How you can overcome erectile dysfunction naturally, increase your sex drive and get your manhood back without the risks of anabolic steroids!

Would you like to know how to overcome erectile dysfunction, increase sex drive, without the risk of testosterone drugs and anaboloic steroids?

Overcome erection dysfunction

The best natural erection dysfunction help
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And all you need to achieve a hard erection is some simple lifestyle changes-no drugs, no risking the serious viagra erection enhancers problems, no steroids.

Anatomy of erection-how an erection happens

overcoming erectile problems naturally

Have you ever wondered how erection happens?

If we have an idea of how erection happens, then we would know the best way to overcome erectile dysfunction

Well, I'll try to give an idea without launching into a lecture on anatomy

Getting an erection is not just a physical act-it is both physical and psychological

This psychological aspect, is one of the reasons why some young men can't get hard erection

This psychological aspect affects men of all ages

We have to know if a man's impotence has physical causes, psychological causes or both

How erection happens

Erection is set in motion by a trigger. This trigger can be...

  1. Visual-the site of a beautiful woman
  2. Auditory-erotic music, conversation etc
  3. Memory-some recalled event, conversation, music etc

This then leads to desire

A cascading series of bio-chemical events, initiated by the brain are set in motion

The brain instructs the body to prepare for sex!

  • Release of Nitric Oxide to relax blood vessels, especiall those of the penis
  • Pumping of larger volume of blood to the penis to get the penis hard
  • Preventing the blood in the penis from leaking out to help maintain erection until orgasm is achieved
  • Allowing the blood to flow out of the penis when the man has finished his business.
    One of the dangers of Viagra and similar testosterone drugs, is a condition known as Priapism
    This is when erection persists for hours-the penis does not deflate; not a good thing, as this can damage the penis
    In fact, most erection dysfunction drugs warn about this side effects in their ads

Testoterone drugs are not healthy ways to overcome erection dysfunction; in fact, they can damage your health!

There are many diverse reasons for erectile dysfunction

Some men make the mistake of thinking that low testosterone and consequently, low libido is a result of aging

They then resign themselves to lower sex drive and a lower quality of life

They never entertain the fact that they can overcome erectile dysfunction; and if they do, they think in terms of drugs, such as Viagra, Cialis etc

See some of the serious health problems of viagra erection enhancer here

We'll talk about the risks of erectile dysfunction drugs later, and what the FDA thinks about them

BUT, if age is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction, how do we explain the millions of young men in their 20s, who find it hard to get and maintain a hard penis?

Aren't these young men supposed to be at their most vigorous?

You're never too old for great sex

The truth of the matter is, you are never too old for great sex. It is your biological and psychological right

You can overcome erectile dysfunction without drugs, so can those young men-it's simpler than you think

And the process is under your control!

What is erectile dysfunction?

Before we can know how to overcome erectile dysfunction, we have to know...

  • What erectile dysfunction is
  • What causes erectile dysfunction
  • How to prevent erectile problems
  • And if it's already happening, how to get erection dysfunction help

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to get an erection, maintain that erection, continue the sexual encounter, until he, and his partner are sexually fulfilled, without him getting soft during the encounter

I know it's a mouthful, but that's my definition; you might find a different one in your dictionary.
I figure if we are going to know how to properly overcome erectile dysfunction, we have to properly define it.

Causes of erection problems

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction-both physical and psychological

It is important to make this distinction because the interventions to help overcome erectile dysfunction, in both instances, are different

Psychological impotence

Psychological impotence is the type of impotence that has no organic cause, but whose root lies in the mind of the sufferer

These can be caused by sexual performance anxiety

What causes sexual performance anxiety?

  • Infidelity..

    Stepping out on your partner can create anxiety that can affect erection strength

    The feeling of guilt that this can generate can even affect intimacy with your regulat partner. This can also cause stress in the relationship

  • Low self esteem..

    A feeling of low self esteem can lower sexual performance. This can be very serious since there is no organic cause that can be easily diagnosed

    This may be because the man has low self esteem anyway, or because the man feels the woman is out of his league

    Sexual performance anxiety can also occur, because it is your first sexual experience, or if it is your first encounter with a particular partner

    How do you overcome erectile dysfunction in these cases?

