Are natural remedies hidden in the diversity of species that populate the earth...

And is our problem is that we refuse to ask the right question and look in the right places?

Probing natural remedies secrets should command our attentiion.


Because we might find non-toxic solutions to, at least some, of our health problems!


The health risks and Expense of Toxic Medications cry out for research
into non-toxic healthing alternatives

But in our ignorance and pursuit of profit, we have ignored nature and what it can teach us

Unfortunately, what we think we know, may not be necessarily true

We are told that our brains start to decline as we get older


Suppose we can enhance brain power even as we get older?

We know the hysteria about lowering cholesterol with Statins [cholesterol lowering drugs]

Statins will damage your health.

Want to reduce your risk of heart disease?

Then listen to a "former" heart surgeon, who quit in disgust.


Click the link above to find out WHY!

Are there natural remedies for these ailments that drugs are prescribed for?

Watch this video and see what I mean

Then check out these books of natural remedies and healing

While on that site, watch some natural health videos too

The information can save your life and the lives of your loved ones!

All mammals are warm blooded, right? Well, not quite.
I know that's what had been drilled into us in biology class.
But there is an exception to that rule-the naked mole rat; it is cold blooded!

Natural Remedies for Non-toxic health, Will it yield to our Diligence?

Native to East Africa, and barely 3 inches long, the naked mole rat is the only cold blooded mammal known, and several of the natural remedies secrets this animal may hold, is what have had scientists busy and excited for a while.

These social animals are blind, live in colonies and, like bees, have only one queen. We know some of the natural remedies secrets held by bees-from honey, to royal jelly, to bee pollen-, but what make this rat even more unique are:

  1. They are almost never afflicted with cancer
  2. They are impervious to certain kinds of pain. What are the implications for human pain , especially for back pain relief, the most common pain complaint?
  3. They can live in an envinroment of low oxygen and high carbon dioxide concentration
  4. THey live longer than any other known rodent-about 30years!

This air, with its high carbon dioxide concentration, is very acidic; but what natural remedies for health, do these rats have to allow them to survive in this harsh enviroment?

These are some of the natural remedies secrets, an ongoing research at the University of Chicago-and elsewhere, is determined to find out.

Research also shows that the brain cells of this rat survive SIX TIMES longer under oxygen deprivation!
They are adept at efficient oxygen use

What are the implications of this to human health.....

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  1. More efficient use of oxygen for humans
  2. Application in space where oxygen is scarce
  3. Application in deep water diving and ocean exploration
  4. Surgery
  5. Endurance training for athletes
  6. Mountain Climbing and treament of high altitude sickness...etc

The possibilities are endless for just this one of several natural
remedies, if we can unravel it

But while we are waiting for the results of these researches to come in, we are not totally helpless.

Look at this incredible information on natural remedies that could be the difference between being healthy and being sickly.

Natural Remedies Secrets, Will They Be Forever....Lost?

Destruction of forests all over the world means fewer trees to remove carbon dioxide from, and release oxygen to the atmosphere. Net result? Less oxygen for humans to breathe. And a host of diseases have been linked to lack of oxygen: these include pain, ageing, cancer , to name a few.

And the destruction of forests would mean the loss of the health secrets they may hold.

How does this rat fortify itself against cancer? If we can unravel this mystery, its boon to human health could be tremendous, in light of the fact that cancer kills milions a year

How about the fact that it does not experience some type of pain?
A high percentage of the population suffer from pain. A lot of people suffer from constant, chronic pain. Most people learn to live with it. Pain medications are a multi billion dollar enterprise. Some people gulp down these addictive medications, most of which cause more problems than they solve. Remember Vioxx? Could there be natural remedies for pain and other ailments?

What if we know the secret of this animal to control pain? What an awesome contribution to our quality of life would that be!

This knowledge could result in better pain management, less medication in surgery, especially in localized surgery.

What is their secret for a long life? What if we can unlock their ageing secret?

Can we use the results for human benefit?

This natural health potential is what make this rat, a subject of intense research. If we succeed in our quest to unlock these profound aspects of natural remedies, the benefits to human health would be staggering.

Our Natural Remedies Options..Will We Work To Preserve them?

Aren't these enought reasons to be very diligent in ensuring the survival of all species? After all, we don't know in the slightest the secrets these species hold; and that's talking about species we know.

But how about species that are not easily accessible for human observation.
What natural healing solutions do they hold?

Add to that the fact that there may be some species we are not even aware of yet...after all some parts of the earth are so remote we hardly know anything about them. What natural remedies secrets do they hold?

Isn't it possible that the solutions to most, if not all, of our health problems, are tucked away in these species, waiting for our discovery?

Who knows, nature may be playing hide and seek with us. In a quest to unlock these hidden natural remedies, we may just have some fun along the way- the fun and joy of discovery, and the health benefits that come with it!

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