Useful tips for harder erection that can help you regain your manhood and jack up your libido without the health risks of anabolic steroids

Here are some tips for harder erection that can help increase your libido, and help you regain your manhood without the risks of testosterone drugs...
drugs that now dominate ad spaces on the airways

These drugs are not safe; they have very serious side effects.

But don't take my word for it, read what the FDA says about the health risks of testosterone drugs

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Read more about the health risks of testosterone drugs by clicking this link now

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You need to protect your erection without hurting your health

How high a price are you willing to pay for a hard penis?

May be you're thinking about Viagra and drugs like it?

That will not be included in the list of tips for harder erection

See the many viagra erection enhancers health risks at this link

Anyway, here are some side effects of these testosterone drugs that the manufacturers want to sell you

natural libido booster

Health risks of testosterone drugs

  • Shrinkage of the testes

  • Higher risk of prostate cancer

  • Higher risks of heart attack

  • Infertility

  • Sleep problems

  • Thickened blood that increases your risks of blood clot, heart attack and strokes

  • Development of feminine features such as larger breasts

  • Inhibition of bone growth

  • Kidney failure

  • Liver problem

  • Lower sperm count

You do not need any more reasons to implement these tips for harder erection than these. But in case you do need any more reasons to avoid testosterone drugs, read the next 3 to 4 paragraphs

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Risks of testosterone drugs to women and young girls

Oh, before we forget, here are other risks of testosterone drugs-these ones to your loved ones

The FDA warns that women and young girls should NOT come in contact with these testosterone drugs. These drugs touching the skin of females is enough to pose these risks

Pregnant women especially, should NOT come in contact with these drugs, as they can damage the fetus

But these drugs pose no less risks to young girls.
Coming in contact with these testosterone drugs can trigger premature puberty in these young girls-a phenomenon some experts think increases their risks of cancer as adults

These drugs should NOT touch any part of the skin of females

That means that, if you rub these topical drugs on you, you cannot hug your wife or your daughter!

Now, in light of these risks, isn't it safer for you, and your loved ones, to implement these tips for harder erection, than expose your loved ones to the health risks of testosterone drugs?

Not that the consequences of low testosterone are not serious-THEY ARE.
But drugs that put your health in danger are not the answer, even if you have low testosterone

BUT that you can't get erection does not mean you need drug intervention-these tips for harder erection may be your key to getting your libido back without drugs!

Heck, all you need to get your libido back might just be a good night's sleep -this is actually one of the important tips for harder erection.
But you won't hear that from the ads that want to monetize your anxiety about getting a boner

May be you should not blame them, after all, they are trying to make money. But profits should not be at the expense of your health-and these drugs will damage your health.

I didn't say that, the FDA did. Read those warnings again if you don't believe me

The million dollar hard erection question

I know what you're thinking: If the FDA knows about the health dangers of these testosterone drugs, why doesn't that regulating agency ban these drugs altogether?

That's the million dollar question!!

But here's a tip for harder erection if you value your health: Avoid these testosterone drugs like the plague that they are

IF your testosterone level is low, here is a natural way to boost your testosterone level without subjecting yourself to the health risks testosterone drugs

Some men need Estrogen for hard erection

But a lot of men who can't get erection may actually have adequate testosterone levels.

What they might need is Estrogen!

Yes, ESTROGEN the female hormone!

Estrogen is required for male libido too

I know this might be one of those tips for harder erection, that you might think contradicts everything you have been told.

Low Estrogen in men can cause low libido

Wait a minute, you say-Isn't low testosterone a risk factor for low libido?

Yes, it is, BUT, it is NOT the only factor, as we'll see when we discuss those tips for harder erection. These erection tips can have you popping in the bedroom like corn on a hot plate

Turns out....

  1. Low Estrogen in men can cause erectile dyfunction

  2. Low Estrogen can cause weight gain in men

  3. Low Estrogen can also increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases-in men

  4. And would you believe that low Estrogen can cause brittle bones in men, as it does in women?

This is what new research now says...

In some men, Estrogen is needed, more so than testosterone, to overcome erectile dysfunction!

This research, published in a September 2013 edition of New England Journal of Medicine, concluded that the low sex drive seen in some men, results from low Estrogen, not low testosterone, as previously thought!