    1. Relaxation techniques
    2. Yoga
    3. Tai-chi
    4. Bio-feedback etc. These and any other technique that can lower stress and level of fear can help a man overcome erection dysfunction in these circumstances
  • Religious conditioning..

    This is a type of brainwashing. Some people have an unhealthy attitude towards sex because of their strict religious upbringing

    This can cause sexual performance anxiety later in life. These men are more likey to have problems in their relationships also, because of their negative attitudes towards sex on the one hand, and women in the other

    But even these men with deep seated sexual repression, can overcome erectile dysfunction

Erection dysfunction with Organic origin

  • AGE...

    While testosterone level diminishes with age, you can actually overcome erectile dysfunction at any age with healthy lifestyle choices

    Testosterone is the male hormone that determines male characteristics. A low level of testosterone has serious consequences.

    There are cultures in which men are vigorous even in their 80s

  • Stress...

    Stress will send you to an early grave if not addressed. You wont' have to worry about overcoming erectile dysfunction then, would you?

    Stress has been identified as a risk factor for obesity, heart disease, lower immune system, memory problems, erectile dysfunction, depression and mood swing etc.

  • High blood pressure..

    This is not just a risk factor for erectile dysfunction but for other serious ailments such as heart disease, strokes, kidney failure etc.

    But in choosing ways to lower blood pressure, be aware that some high blood pressure medications can make you gain weight

    Beta blockers are some of the medications for cardiovascular problems.

    According to a study from St. Vincent Hospital in Sydney, Australia, conducted by Dr. Paul Lee, people on beta blockers weigh 11lb-31lb than people with high blood pressure, but who are NOT on beta blockers

    And being overweight is itself a risk factor for erectile dysfunction

    Look more to lower your blood pressure with lifestyle changes. That way, you can overcome erectile dysfunction without more serious problems

    After all, what you want is to jack up your performance in the bedroom, not buy some more serious diseases

  • Substance abuse..

    These include excessive alcohol consumption, drug use etc

    If you indulge in these unhealthy habits, then you need to decide whether you want a hard erection on demand, or if you enjoy your soldier embarassing his general when it counts

    Alcohol can damage the liver, poison the blood. It can inhibit the production of enzymes by the liver, can inhibit good digestion and absorption-conditions which are not the best for a good libido

    Drugs can damage organs and inhibit a lot of the body bio-chemical processes

    Drugs can cause brain impairment. We have seen that the brain is intimately invoved in the initiation of sex

  • Smoking..

    Smoking is a risk factor for low libido

    This dirty habit really gets my goat. Smoking is a risk factor for a lot of diseases, certainly for erectile dysfunction

    I have seen the internal structure of the lungs of smokers-after they have involuntarily quit-actually, they're dead-and, it isn't pretty!

    Smoking deprives the body of oxygen and produces more carbon dioxide

    You and I know that the body needs oxygen, and that carbon dioxide is poisonous

    But even more poisonous are Carbon Monoxide, Cyanide, Arsenic and hundreds of other poisons that enter the body through smoking.

    How on earth is a man to get a hard penis with these chemical soup circulating in his blood?

    It would be next to impossible for a smoker to overcome erection dysfunction if he does not stop puffing-and truth be told, a lot of smokers suffer from soft erection, even if they would not admit it to you!!

  • Sleep Deprivation..

    Lack of sleep is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction

    It may be hard for some to believe, but if you don't get enoug sleep, you may constantly poop out just when your woman is ready to pop!

    Embarrassing, isn't it

    Lack of sleep can lead to irritability, depression, mood swing, fatigue, poor memory, slow reflex etc.

    Lack of sleep can interfere with hormone production

    As much as you may want to overcome erectile dysfunction caused by this habit, you may not succeed until you get a good night's sleep

Why you can't get erection

Other causes of erection problems


Not only is depression a risk factor for low libido but for heart disease, obesity, heart disease, memory problems

Suffering from low sex drive? Overcome erectile dysfunction by lowering your stress level

Brain Injury..

Initiating sexual stimulation and response is actually the function of the brain. Damage to the brain can inhibit this response

Statin Use..

Statin can lower your libido!

Would you believe that cholesterol lowering drugs can lower your libido?

