If you could train your brain with the same brain boosting techniques that austronauts, athletes, scientists, actors etc., trust to give themselves an edge, would you be interested?

Would you count yourself lucky if you can access this kind of program to train your brain and give yourself an edge, just like these successful people do?

The truth of the matter is, you can train your brain with a powerful program you can implement, to make your brain perform way beyond "normal" capabilities.

brain foods
The nutrients your brain needs

You would want to train your brain


  1. You want the best out of life
  2. You want to be better than just average
  3. You want to possess your mind
  4. You want the best life has to offer

You know, we are all looking for an edge in life; not an unfair advantage, mind you, but an edge.

And getting an edge through self effort is highly legitimate

Supercharge Your Brain

What if you have some talents you didn't even know you had?

What if you could awaken the genius within you in less than 20 minutes a day?

develop a genius brain

If there is a way for you to train your brain, so you can read faster, comprehend what you read, retain what you read, see, hear-and recall all this information effortlessly, you would have given yourself that edge, won't you?

Well, suppose there is a way you can do all these, and more

You can then use your well trained brain to get what you want in life, just like successful actors, athletes, astronauts, do.

Photographic Memory Secrets Exposed!

This program helps in improving memory, succeeding in business, academics, or any endeavor in life, and in preventing brain decline as the years go by.

We are all more capable than we think.

But apart from all these, you want to train your brain for health reasons, also. This is because of the assault the body is constantly subjected to-aging, stress, pollution, medications, oxidation damage, improper breathing, smoking, poor nutrition, etc.

Preserving Brain Function

The brain does age and decline in efficiency. And you need to train your brain to maintain its efficiency, especially-


  1. You want an edge in life
  2. You want better performance and productivy in anything you do
  3. You find it difficult to concentrate
  4. You need to prevent brain fog, because you feel it sneaking up on you
  5. You're constantly forgetting familiar names
  6. You're constantly misplacing things
  7. You're suddenly lost in mid-sentence
  8. Forgot why you came into the room
  9. Looking for the keys that are in your pocket...

If you experience some, or all these symptoms, and they seem to be too frequent for comfort, you might want to implement some simple brain training program.

But this is not just about preventing brain decline, it is about dramatically improving your brain's efficiency to a level you never thought possible

These techniques help in...

  1. Improving memory
  2. Preventing brain fog
  3. Help one to read faster, retain more, and recall more of what's read

  4. Business relationships. Customers warm up to you more if you remember them by their names, if you remember their birthdays, or/and, especially if you remember the names of their children
Maintaining Brain Health

The health of the brain is of the utmost importance for proper functioning of the whole body. And the best way to prevent brain decline is to train your brain, so it can retain its efficiency under the assault of aging, trauma, and environmental stress.

There are some things you can do to make sure you derive the greatest benefits from this amazing brain training program.

You've heard the expression :"A sound mind in a sound body," right?
How sound is your body right now?

Do you eat healthy-proper foods for the health of the body-vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fruits, vegetables etc.,-well, you get the idea..

Well, would you believe that the brain also needs some special nutrients, and if these nutrients are not available to it, its perfomance declines, and can lead to memory loss and even Alzheimer's disease?

So you need to provide the brain with the best brain foods available anywhere.

Here are some of the techniques you can implement to help train your brain and make this program even more effective....

Do crossword puzzles:

Have you seen some older folks constantly doing crossword puzzles? Some people regard this as old folks' hobby. But doing crosswords is a potent means of training your brain.

Puzzles are great brain teasers, and brain teasers stimulate the brain to think deeper and more creatively. Not only do puzzles build vocabulary and language skills, but they also improve problem solving skills, improves focus and attention, and lowers blood pressure.

All these are good factors for brain power.

Do some Mathematics:

This may intimidate a lot of people, but mathematics, however simple, helps people think better. Some one once observed that the architect of the universe has to be a great mathematician.

What better way to train your brain to solve seemingly complex problems than by doing mathematics

Mathematics helps the development of critical and logical thinking. Those who are are intimidated by mathematics need to know that they perform hundreds of mathematical calculations everyday. They just don't realize it.