Read the report for yourself at this link

When the body has adequate testosterone, it converts some of this testosterone to Estrogen-all other things being equal

The proper ratio between testosterone and estrogen, is the key to getting a hard erection, rather than the absolute value of one sex hormone or the other

Low Testosterone health Risks-Not just low libido!

Yes, low testosterone poses health risks to men-AND would you believe to women too?.
The female ovary produces testosterone too, just as the male body produces Estrogen!

Health risks of low testosterone

Here are some of the health risks of low testosterone

  1. Premature death-according to this ABC News Report Low testosterone can cause premature Death

  2. Loss of hair

  3. Low testosterone increases your risks of Alzheimer's disease so says this article

  4. Premature aging

  5. Unhealthy cholesterol levels

  6. Erratic blood sugar levels

  7. Low sperm count

  8. Weight gain especially in the midsection

  9. Low energy level

  10. Decrease of muscle mass and muscle tone

  11. Fatigue and loss of strength

  12. Hot flashes-what is known as Andropause. Most people would be surprised to learn that men get hot flashes, but they do

  13. Depression

  14. Mood swing and irritability

  15. Loss of bone mass

  16. Erectile problems

  17. Increased risks of cancer of the prostate

  18. Infertility

  19. Shrinkage of the testes

Why you can't get a hard erection

There are several reasons why you can't get hard erection

And it may not have anything to do with your level of testosterone, as you'll see when you read the many tips for harder erection

Not that low testosterone is not a risk factor for erectile dysfunction; but that is not the whole story

In fact, a lot of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have adequate testosterone levels!

So, why can't these men get a hard on?

Let's see how these tips for harder erection can help you overcome erectile dysfunction without drugs

Tips for harder erection that lasts longer

Here are the tips for stronger and longer erection. Following these tips can help you restore your libido without drugs

These drugs are dangerous to your health anyway, and can set you back up to $500.00 a month

Even if you have that much money to burn, why would you want to do that, when you can just implement some of these tips, get and maintain a hard erection for less, or even for nothing?

How to get harder erection without anabolic steroids

Get some sleep

A lot of people do not really appreciate the importance of good sleep to a good sex life. But a good night's sleep is not only important to a man's libido, but to good health in general

Of all the tips for harder erection, this may be the most important-at least, as important to good sex life, as good nutrition

We spend a third of our lives in bed or should. Good sleep is tied to adequate production of hormones, including that of the sex hormone, testosterone

The human body operates on a 24 hour cycle of sleep and wakefulness

Lack of sleep throws this rhythm off kilter, with serious health implications.

Experiment at Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, concluded that people who sleep late at night are more likey to be overweight than those who get adequate amount of sleep.

And obesity is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction

This Circadian Rhythm, as this cycle is known, regulates, and/or is involved in a lot of the many biological processes in the body, including..

  1. The immune system
  2. Stress Mangement
  3. Digestion
  4. Hormone Production
  5. Weight management
  6. Brain and memory function-and we know sex is both a mental and physical process
  7. Sleep

Lack of sleep is also a risk factor for obesity, heart disease, irritability, depression. ALL these, are also risk factors for erectile dysfunction!

Here is one of the most important of all the tips for harder erection:
Get some sleep!

Melatonin, the sleep hormone is produced at night-in total darkness. That night light, however faint, may be interfering in your good night's sleep, and in your health in general


Because Melatonin is involved in more than sleep. It is required for good health

Eat Right

Good nutrition is perhaps the most important of all the tips for harder erection

This is because ALL biological processes in the body requires good nutrition. There is no shortcut around that fact!

Vitamin D Erection

For instance, vitamin D is essential for hard erection. This vitamin is essential for the production of testosterone.

Vitamin D is also required for the absorption and utilization of calcium, is required for bone health, and the health of the skin etc

Zinc Erection

Zinc is necessary for the production of sperm. Zinc is also involved in a lot of physiological processes in the body

Selenium for good erection

Selenium is another nutrient required for good erection. Most of the Selenium in a man's body is in his sperm store!

Not only that, selenium may also protect against cancer of the prostate, as grudgingly acknowledged by the FDA!

Which is unusual, because rarely will the FDA acknowledge the therapeutic value of any substance that is NOT a drug!!