There is also the loud noise about lowering cholesterol


Did you know, low cholesterol is a risk factor for heart attack?

That is, IF your cholesterol level is too low, you are a prime candidate for a heart attack!

That's what the research shows!

AND..., low cholesterol is a risk factor for low testosterone-the male hormone!

You won't know that from constant advertising about cholesterol lowering drugs on television

You don't believe me?

Take a look at what a heart surgeon has to say about how to be heart healthy naturally and why you should not pay too much heed to most of the cholesterol lowering drug hype on television

Some Medications...

Some medications can lower your level of testosterone and consequently, your libido.

These include Statins, acid refux medications, NSAID etc

Injury to the testes...

Testosterone is produced primarily in the testes. Any injury to the testes can make it impossible to overcome erectile dysfunction


A lot of men whho undergo prostate and heart bypass surgeries, become impotent!

Which is sad, because some progressive doctors now think there are better alternatives to these drastic procedures-certainly for prostate surgery

It would be almost impossible to evercome erectile dysfunction in surgeries where there is organic damage and/or alterations

Thyroid problem...

The thyroid is involved in many biochemical processes in the body-from metabolism to regulation of body temperature

Hypothyroidism-too little thyroid hormone can lower libido

Hyperthyroidism-too much thyroid hormone can cause impotence

Heart disease...

It is the job of the heart to pump adequate amount of blood throughout the body-including to the penis

This blood-at the right pressure-is what makes the penis hard. If the heart cannot do this for any reason, then it will be very hard to get a big erection or to overcome erectile dysfunction if it ever becomes a problem

Good Nutrition...

It goes without saying that good nutrition is vital for general health and for harder erections

Zinc, Selenium, Arginine, Vitamin C, Fatty acids, protein etc.-all these are important for sexual health, manufacture of testosterone and to maintain good health in general


ESTROGEN...? Isn't that a female hormone?

Yes, it is but, Estrogen is required for male libido too

Low estrogen can cause erectile dyfunction in men, cause weight gain and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases

New research now says that estrogen is needed, more so than testosterone to overcome erectile dysfunction in some men!

How to get the best erections

Lose weight...

Obesity is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction

If you are overweight, and want erection on demand, you need to lose extra weight now

Get some Sleep...

You've seen how lack of sleep can lower your sex drive. If you hope to overcome erectile dysfunction, you better go to sleep on time

You'll be well rested and you won't have to tell your woman you're tired. Satisfy your woman in bed and you won't have to worry about being banished to the couch.

Stop Smoking...

You stink up the room and kill the mood anyway. Clean your system of the poisons that smoking has pumped into your body. You can not keep on puffing and hope some drugs like viagra can help you cheat your way into big erections.

You can get hard erections without viagra. See the very serious viagra erection enhancers problems at this post

You need to overcome erectile dysfunction problems without drugs if you want to avoid these side effects

Eat Nutritious Foods...

Good nutrition is required for good health anyway. Why not use good nutrition to boost libido

Drink plenty of water-not soda. Water is required for almost every chemical reaction in the body


Stop petting Fifi, and get off the couch. Move your body

Walk, Swim, Lift weight. Weight bearing exercises have been found to increase testosterone level
Nature punishes laziness and rewards effort

Exercises help blood circulation, lift mood, increase the level of Oxitocin-the good mood hormone

This help you overcome erectile dysfunction, because exercise can relief depression-depression is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction

Best Erection Supplements

The best erection supplements should help you manintain your libido and if you're a little down, they should help you overcome eretile dysfunction without the side effects of drugs

They shoud also help you address the other concerns that contribute to erection problems


  1. Pine Pollen..

    Pine pollen is perhaps the best natural erection supplement.

    Apart from being able to help you overcome erectile dysfunction, pine pollen is also a superfood, consisting of amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins etc.

    In fact, pine pollen contains ALL the essential amino acids, plus natural ANDROGEN, DHEA, and HGH, in a natural food form matrix-not drugs

    Here is where you get this best erection booster

  2. Ageless Male sex enhancer...

    Won't you like to be vigorous at any age?

    How do you overcome erectile dysfunction if you feel you've lost your mojo?

    Ageless Male, that's how!

    This is the product of choice if you need erection dysfunction help

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