These testosterone drug risks-heart attack, infertility, prostate cancer, enlarged breasts, blood clot etc-if they don't scare you half to death, you must be a glutton for punishment

The many serious testosterone drug risks are the reasons men want to make sure their testosterone levels are adequate

Which is why everyone and their grandmother is touting every concievable cure on all of media.

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Which is why a lot of people are asking...

Are testosterone drugs the next Viagra?

But this is the wrong question to ask


Because the side effects of Viagra are serious enough that a lot of men pass on it

Testosterone drug risks are no less serious. Watch this video, and read this post in full to see what I am talking about

The full title of this video is: Testosterone Prescriptions on the Rise Despite Health Risks

Health risks of testosterone drugs

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Not to be outdone or outmaneuvered out of a huge chunk of profits, the drug companies are also scrambling to cash in on the testosterone drug craze

But men who care about their health are terrified of testosterone drug risks-especially, in light of recent FDA warnings about said risks

See now what's driving the low T drug hype-Profits!

Consequences of low testosterone

The consequences of low testosterone are very serious indeed. Testosterone is not just for a hard erection. It plays important health roles in both men AND women

But the high risks of testosterone drugs should give men pause. After all, what you're looking for is solution, not additional problems

A man would like to be able to satisfy a woman in bed. His opinion of himself and self esteem plummet if he cannot fulfil this obligation to himself and his woman

Low libido thus creates great stress in a man's life

If you're allergic to Pollen..

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Here are some of the health hazards of low testosterone

  • Decreased Libido

  • Impotence or erectile dysfunction

  • Low sperm count

  • Low ejaculation volume

  • Enlarged breast size in men

  • Loss of muscle tone

  • Weight gain, especially in the midsection

  • Erratic sleep patterns

  • Shrinkage of the testes

  • Higher risks of bone fracture

  • Mood swing, depression, and believe it or not-hot flashes!

  • Premature aging

  • And according to this ABC NewsLow testosterone can cause premature Death

  • Wrinkles

  • Low testosterone increases risks of Alzheimer's disease according to this article

Andropause in men

Would you believe men also suffer from hot flashes?

This is known as Andropause, and it is as unpleasant as hot flashes in women

This is another consequence of low tesosterone that men have to contend with. So it is understandable why some men, in their desperation would ignore some of the serious risks of testosterone drugs, if they can just get some relief


Get your manhood back without drugs

Low testosterone risks are serious alright, and the anxiety it generates in men is being exploited by drug companies hoping to make quick profits

But before you fall for the sales pitches, consider these scary testosterone drug risks

Would you consider these risks as insignificant?

Testosterone drug risks for men

  1. Higher risks of heart attack

  2. Risks of prostate cancer

  3. Infertility

  4. Sleep problems

  5. Blood clot

  6. Low testosterone drugs can make you develop feminine features such as larger breasts

  7. Inhibition of bone growth

  8. Kidney failure

  9. Liver problem

  10. Lower sperm count

And these are those that have been acknowledged. Who knows how many more

Testosterone drug costs

The side effects are serious enough, but here is another factor to consider.

The cost of these testosterone medications can be as high as $500 a month

I know most men would pay any price to get their manhood back-if they can afford it

But why pay such a steep price for something that puts your health at risk, especially when there is a cheaper, effective way to increase testostone naturally?

Testosterone medication and high blood pressure

But there is a major one of the many testosterone drug risks that requires special mention

One of the most serious of testostosterone drug risks is high blood pressure

And here is why

High blood pressure is a risk factors for..

  1. Heart attack

  2. Kidney failure

  3. Heart failure

  4. Strokes

You don't believe me?

Check out the warnings about testosterone drug risks at this FDA website

Testosterone drug risks are too serious to be justified, either by their efficacy or price

Testosterone drug risks for women

Testosterone drugs pose particular risks to women of all ages.

