Choosing natural products is a non-toxic way to enhance your health and the health of our planet.

The need to choose natural products becomes even more important when you consider the fact that prescription drugs have a 10 fold chance of putting you in the hospital than a car accident!

A choice of natural products makes sense, since most drugs have side effects more serious than the disease they are prescribed to treat...

And those are the ones the manufacturers admit to...

From Acne to weight loss, from menopause to beauty products, there are natural alternatives.

Natural Acne Treatments
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For instance, Lipitor, Pfizer's blockbuster cholesterol drug, has serious side effects, including muscle, and liver damage.

Never mind that some experts regard the cholesterol hype as a profit driven hoax.

Take a look here about what a former heart surgeon has to say about cholesterol hoax and how you can protect your heart naturally.

He should know--he had performed more heart surgeries than most, before he quit. Find out why

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And in the same vein, here is a damning statement from some one who knows:

Everyone should know that the war on cancer is largely a fraud.

Who said that, you ask?

None other than Linus Pauling!

Linus, who?

Well, Linus Pauling was a world renowned scientist who happens to have the distinction of being the first, and only man, to ever win the Nobel Price..


That's who!!

Eco-friendly products-are they effective?

Experience has proved that choosing natural products is easier on the wallet and milder on the body.

Here is the premier source of green products. You can preserve the health of your family and save the planet at the same time.

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And most of these natural healing products have histories of uses, dating back thousands of years.

Now, that's what I call long term field testing.

But, the availability of, and access to natural health products, are being threatened everyday.

Natural products under assault

Would you believe that the European Union has classified some herbs and some natural products as drugs?

As such, only doctors can prescribe them. Considering that prescription drugs are so expensive to begin with, access to health care is thus made even harder
for a lot of people.

And if anyone wants to bring a natural healing product to marketplace in Europe?
First, it has to be licensed on safety and quality, just as pharmaceutical drugs, at roughly $100,000 to $160,000 per research...., PER HERB!....

So, if a herbal remedy has, say, five ingredients, well.. you get the idea.

Then, on top of that, it must have been in use in Europe for 15 years, and elsewhere for 30 years!!

So, if today, someone in the United States finds a herbal cure for AIDS, Europeans, according to this law, will have to wait 30 years to access it. If that sounds insane to you, it's because it is.

Natural healing products-
Will it go the way Of Europe?

Even if you don't live in Europe, this kind of assault on natural products may be coming soon to a country near you.

The assault on natural products in the marketplace has nothing to do with safety as the big pharmaceutical companies would have you believe. If it were, their own drugs would not be in the marketplace to begin with, on account of their dangerous side effects.

A lot of their drugs are constantly being recalled, and some of them are so dangerous that if the ailments do not kill you, the medications just might.

No, the antagonism to natural products has everything to do with profits.

How did natural health products get pushed aside?

With sleek advertising, lies and double-speak, that's how.

Are we being lied to? Dr Pauling said , yes!

But it hasn't always been this way. Before the advent of the petrochemical and sythetic drug industries, natural products predominate, and almost all medicines came from plants.

These include plant leaves/herbs, healing plant oils, roots, barks, flowers, saps, seeds etc.

How did past generations stay healthy?

They had a vast array of natural products to choose from. They were not conditioned by the assault of drug advertising on television. Forests were abundant. Air and water were clean. A sedentary lifestyle was unthinkable, and impractical anyway.

They lived green, and they were rewarded with aging young and healthy

Heck, the last of World War 1 veterans just died [2011]...

At the age of 114!

Or how about Robert Brown, the last survivor of the Baatan death march, as a Japanese prisoner of war, who died in August 2011.

At the age of 105!!

He was told he would be lucky if he lived to see his 50's, because of his ordeal. He outlived the doctor who made that prediction!!

But look at the obituary sections of some of today's newspapers; you have 40 year olds having, and dying from heart attacks; young men with sperm count less than those of their fathers.

Green products benefits, its neglect will cost us

The air is dirty, the food is unhealthy, behaviors are violent and erratic

Experts have attributed all these to the replacing of natural products with poisonous, synthetics.

These range from plastic materials that mimic, and distrupt hormonal balance,
to household products that cause breathing problems.

Did you know there are tens of thousands of man made chemicals?
Most of them are hazardous to your health.

But, I bet some of them are in your house right now. You spray them, you clean with them, you wash with them; some of them are even in your food!

Natural products were readily available, until big business started synthesizing their own versions in their labs, overfarming the land, destroying old forests and loading our foods and air with chemicals.

Non-toxic products is best-because no level of poison is safe?

So the government has set acceptable levels of these poisons...but what is the safe level of a poison? And if these chemicals accumulate in your body over years of consumption, where is the tipping point? Won't it then be imperative for you to find a way to cleanse your body of these chemicals?

Inspite of the much vaunted advance in medicine, more people are overweight today than ever, cases of diabetes and heart disease are on the rise, arthritis affects millions of people

A lot of people suffer from fatigue and chronic pain, more children have allergy than ever before-and the list goes on. Circumstances prevent a lot of people from gaining access to medical care even when treatment for their ailment is available

Which is why we should choose natural products over synthetics in the first place

Why? Because they are cheaper and not as harsh on the body, and experience has proved that they work

Dangerous chemicals pushing out eco-friendly products?

They have...almost, but not quite....!

