The best weight loss program should help you burn fat get fit and slim without any negative effect on your health

The best weight loss program should have features that distinguish it from all the hype and empty promises that are so prevalent when it comes to losing weight

Almost 10% of medical cost in the U.S
is tied to obesity-that is $147 billion
in direct medical costs!

And.. YOU, whether you realize it or not, are paying some of that bill!

But, how does a no diet, no exercise weight loss program sound to you? Would that kind of fat burner interest you?

I thought so!!

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You and I know how big the weight loss market is. And the company that ends up dominating that market is set to make billions. But their product had better be effective and not have side effects

To date, no drug has been able to pull that off


Because drugs are not the answer. The ever increasing number of overweight people is a testimony to that fact.

The average American is now 23lb overweight!!

Healthy weight loss

With all this scramble-which doesn't seem to take people's health into account-it is easy to forget that there is a natural weight loss program-a no diet, no exercise weight loss program that does not put your health in jeopardy, or have you living on plastic food or sweating blood at the gym

Your quest should primarily be for good health.

This potential for profit is why drug companies are falling over one another to come up with a drug that can pass FDA approval.

But let me ask you this: How long have we been at this... I mean, using the drug approach to help people lose excess weight?

The FDA has approved some number of weight loss drugs. But ALL of them have horrible side effects

Have this approach worked?

The answer to that question is a resounding NO!

Why can't I lose weight-you ask?

Unless there are underlying diseases, being overweight can be traced to some underlying factors-that is, obesity IS a symptom of those factors

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These factors include, but not limited to:

  • Underlying medical condition
  • Overeating
  • Slow metabolism
  • Thyroid problem
  • Poor Digestion
  • A toxic system
  • Parasite Infection!
  • Lack of exercises
  • Lack of sleep
  • Depressiom
  • Poor Nutrion
  • Stress
  • Grief
  • Social Isolation
  • Poverty
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Use
  • Even some medications

Now let me ask you this:

Do you really believe that a weight loss drug can correct these factors?

And if some overweight people are that way because they can not muster the discipline to stop eating when they are full, do you think there is a drug that can implant that discipline in them?

As you can see, obesity is largely a symptom of unhealthy lifestyle, and the solution is a change of that lifestyle to a healthy one. Discipline does NOT come in a pill-and if anyone has found one, I'll like to know

Losing weight safely-a fat burning question

The drug companies are only interested in something they, and only they, can synthesize in their labs. That way, they can patent the final product, and monopolize the profits it can generate for years to come.

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Unfortunately, in the pursuit of the potential profits of the weight loss drug that eventually wins out, these companies have forgotten one importnat factor-the patient.

Or may be, they didn't forget-may be they care about their profits more than the welfare of "patients".

How else would you explain the way these drug companies dismiss the serious side effects of their drugs, in the hope of securing approval from regulators?

But here is the outrage-some of these drugs are off-label prescriptions, anyway!

What does that mean?

It means these drugs were not manufactured for the purpose of losing weight in the first place.

Winning the weight loss argument with a sleigh of hand

The manufacturer just woke up one day and just know what, we have all these drugs just lying around doing nothing, what if we combine drug A with drug B, we might actually have a weight loss block buster on our hands! We can all retire to our ranches and sail around the world on our yatchs.

At least, that's what they must have thought.

Except... there is just one tiny problem-actually, there are two major problems.

  • First, the drugs have to pass through the FDA review process. The manufacturer has to convince regulators-with scientific evidence-that their drugs are effective, AND safe.
  • Two..most such drugs have serious side effects, and these ones do.
  • Oh! one more huddle.. they have to overcome the fears of consumers regarding those side effects too.

But overweight people are desperate. They want to know how to lose weight fast, so they can go on with their lives without the associated problems of obesity

And these drug companies know that

But the question overweight people should be asking is how to lose weight safely, not just fast

After all, you could get the same result if you starve yourself, but no one will argue that that's the best way.

Losing weight for a price-your health!

You would remember that the FDA, in 2010, rejected a "hybrid" weight loss drug.

Never mind that it had not been adequately tested, has no statistical advantage over a placebo, and has serious side effects such as:

  1. Seizures
  2. Elevated blood pressure
  3. Elevated pulse rate

But the manufacturer applied for approval anyway

I don't fancy myself an expert, but it is a stretch to think this kind of pharmaceutical grafting can help people.

Want to shed extra pounds, and go from flabby to fit?

There is another way...safer, and effective way.

Anyway, that "hybrid" combined an anti-depressant drug with a smoking cessation drug-AND..

....they had a weight loss product-at least they thought they did.

That seemed like a big leap-to a normal person, that is- but the potential for profits can make you think you're superman, so much so, that such leap becomes easy.

Thank God, the FDA was not impressed by this kind of chemical gymnastics, so it rightly rejected Contrave on safety grounds.

But I hope you were not holding your breath because they'll keep on trying..

Oh! it's now 2012, and they just did, again.

