Most people who had lost weight or are trying to, have many weight loss stories to tell

While most of these weight loss stories might not all be pleasant, they are nevertheless markers on the way to success

If you've ever been overweight, you know that weight loss is not just about food. It is more than that

If you have been looking for a place of comfort where people understand and are supportive, then you've just found it

Click here to share your weight loss insights, comments, advice, experience etc, for the benefits of all readers

THIS, is the ultimate weight loss FORUM, where you can say your piece, read what others have to say, encourage and be encouraged

All the weight loss stories you want to tell in one supportive community!

Weight Loss Without any Guilt Trip

This is a place for people who have succeeded, and those who are still trying to lose weight

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Weight Loss Motivation

This is a place for those who are still trying to drop extra pounds

It is a supportive envinroment for those who have lost weight, to share their stories, and encourage those who are still struggling

Here also is the place where those who are still struggling to lose weight, can benefit from the motivational weight loss success stories of those who have reached their goals

And all of this, without being preached to or judged-just an envinroment of support and encouragement

Readers here share their trials and triumphs with the sole purpose of helping others


In that spirit, feel free to comment, submit your articles, encouraging stories, so others can benefit, and I will create a page for it on this site

Have a picture or pictures of before and after your weight loss-or any picture for that matter-submit them also. These will be part of your weight loss stories page

Encourage your friends to check out your inspirational weight loss page, comment on it, or even contribute their own pages

This will show where you came from, and how far you've come
This can be a great encouragement to others

Your Weight Loss Story-told in Your own Voice

What's your story? What challenges did you face? How did you maintain the discipline to see it through?

And if you're trying to lose weight, what are your challenges right now? What experiences do you have to share with this community?

I bet you have some fat loss inspiration to tell too

Your boyfriend/girlfriend skipped out on you on account of your weight? How did you get your revenge, or how are you planning to?

No, no, I don't mean with violence

But if after you get in shape, you "accidentally" run into him/her, with you in the arms of someone else, that's your revenge

There are several compelling weight loss stories right there, won't you say?


Revenge is a m##......-(shut your mouth!)-sweet, I mean!!

Do people now treat you differently now that you're the bomb?


Let's hear it. We'll also appreciate if you come back often to document your progress. Pictures? Post them too

These are the type of motivational weight loss stories this community wants to hear and celebrate

These stories serve as reminders to those who are struggling, of what is possible
Maybe there are particular challenges some of these people are facing right now and they do not know how to get over the hump

And suppose you have faced and overcome the same challenges; think about how appreciative these folks would be to learn from your experiences

They can come back to this supportive community, and share their own weight loss stories so they too can inspire and encourage others

Share your insight, experience, expertise, knowledge-connect and encourage with your unique weight loss stories

Food cravings, hunger pangs, sweet tooth, temptations-how many times did you fall off the wagon, how did you finally overcome?


This can be the kind of mentoring someone needs

There may be somebody now who is about to give up trying to lose weight, because s/he had tried so many times and failed
Your encouraging weight loss stories, of huddles, and how you overcame them, can be the difference between them giving up, and trying one more time

People helping people at its best!

Share your knowledge-share your weight loss stories here. Encourage your friends to do the same

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Have Some Motivational Weight Loss Stories, Comments, Articles.?

I bet you you have some compelling weight loss stories to tell.
Others will benefit from your insight and experience.
Your story, comments, articles will be built into Your own web page, where others can also comment on it.
Once again, people helping people.

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