection can also occur from vegetables that have not been properly washed, or cooked.

The larvae of this worm can also get into humans from the soil.

Washing your hand properly before coming in contact with food is a healthy precaution

This is also why restaurant employees should thoroughly wash their hands after each bathroom visit

And it is a good reason for you to choose your restaurants with care too.

A trip to a restaurant should not also have to involve the expense of an intestinal parasites cleanse. After all, what you want to eat is food, and nothing more

Why you need to expel parasites now

While symptoms may not show up in some cases, hookworm parasites symptoms include:

  • Intestinal blockage-Intestinal blockage is a very serious health condition. This is why a bowel cleanse, targeted towards the elimination of parasites, is a good idea, even for people who live in so-called developed countries
  • Stunted growth and mental development in chidren
  • Abdominal Pain and discomfort
  • Anamea
  • Itching
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Shortness of breath

How to Prevent parasite infection

You would think the stomach envinroment is hostile enough to kill intestinal parasites, but you would be wrong!

In fact, they thrive there!!

How to protect yourself?

  • Wash you hands with soap and water before each meal
  • Make children wash their hands at all times, especially if they've been playing outside
  • Avoid food grown in soil fertilized with manure or human feces
  • If you cannot avoid food grown in soil fertilized with manure, make sure you wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly

You might want to go out and get this intestinal parasites cleanse program right away when you hear fact, that would be a healthy choice to make

Swallowed fertilized eggs of this blood sucker travel from the intestine to the lungs where they mature. This is where they can cause unexplaineable coughs in infected people

Upon maturity in the lungs, they migrate to the throat, where they are either swallowed, or if the the infected person is lucky, coughed up!!

Yeah, disgusting, I know

If swallowed, they mature into adult intestinal worms, where they latch into the intestinal walls for their food-AND where they can live 1-2 years

Do I hear you screaming: Give me this parasites cleanse right now? Yes, it's not a pretty picture, is it?

While a lot of people will not think twice before they de-worm pets, intestinal worms in humans is something they don't want to think about. It's too disgusting

But the truth of the matter is that humans need intestinal parasites cleanse as much as pets-maybe even more so

But the baddest boy of them all!

Tapeworm-the grand daddy of parasites.....

Tapeworms are the grand daddy of all intestinal parasites!

The fact they grow to over 30-40 feet inside the human body makes it very scary for people to even contemplate

This fear is well founded


Imagine what it would take to feed this serpentine monster!!

And guess where it gets its food from?

That's right!! From the very food meant for your sustenance-in your intestine

See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

So this monster is stealing the very nutrients needed to nourish your body and keep you alive

It attaches itself to intestinal walls with the hooks in its head called, scolex-AND feeds on your blood!

If any one needs a compelling reason for a thorough, periodic, intestinal parasites cleansing, this is it

Primarily contracted from uncooked or undercooked, infected meats, they live in the small intestine

The eggs are passed in feces and can survive in the environment for months

Cattle and pigs feeding on vegetation are infected by the eggs. These eggs then hatch in the small intestine. From here, they can infect the animals muscles also, and can survive there for several years

From here they can infect man, as man consumes the meat from these animals.

Tapeworms produce large volume of eggs too, and tapeworm infection can last for decades.

Rare/medium rare steak or pork chops..? then order parasite and colon cleanse-you'll need it.....

If you want to be healthy, that is...