Now, another drug company hopes to strong arm the FDA into approving its weight loss drug.

Nothing else has changed from the harmful side effects of the previous ones. The only difference this time, are the "chemical soup ingredients"

A stimulant(Phentermine) + Epilepsy and migraine drug(Topax)=Qnexa (a supposedly effective weight loss super pill!!

What beautiful mathematics!

Except it's not. Just pure, fuzzy mathematics.

I know what you're thinking: These people can't be serious!!
Of course, they are.

This latest incarnation, Qnexa, was rejected in 2010 by the FDA. The side effects of this incarnation include: birth defects, heart problems, suicidal thoughts etc.

Will you be a weight loss drug guinea pig?

And listen to the bizzare suggestion made by the manufacturer in the face of stiff FDA resistance:

The company wants the FDA to approve the drugs, while it conducts large scale tests for safety.

Remember, while the company is conducting these safety tests, you will be taking the pills, together with the side effects. And you thought they didn't care.

I am sorry, but isn't that backwards.. shouldn't it be the other way around?

And if after these tests, it comes out that the concerns of the FDA about this weight loss pills are justified, and people have been harmed.....?

Well, that would be billions of dollars in profits later. You have nothing against free enterprise, do you?

Common sense approach to getting in shape

Listen, this is my take on this weight loss thing. A lot of people are looking for a pill that will just strip the fat away like magic. But, you know something though, there is no such pill.

If there were, don't you think everyone would be slim and fit by now?

You want a successful weight loss, you have to work for it. There is no short cut. You could manufacture one, but it won't take you anywhere.

Losing weight is not easy. It took some time to put on the weight. It is going to take some time to get back in shape too.

The promise of a magic pill is a recipe for disaster-and any program that promises you that, is after your wallet or does not know what it's talking about. The body is just too smart for that.

No program that hopes to stampede the body into doing anything can succeed. Not only that, your body will actually "punish" you, by putting back on any weight you might have lost, and then some, just to show you who is boss.

You do not need drugs to lose weight. You do not need to buy any over hyped program. You can buy them if your wallet is too uncomfortable for your money.

Taking charge of your health

The major factor in your weight loss program, is YOU, not any gimmick. I admit, gimmicks do work-but only in trasferring money from people looking for the easy way out, to those peddling those gimmicks.

I'll say it again, you do not need drugs to lose weight.

What you need to do is cooperate with the body, instead of trying to force it to do what you want. It is a contest you'll lose before it even begins. The body has a few million years of evolutionary advantage over you.

Co-operate with the body's innate intelligence, give it what it needs and it, in turn will give you what you want.

That is the secret to losing weight safely. Doesn't that make sense to you?

It does to me.

So what are the components of the best weight loss program?

  • It must first be determined if there is an underlying medical problem
  • It has to burn fat, and build lean body mass
  • It has to increase metabolism
  • It has to suppress appetite, not starve you
  • It has to provide or advice on adequate nutrition
  • It should not include stimulants
  • It must be easy and convenient to implement
  • It should cleanse the body of wastes
  • It should supply the body with antioxdants
  • It must involve a change of lifestyle
  • It must involve a new and healthy relationship with food

Learn how this kind of program can help you

Your cause of action?

If you're about your weight loss and health in general

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Thank you.

P.P.S This just in...

If you can't win, change the argument

Now, the FDA committee charged with reviewing this line of drugs has just voted 20 to 2 ( as of Feb 22, 2012) to approve Qnexa-the first approval of such drug in 13 years

This approval came from the same panel that rejected it 10 to 6 in 2010!

Never mind that the side effects-birth defects heart problems etc.-have not magically disappeared

And there is no claim that this weight loss drug is safe-just that the benefits outweigh the risks


Well, cheers to all risk takers then

If I were you, before I put any pill in my mouth, I, and only I, will determine the risks, and if I am willing to lose weight at the expense of my health

Weight Loss Nutrition

One of the the keys-in fact, the most important key-to any weight loss effort, is adequate nutrition

Most people give up on their weight loss effort because it requires them to eat bland food they do not enjoy. If you've experienced this, here is some good news

Losing weight is easier if you enjoy the food, right?

May be you're a good cook, and may be you're an expert in nutrition- but even if you are, the hassle will take the wind out of your effort

  • You have to make sure you eat enough protein to build lean muscles
  • You have to make sure you eat enough fat to burn fat-what kind of fat are we talking about?
  • You have to make sure you eat the kind of food that will increase your metabolism without stimulanting your nerves
  • You have to figure out the foods to eat for better digestion and elimination of wastes
  • And how about oxidative stress, because your body will produce plenty under the stress of losing weight
  • All these, and more are crucial to a successful weight loss

You have all this figured out?

But Suppose you do not have to?

Unless you just arrived on the planet, you've heard the buzz about Garcinia Cambogia

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Obesity is a major risk to health

Losing weight is not just about looking good, it is, and should also be a process for getting healthy

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