Vitamin C for hard erection

Almost all fruits contain this important vitamin. That may be a way for nature to stress the importance of this vitamin for good health

Not only is vitamin C a strong antioxidant, it is also necessary for the production of collagen, and Collagen is required for the production of the male hormone, testosterone

One of the requirements for a strong erection is a healthy heart.
Vitamin C is heart protective.

ALL animals, except man and guinea pigs-can synthesize vitamin C in their own bodies

In fact, experts say that this ability of animals to synthesize vitamin C in their own bodies, is why heart disease in animals is rare

Now, here is one of those tips for harder erection that will give you all the nutrients you need for good health and healthy libido

  • Pine pollen... A natural testosterone booster and a super nutrient for general health

    Pine pollen increases the level of Super Oxide Dismutase [SOD], one of the most potent antioxidants known

    Pine pollen contains natura ANDROGEN, HGH, DHEA among its many nutritional components

  • Colostrum... A nutrient dense product from mother nature herself, that is also an immune booster and a tre super-nutrient

  • Moringa...The most nutrient dense nutritional food on this earth. Moringa has the most beneficial nutrients of all plants known!


What are the best erection Exercises?

How about exercises that benefit the whole body? After all, the body is a unit of many parts, with each part affected by what happens in the other

The World Health Organization stated that most diseases-barring genetic disposition and/or trauma, result from poor nutrtion and lack of exercises


  1. Increase blood flow-a hard penis requires good blood flow. The brain also requires adequate amount of blood for peak performance

  2. Help memory, reduces the risks of Alzheimer's disease

  3. Prevent wrinkles and could very well delay the onset of Menopause and Andropause

  4. Increase bone density, thereby reducing the risks of bone fracture and Osteoporosis, and Osteoarthritis

  5. Help lung function and overall health by helping the body use Oxygen more effciently

  6. While we are on the subject of exercises to benefit hard erection, I would be remiss if I do not mention Kergel Exercises

    Best Erection Exercises?

    Kergel exrecises have been touted as the best erection exercises, but here is what some doctors say...

    That Kergel exercises do NOT really benefit erection-the group of people Kergel exercises benefit, are those with Incontinence problems

    Strive to be in good shape in general-that will benefit your libido

    Exercises facilitate the release of growth hormone. Growth hormone is a precursor to the synthesis of testosterone, the male sex hormone

Watch your weight

Obesity is a major risk factor for low testosterone. If you're overweight, losing weight is one of the tips for harder erection you should pay attention to

In fact, research says that overweight men are 22% more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than their fit counterpart

This is according to a Kaiser research

But obesity is not just a risk factor for erectile dysfunction, it is also a risk factor for heart disease, depression, brain impairment, to mention just a few

One of the best tips for harder erection..?

Lose weight with the best weight loss program on the market today


Some people may never connect their low libido with the medications they are taking

Take this also as one of the major tips for harder erection: Get off the medications that lower your libido

Medications that lower your libido

These include statins-cholesterol lowering drugs

Apart from all the other better known health risks of statins, statins can destory your sex life

The liver is the factory where cholesterol is made in the body. Cholesterol is the raw material from which hormones are made

Cholesterol loweing drugs can damage the liver, in a rare admission by the FDA

If the liver's ability to manufacture cholesterol is impaired, then your body has no raw material for making testosterone. Kiss your sex life goodbye

NSAID/Acid reflux medications lower libido

Another group of medications that can kill your sex drive are NSAID/Acid reflux medications

You can restore your libido by impementing these tips for harder erection as soon as possible

Stop Smoking

This is one of the tips for harder erection that's a no-brainer. Smoking is a dirty and unhealthy habit

Smoking can lead to hardening of the arteries-a condition that can prevent adequate amount of blood from getting to the penis

But the risk of smoking to your sex drive does not stop there.
Smoking greatly increases your risks of heart disease, strokes, brain impairment, diminished lung function that reduces the amount of oxygen to your entire body

Add to that the many dangerous chemicals that cigarette ssmoke introduces into your body, and you begin to see that quitting smoking is one of the most important of all the tips for harder erection

We are talking about poisons such as Cyanide, inorganic strontium, formaldehyde etc. etc. Need we say more?. Smoking and good erection health do not mix

Stop Excessive drinking

Once again, another important tip for a better sex life, is to ease off on the bottle

Alcohol abuse can damage the liver. We have seen earlier on, how important the liver is in the production of testosterone

If your liver is damaged, you have two options..