If you like your steak and pork chops rare, make sure an intestinal parasites cleansing is part of your health routine

Tapeworm infection may or may not show symptoms, depending on the length of the worm

Some unexplanable ailments may be due to parasite infections
Some tapeworm parasite symptoms include

  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Aneamia
  • Vomitting
  • In extreme cases, intestinal blockage may occur-in which case, surgery may be the only viable option


Giardia infections are primarily through water, and soil

The parasite can get into people from contaminated water, soil, or any surface that had been touched by an infected person

Swimmers in water infested with giardia can swallow the eggs with water and can thus be infected; so is coming in contact with contaminated soil. Public pools, rivers and beaches are thus avenues through which infections can occur

The rapid pace of reproduction of this parasite makes it dangerous, and all those babies feed on your body

Another risk factor? Using ice made from contaminated water

An infected person or animal can pass the parasite eggs in feces. Any one coming in contact with the feces in the envinroment can be infected

This is why an infected baby poses risk to family members and care givers, because they, of neccessity, come in contact with baby poop

Occassional intestinal parasites cleanse is thus the only way for any one to make sure that s/he is not harboring some unwanted guests

Reduce your Risk of Parasite Infection

Even though occassional parasites cleansing is a good idea, it is best not to be infected in the first place

There are things we can do to minimise our risk...

  • Wash your hands after coming in contact with baby poop
  • Wash your hands after coming in contact with animals and after coming in contact with animal or human waste
  • Wash you hands after handling garbage
  • Be careful around public pools
  • Do not drink water from wells, or untreated water, without thoroughly boiling it first

Giardia parasite symptoms include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Gas or bloating
  • Abdominal cramp/stomach pain
  • Dehydration
Pinworm-another reason to have a parasite expeller program

Major methods of pinworm infection occurs when a person touches a surface that's been previously touched by an infected person, or from infected fingers

The eggs left behind by the infected person can then be transfered to whoever touches that surface

Children are the most vulnerable since they are constantly putting their fingers in their mouths

And since infection is primarily by touching, family memberes are vulnerable

Some people may not know they are infected with pinworms. Common pinworm parasite symptoms include anal itching

How to protect yourself?

  • Encourage children to wash their hands after visiting the toilet, playing outside and before each meal
  • Encourage good personal hygeine in children
  • Wash hands after contact with feces, such as after diaper change
  • Cook your food well done to kill parasites that may be hanging aroun to do you harm
  • Do an intestinal parasites cleanse from time to time

These nematodes are perhaps one of the most dangerous of all parasites

Primarily found in the soil, round worm infections happen through contact with feces from the soil or through the ingestion of roundworm eggs from contaminated foods

Humans can also be infected from animals such as pets-dogs, cats, and even other animals such as raccoons

Infections by some specie of roundworms can even cause encephalitis and death

The larvae migrate to the lungs, liver, eyes, and several other organs and tissues

They can lodge in, and damage tissues, nerves, eyes and can cause irreversible damage to nerves and eyes, and can even cause blindness

Children are vulnerable since they are constantly playing outside on the ground. This puts every family member at risk

Detoxify your body with natural parasite cleanse methods

  • De-worm your pets frequently and apply preventive medication to your pets
  • Practice good personal hygiene for children and adults
  • Collect, dispose pet droppings properly, pervent contact with any part of the body by wearing gloves, and wash hands with soap and water after disposal
  • Keep children away from areas that may be contaminated with pet droppings
  • Wash your hands before each meal and make sure children do the same

There are other parasites that can compromise human health, and that's why every body needs periodic intestinal parasites cleanse

It is also a good idea to replenish the beneficial bacteria in the intestine after a parasite cleanse


Because a good intestinal parasites cleansing is also a good colon cleanse.
A colon cleanse gets rid of bad bacteria and some good bacteria, as well as other debris in the digestive system.

It is a good idea to replace these beneficial bacteria to maintain a healthy intestinal flora. A healthy intestinal flora is very important for proper digestion, elimination and manufacture of vitamins

And that's where Probiotics comes in. Probiotics replace these beneficial bacteria to restore intestinal flora balance, and digestive health

An unbalanced intestinal flora can cause yeast infection, and poor health

That's why the intestinal parasites and colon cleanse products on this page includes pro-biotic enzymes, for a complete body detox and health restoration.

This is how to be healthy

Click the banner at the top of this page or this bowel parasite cleanse product link NOW!


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