WOmen should not come in contact with testosterone. Women who come in contact with testosterone drugs are more likely to develop male characteristics

Pregnat women should especially be very careful not to come in contact because of the risks it poses to the woman and the fetus

Testosterone drug risks are not confined to women-and men who take these drugs
They also pose serious danger to young girls

Contact with testosterone drugs can trigger early puberty in young girls-a condition experts think may make them more susceptible to cancer later on in life

Is there a natural way to boost testosterone?

Of course there is!

But subjecting yourself to the risks of testosterone drugs will get you more problems than they solve

Because of these serious side effects, some people are now suggesting all kind of gimmicks for increasing testosterone

BUT, there is a better, more affordable way to boost testosterone naturally, without the risks to your health.
I'll get to that later

But first, let's examine these testosterone drug risks, and why you should stay away from them

According to a study published in testosterone level has steadily declined-regardless of age, over the years.

In fact, between 1987-2007, the decline is a whopping 20%!

Why this steep decline in testosterone levels?

We know this much though, in the time span cited...

  1. Obesity has exploded worldwide-obesity is a risk factor for low testosterone and erectile dysfunction
  2. Lack of sleep due to work hours, computer and video game addiction has increased exponentially. Sleep is so important that a third of our lives is spent sleeping. Sleep deprivation has serious health consequences including depression, weight gain, irritability, mood disorder, low testosterone, heart problems etc
  3. Stress due to jobs, unemployment, lack of resources etc. has also been on the rise
  4. BPA, environmental toxins, soy products, and other products that seem to mimic some hormones, thereby disrupting testosteron-estrogen balance have been on the rise too
  5. Chemicals in cosmetics and foods

It seems most of us are doomed to the fate of low testosterone. That is because of the high rate of obesity worldwide.

Combine that with the sedentary lifestyles that a lot us live, then you know we are really in trouble.

But it gets worse, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, stress-all these combine to put a lot of people at risk of low testosterone.

Children and adults are on their electronic devices into the late hours of the night when they should be resting.
These people are more likely to snack unconsciously through the night.

Unfortunately what they snack on are unhealthy foods laden with salt, sugar, additives, artificial colorings etc.

This lack of sleep and lack of adequate rest, and poor nutrition, could lead to irritability and stress-all risk factors for low testosterone

This increases the risks of obesity, and low testosterone for men.

Boosting testosterone level naturally

But there is a natural solution for low testosterone. This is important in light of recent warnings-from the FDA, about the health risks of testosterone drugs.

Did you watch the ABC news video above? It sure brings into sharp focus testosterone drug risks-in case you thought I was making it up

AND, it also shows you why a natural approach to increase your sexual performance is the healthiest way to go

This natural solution is pine pollen!

What is pine pollen?

Read more about the awesome nutritional value of pine pollen, and how it can improve your sex life, by following the above link

Pine pollen is the male portion of the pine plant

Pine pollen is a nutrient dense natural product that stimulates the body to produce its own testosterone. This approach is different from introducing testosterone from drugs

You've already seen some of the many testosterone drug risks

Why would a man subject himself to the serious side effects of these testosterone drugs?

Ironically, one of testosterone drug risks that should be of particular concern to men, is lower sperm count. Why is this, when the opposite should be the case?

Well, when you introduce synthetic testosterone from the outside, the body slows down its own production. In fact, when you interfere with the functions of the body in this way, the part producing the nutrient may start to atrophy-that is , it starts to shrink.

This may be why testosterone drugs cause shrinkage of the testes

And how about the increased risk of prostate cancer?
Assuming these drugs work; if you now have more sexual prowess, won't you want to be around to enjoy it?

Here is another problem with the drug approach

As with most drugs, one of testosterone drug risks, is dependency. There is evidence that some people become dependent on these drugs

But the problems do not end there

All these from drugs that are supposed to jack up your libido!

There are several factors that can affect testosterone level. These problems may not respond to drugs

What causes low testosterone?