If you have the courage to read the ingredients in your soap, lotions, shampoos, cleaners, and even the food you eat, you'll be scared.

Synthetics have replaced natural products, at great expense to consumers.

Are you familiar with a chemical called Propylene Glycol?

Well, you are! And it may be in the lotion in your house. Read the labels. Propylene glycol is the major ingredient in brake fluid and anti-freeze.

And brake fluid will take the paint off your car. What do you think it will do to your skin?

Propylene glycol had been implicated in collagen breakdown.

Farmlands have been destroyed by synthetic fertilizers; run-offs have polluted waterways, beneficial, nitrogen fixing bacteria in the soil have been killed off by synthetic fertilizers and pesticides; no wonder the foods the land produces are empty of nutrition.

Doesn't all this cry out for non-toxic choices?

You can't fake a natural product..? Some Cereal companies
say you can!

Recently some American cereal companies were accused of faking a natural product in their cereals

It turned out that the cereal they were selling as blueberry cereal had no REAL blueberries. Sure, there were some little blue balls that looked like blueberries. But the truth was that these balls were made from blue dyes, starch and sugar.

That's far from the the spirit and substance of a natural product. Advertising this cereal as blueberry cereal is dishonest at best

Would it not have been better to chose natural products to begin with?

You and I know there are better choices

Holistic healing news

On a positive note, here is research from India.....this research found that diabetes can be reversed by consuming almonds!

India has the highest number of diabetics in the world. Almonds can be purchased at your local stores and the cost of a bag is less than one dose of a diabetic drug.

Almonds happen to have one of the highest, if not the highest, form of bio-availabe calcium. Amond is a non-toxic product, and it is delicious to boot.

Natural healing-it has triumphed over dangerous chemicals..Right?

Well, not so fast.

Do not be surprised if the drug companies lean on their friends in government to try and classify the "active ingredient[s]" in almonds as a drug. Similar things have happened in the European Union!

These are the natural products that nature had spent millions of years perfecting. They are not secrets. You and I just don't have the clout to bring them to market, because of the insurmountable regualtions sorrounding them.

Besides, you cannot claim a natural product cures an ailment-per government regualtion-, even if it wakes up the dead....Research be damned!

I know which ones I will choose. How about you?

So, look around this page...

I have chosen some natural products I know you will be interested in. Make your choice.

Suscribe to my newsletter above, if you haven't already done so. Good health is a choice. Which would you choose?

I will conclude with a quote from a song we used to sing in Sunday school....

A healthy choice

"Once, to every man and nation. Comes the moment to decide. In the strife of truth with falsehood. For the good or evil side...."

Which side are you on..., the side of dangerous synthetics that damage the health of man and planet...?

Or the side of natural products that enhance our health and that of the earth- a choice that allows us to hand the planet to our children, healthier than it was handed to us?

Choosing natural products is your best insurance to get healthy, stay healthy and age young

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Attempts to Control Access to Natural Foods

Don't think there are concerted efforts to drive natural products off the face of the earth?

Well, consider the case of the Canadian farmer, Paul Schmeiser. It's so bizzare I can only explain it with two scenarios

Scenario One....

You hit my face and break my jaw in an unprovoked attack. You then sued me for causing injuries to your hand by hitting your fist with my face!

Scenario Two...

I parked my car in my driveway. You, driving drunk, veered off the road, hit and damaged my car. You then proceeded to sue me...!!

Because if I had not parked in my own driveway, you would not have had the accident. Besides, my car now belongs to you, because some part that broke off your car is lodged in my car!!

I know what you're thinking: No court of law would even entertain, let alone rule in your favor in these bizzare lawsuits.



This Orwellian justice could and did happen. The desire to drive natural products off the face of the planet can spun strange outcomes

Which brings us back to the Canadian farmer, Mr Paul Schmeiser. This organic farmer had his crops contaminated by Monsanto's GMO seeds from a nearby farm. That means Schmeiser's crops are no longer organic, thereby destroying his business

Monsanto is liable, right? Wrong again!

Guess who sued who?

Yep, Monsanto sued Schmeiser, claiming that, since that their seeds have contaminated Schmeiser's farm-they didn't even deny that-, ALL his crops now belong to Monsanto!!!

And if Schmeiser wants to keep on farming, he would now have to buy Monsanto's seeds

A producer of natural products is now being forced to grow man altered clones

But you haven't heard the worst of this outrage yet...
Not only did the courts entertained this bizzare lawsuit, the presiding, RULED in Monsanto's favor...., yes you heard that right

Read all about this outrage and the length to which these seed companies would go to limit your access to natural products.

What is their motive?
Profit of course, and control

Control food and you can have total control over people. You can control their politics, culture, ideology, education etc
You can punish communities, even countries, by refusing to sell their farmers seeds for as long as it takes for them to realize who is boss!

And as for those natural seeds farmers used to have? What natural seeds?

These would have been displaced by a combination of lies, fraud, and, oh...may be, with a little violence thrown in for its intimidating value

Monsanto even objected to, and tried to stop farmers from labelling their foods as NOT containing any GMOS

In Monsanto's gospel, producers of natural products cannot say that their foods do not contain any GMO, even if, and, especially if it's true!

You couldn't make these things up if you tried-it's too bizzare

Demand natural products, and refuse to buy if they are not. This is the only way to keep these frankenstein seeds off your dinner table