What is your most compelling
weight loss motivation?

Why is weight loss motivation important?

Because the success or failure of your weight loss, hinges more on your commitment to your most compelling weight loss motivation, than on any other single factor!

What is motivation anyway
...why should you have one
...or maybe several?

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In plain term-Motivation is the reason you engage in an activity.
Motivation presupposes a reward at the end of effort.

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It is the implicit promise of reward that makes having a weight loss motivation-or motivation for any purpose-very important

Motivation is what makes behavior conform with intention, and fuses both into a strong weapon to get you to your goal

Strong Weight Loss Motivation and its rewards

When you decide to lose weight-that's intention; but we all know our behavior sometimes conflicts with intention.

Your weight loss motivation is what reminds you that your behavior needs to match your intention

The stronger your weight loss motivation is, the higher your chances of success

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Motivation is a driving force, because it keeps the reward at the end of behavior in focus

To be highly motivated, you have to have a weight loss motivation, compelling enough that-

  • To fail carries a very high price
  • You have to detest failure
  • You have to realize that you deserve the best you, possible
  • You have to really hate the way things are right now, and develop the discipline to work hard to change it
  • You have to keep that compelling weight loss motivation in focus, at all times
  • You have to LOVE WINNING-there is a reward at the end
So, what's your weight loss motivation?

Is this reason strong enough that no matter what, you'll see it through once you find a program that's good for you?

If it is, then congratulations!!

So, what is your compelling reason for wanting to lose weight?

School Reunion

Aaaah, this is a biggie!
Those who had known you as this slim, in shape individual, would now see an out of shape slob with stomach hanging on the knees.

I bet this is not the picture you want to present to your former school mates; definitely, not to those who didn't particularly care for your guts.

This is a strong weight loss motivation.

You would like to show you're still...well-hot-after all these years. Maybe "stick it" to your former detractors. Who says revenge is not.... sweet?


Everyone wants to look good on his/her wedding day.
This is perhaps the most important day of most people's lives

What would it look like if the bridesmaids or the best man looks better than the bride or groom on this special day? It is your day after all, isn't it?

This is the day you can only make the first impression that would last a life time

If this is not the strongest weight loss motivation, it has to rank way up there


Being overweight is a risk factor for a long list of diseases
Risks of obesity include:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Diabetes
  3. Brain impairement
  4. Erectile Dysfunction in men. Obese men are 22% more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than their fit counterparts.
    They also have poorer sperm quallity, according to the Journal of Sterility and Fertility
  5. Depression
  6. Low self esteem
  7. Stroke

If you're looking for the strongest weight loss motivation of all, look no further.

These litany of cosequences of being overweight, is enough to develop an iron will, to just lose extra fat

Participate in Sports

A sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to a healthy life. The World Health Organization stated that most diseases are a result of poor nutrition and lack of exercises.

Participating in sports is a good way to get some exercises, get in shape, lose weight, and tone the body. Not only that, exercises elevate mood and can help stave off stress and depression

But jumping into vigorous exercises at a high unhealthy weight can actually compromise your health.

So if you want to join the chair leading squad or just want to participate in sports for its health benefits, you need to lose extra weight, so you would not put too much stress on the body

The health benefits of exercises is enough weight loss motivation if you are really concerned about your health

Be around to see you kids grow up

One of the risks of obesity is premature death. Obesity is a risk factors for a lot of diseases that can cut a person's life short-or at least lower quality of life.

Parents want to be around to raise their children.

The risks of being overweight can dash that hope. Which is why this particular weight loss motivation has to be the strongest of all

Family is a very emotional topic. Any one who focuses on this as a reason to lose weight will probably stick to it. The motivation is just that strong

To gain more confidence

Yes, it is not fair, but people judge others by the way they look.

Society's obsession with thin and the way we treat, react to, and interact with overweight people can sap their self conifdence

You are not going to change these people's behavior, but you can change yours.

You can turn that frustration into a very strong motivation to lose weight

This is the kind of stuff that teaches you strength and makes you stronger as a person

And when you do lose the weight, your confidence would shoot through the roof.

Nice, isn't it?

To save your relationship

Your partner's eye starts to wander and you suspect it's because of your weight?

Well, what are going to do about it?

Can you use this as a strong incentive to lose weight? Sure, you can!
Instead of raising a ruckus, why not lose those extra pounds, and show her/him what s/he is missing?

Remember, success is your best revenge

To look better

Apart from the health benefits of being in shape, have you ever noticed how people react differently to good looking people?

I know you'll cry No fair, again.

May be not. You aren't going to change the world overnight

Use this as your weight loss motivation. Be one of the good looking people, and you won't have to worry about it, would you?

To make your children proud of you

Your children give every excuse to keep you from coming to their school, and you suspect it's because of your weight.

Children love their parents; they do not mean to be cruel, but they are sensitive to comments made about their parents by others

They do not want to hurt your feelings by telling you why they don't want you to come to their school

This is where, you, as an adult, can rescue both you and your children, from this embarrassing situation.

You can use this as a weight loss motivation, lose the extra weight, and make your children proud of you-and you, proud of yourself

A Fat loss Motivation-Your responsibility

Generating a weight loss motivation is really easy

A strong motivation is as strong as the frustration that gives rise to it, won't you say?

And when it comes to losing weight, the frustration index is extremely high, because of the health and social implications of being overweight

So What's YOUR weight loss motivation?

Create a strong one, using your pain as a strength, and you're on your way to burning off extra fat that's been your frustration all this time!


What has been your experience in your quest to lose weight? How do people react to you before and after you lose weight?

And if you're still trying to lose weight weight, what challenges do you face?

You know there is a community where where you can share all these: share your frustrations, triumphs, challenges-
May be share your insight and experiences with others who could really use it?

It's people helping people at its best!

Go check out and contribute to this weight loss discussion group here and have your say, and I will design a page for your activities.

You can even put up pictures, you can comment on other peoples' pages, and they can comment on yours.

You can invite your friends to check out your page, comment on it, and even put up their own pages

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