Obesity has becoms a global problem. It is not surprising that the rise in the number of men who suffer from low testosterone has coincided with the explosion of obesity worldwide

Young men in their 20s even suffer from erectile dysfunction!

These young men should be especially reminded of testosterone drugs risks because, in their anxiety they are more likely to abuse these drugs
After all, they are supposed to be vigorous at that age

Obesity is a risk factor for a host of diseases including heart disease, brain impairment, diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure

Unfortunately, these are also risk factors for low T

A more prudent way for the obese who suffer from low testosterone level, is to lose weight first. An overweight man subjecting himself to the risks of testosterone drugs may be further damaging his health

Poor Nutrition

The body needs adequate nutrition to perform the thousands of bio-chemical actions that it carries out. And this includes the production of hormones

For instance, the body needs Zinc and Selenium for healthy sperm production. In fact, a high percentage of a man's selenium is in his sperm store

Vitamin C is important in the synthesis of Collagen. Collagen is involved in the synthesis of testosterone

As you can see, good nutrition is required for good health in general, and certainly for the production of testosterone

For instance, Zinc deficiency reduces testosterone level

So, instead of a man subjecting himself to these testosterone drug risks, he may just have to eat right. That is cheaper and healthier, won't you say?

Lack of sleep

Sleep is a healing product

Sleep is so important that a third of our lives is spent in bed

If you want to know how important sleep is, try to stay up 24 hours non-stop

A lot of biochemical reactions take place at night. The hormone melatonin, for instance is produced at night

The body carries out repairs, the brain helps the body de-stress, the brain sorts out and selectively retains and discards what we have experienced during the day at night-when we are asleep

Lack of sleep is a major risk factor for...

  1. Obesity

  2. Heart disease

  3. Strokes

  4. Stress

  5. Low testosterone

  6. Erectile dysfunction

  7. Brain impairment

  8. Depression

Look at the consequences of not getting enough sleep, again

ALL of them are also major risks of low T level!

See how important sleep is?

Why would any man subject himself to serious testosterone drug risks, when all he may need is a good night's sleep?

Why is testosterone low?

Other reasons testosterone is low include

  • Depression

  • Age-a lot of young men suffer from erectile dysfunction too

  • Unhealthy lifestyle

  • Hormonal imbalance

Erectile dysfunction in young men

As we age testosteone production declines. This is normal.

But this does not mean that a man cannot still perform in bed at any age

But why would a young man in his twenties have low testosterone and thus suffer from erectile dysfunction?

The key certainly lies in his lifestyle, such as...

  • Obesity-we have seen how obesity is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction from above

  • Drug use

  • Excessive alcohol consumption

  • Lack of sleep-as stated above. Young people are more likely to be on the computer, their ipod, ipad into the late hours of the night

    These late sleepers are more likely to snack on unhealthy foods full of salt and sugar. This increases the risk for obesity. And as we know by now, obesity is a major risk factor for low testosterone and erectile dysfunction

  • Medications

  • Stress/Depression

Here are some factors that may also cause low male testosterone hormone level.

As serious as they are, they are no excuses to subject yourself to those testosterone drug risks the FDA warned about, and that are listed in this post

  • Disease of the testes. Testosterone is produced by the testes. If the testes is not in peak health, it is not hard to imagine that its ability to produce adequate level of testosterone would diminish

  • Problem with Pituitary and Hypothalamus. These are located in the brain. Testosterone is manufactured under a signal from the pituitary gland, and the hypothalamus.

    If any of these organs is damaged, production of testosterone may be compromised

Testosterone Gels, Testosterone Tablets, Testosterone Injections

Whether they are testosterone gels, injections or tablets, testosterone drugs risks are no less because of the form it takes

They cost more and the injections can be painful

You can avoid these risks and increase your testosterone level naturally

This is the healthy way to get restore your manhood and improve your sex life without drugs


What do you think of this post now that you've read it through?

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