For instance, how do you know the way to your mouth when you eat? The brain calculates the distance between the food and your mouth and then guides your hand to its destination.

But this is not just a linear calculation. The brain does this calculation in three dimensional space!

If a programmer were to write a program for this action, it would take several pages of codes. The brain does these calculations in seconds, in real time.

We are all born mathematicians.

Mathematics is the ultimate brain gym.

That's why you need to train your brain so it will not lose its ability to do these precise calculations, as happens in Alzheimer's disease and strokes-conditions in which the communications between the brain and the body are impaired.

Drink enough water:

Did you know that the brain-and the body for that matter-is more than 70% water?

In light of this fact, it is strange that some people go days without drinking water. They instead drink soda, an act that overloads the body with excess sugar-and excess sugar is a risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, obesity-all risk factors for brain impairment.

Water is essential for blood circulation, elimination of wastes, transport of nutrients to every part of the body, regulating body temperature etc.

There is hardly any process in the body, that does not require the presence of water-even the deceptively simple act of breathing

There is no greater way to supercharge your brain than consuming adequate amount of water. If you really want to train your brain to perform at a high level, you need to drink adequate amounts of water.


The World Health Organization recently stated that bad health is largely the result of lack of exercises, and poor nutrition.

Exercises increase blood flow, tone the body, strengthen the heart and improve lung function. Healthy lungs flood the body with adequate amount of oxygen. The brain consumes a large amount of oxygen in proportion to its size.

Exercises also help in the elimination of wastes, lubrication of the joints, and can help lift mood.

Lose excess Weight:

If you're overweight, you need to lose weight as soon as you can.

Obesity has been implicated as a risk factor in conditions as diverse as heart disease, brain shrinkage, erectile dysfunction in men, strokes, high blood pressure.

All these conditions affect the brain in negative ways.

Losing weight is one way to stimulate your brain and reduce your risks of brain decline.

Eat Right:

It goes without saying that if eating right is good for the body, it also has to be a requirement for brain health.

The brain needs a lot of energy to discharge its duty efficiently.

This energy comes from the food we eat. The quality and quantity of nutrition is thus a prerequisite for peak brain performance.

Oily fish such as salmon and cod have been shown to benefit brain health.

Coconut oil, a medium chain triglyceride {MCT} is a potent nutrient, not only for brain health, but also for heart health. So are nuts such as almonds. Eating right is another way to help train your brain to be more efficient.


It is unfortunate that in our supposedly modern world, there is a lot of social fragmentation. We have thousands of virtual friends on Facebook, Twitter etc., but we hardly know our next door neighbors.

People are more isolated and lonelier than ever before.

Loneliness can lead to depression. And depression is a risk factor for brain decline, and obesity, to name just a few.

Genuine socializing among caring people, can improve your health, and consequently the health of your brain, to an extent you won't believe.

Exercise Your Mind:

How many books have you read lately? No, tabloids do not count.

Reading and writing are actions that can greatly stimulate the brain.
Reading uplifting, inspiring books can do wonders in improving our thinking process while expanding our knowledge.

Reading the works of wise men and women and philosophers can help us think and get broader perspectives in life.

When we read with attention, heart rate slows down. And animals with slow heart rates, live the longest-the tortoise comes to mind in this regard.

Its heart rate is very slow, AND, it is, maybe the longest living animal.

Reading is thus an effective way to train your brain.

Beware of Medications:

Some medications can interfere with brain function.

Look at your medications; if you feel that any of them makes you perform less you are used to, talk to your doctor.

The side effects of some medications may vary from person to person, and may not even be listed.
Statins for instance have been reported by some users, to cause confusion, loss of memory etc.

Do not drink to excess:

You've heard people say that alcohol destroys brain cells.

While this may not be true in the literal sense, excessive alcohol consumption does impair brain efficiency.

Excessive alcohol can impair liver function. The liver is very important for proper brain function. Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption is a smart, brain enhancing strategy.

Your best bet in preserving brain health then, is to help train your brain by making sure your lifestyle does not sabotage its health.

So what you need to do are these:

  1. Feed the brain the right brain foods
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