  1. A liver transplant OR
  2. DEATH!

In the list of the tips for harder erection, how important is this one?
Very important, won't you say?

Lower your stress level

Stress is a major culprit in erectile dysfunction. In fact, stress is a major risk factor, for a lot of other risk factors, for erectile problems!

These include, but not limited to..

  1. Depression
  2. Obesity
  3. Heart disease
  4. Hight blood pressure
  5. Brain impairment
  6. Erratic mood
  7. Fatigue
  8. Stress depletes nutrients in the body
  9. Lowers the immune system

My God, in implementing these tips for harder erection, I would put lowering stress close to the top of that list if I were you. It is that serious

Maintain healthy blood pressure

Here's another biggie in the list of erection killers

The reason this is one of the most important point in the list of tips for harder erection, is that blood pressure affects the health of almost every organ and cell in the body.

High blood pressure...

  1. Can cause heart failure
  2. Can damage the kidney
  3. Can cause liver damage
  4. Can damage the brain/cause strokes

And won't you know it, the damage to these organs will also rob you of your manhood, and can even kill you

In the list of the tips for harder erection, it is very hard to state which one tip is more important than the other, because they all are just so important

But there are some that has the greater potential of killing you outright, and high blood pressure, is one

Increase Testosterone level

If your level is low, that is.

And if it is, you're not alone. Remember earlier on, we noted that tesotosterone levels in men have been declining over several decades

It is the anxiety this has generated, that the drug companies hope to monetize

But before you open your wallet and say yes to their pitch, read the side effects of testosterone drugs again

I put this one last in the list of tips for harder erection, because some people who can't get erection may have underlying conditions, as you can see from the above

Gulping down the most natural testosterone booster may not increase your libido if you're overweight, and not doing anything about it

Implementing all the tips for harder erection may not benefit you, if you are drinking to the point of destroying your liver

So, if you're sincere about restoring your libido, you can jack up your libido by impelmenting these tips for a super sex life, while at the same time tyring to get healthier

That's how to restore your libido without drugs

And Pine Pollen is the best way to increase testosterone without drugs

Even though I've listed this tip last, it may be one of the most important of these tips for harder erection


Because research says testosterone levels in men have been dropping steadily for the past 2 decades, regardless of age!

How much decline?

How about 20% decline between 1987-2007?

Here is the study See for yourself

Why this steep decline in testosterone levels?
Read more about why testosterone is declining in men and the dangers of testosterone drugs and more here

Here is a suggestion someone floated by me. It makes sense when you're thinking about diseases. But as far as it being one of the tips for harder erection, it should be at the bottom, if at all, and I'll explain my reasoning

Wear a condom

The idea behind this hard erection suggestion is that it would reduce sensitivity and thus help you last longer

But my problem with this is this: You have sex to feel something-anything that diminishes that experience defeats the whole purpose

If you really want to reduce sensitivity, why not wear two condoms?

See why I think this does not belong on the list of tips for harder erection?


I have a neat little trick you can use-as soon as tonight-that will NOT diminish the sex experience, but will help you last longer in bed

How to make sure you stay hard longer

Here is this little trick..

As soon as you feel you're about to shoot your load..

  1. Slow down
  2. Run your tongue from front to back on the roof of your mouth-back and forth!

  3. Do this continuously, as you take care of business

This is actually one of the most effective hard erection tips that can help you last longer. You'll find this out when you practice it!!

You will find out that the skin at the roof of your mouth is very, very sensitive, and that is what this trick takes advantage of.

As you practice this technique, you'll discover that your attention is now shifted to the roof of your mouth-because it is many times as sensitive as the skin covering your penis

Power of the mind to stay harder longer

The mind assigns priority to, and pays attention to situations based on their intensity and persistence.
That, is the key, to this deceptively simple, but effective, hard erection technique..

This distraction-and that's what it is-takes the focus away from the penis. And you know something, running your tongue on the roof of your mouth can actually be pleasurable too.
Its intensity can really surprise you

This is how to make sure you stay hard, and not crashland before you reach your destination, if you know what I mean

Try this hard erection method, you'll thank me for it. So will your woman!

With practice, this can transform you into a super performer in the bedroom

If you practice this, you'll find out it is one of the most effective tips for harder erection and for satisfying your woman in bed!



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