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!0 facts that can make you distrust your doctor
February 06, 2017

You listen to your doctor, right.. Well, take a look at these!


10 important facts for your health

What you don't know can kill you

There are some "facts" out there that are not really true
Then there are other facts that are outright lies and are dangerous to your health

Here, then are some 10 important facts that affect your health one way or the other

  1. Did you know that people with high cholesterol live longer?
  2. Did you know low cholesterol is a risk factor for Cancer?
    Did you know the FDA admitted that Cholesterol drugs can give you a heart attack?
  3. Did you know that mice do not get AIDS?
  4. Did you also know that some descendants of survivors of the Plague cannot contract AIDS?
  5. Would you believe that the African Mole Rat rarely feels pain?
    There are studies underway to find out why and how to apply what we learn to treat pain in humans
  6. Did you know a good night's sleep is a potent "medicine" against a lot of ailments
    Lack of sleep is at the root of a lot of diseases most people take drugs for!
  7. Did you know that human blood and chlorophyll are actually very similar?

    The only difference is that human blood contains iron in place of magnesium in chlorophyll!
    Studies are also underway to see if we can use chlorophyll for human blood transfusion even if temporarily

    If these studies succeed, doctors would NOT have to worry about blood types. This would reduce the risks of organ rejection in transplants

  8. Did you know some breathing techniques can heal even serious ailments?
  9. Did you know antibiotics have no effects on Viruses?

    Now antibiotics are getting less effective because germs have found ways to outsmart them.

    But did you know that before the advent of antibiotics, Colostrum was the antibiotic of choice?

    Colostrum is an amazing immune booster. But it does more than that!

  10. Would you believe your erectile dysfunction might be due to low cholesterol?

    And speaking of erectile dysfunction, did you know this natural molecule beat Viagra in head to head tests to treat erectile dysfunction?

And the side effects of this amazing natural molecule?

  • Improving brain function
  • Normalizing blood pressure
  • Reducing the risks of strokes etc.

Those are just 10 important facts that affect your health.
There are plenty more.

As you can see, some of them contradict "conventional wisdom"-such as information on cholesterol

There are other double talk and outright lies that can devastate your health
I plan to keep adding to this list

So make sure you open the Newsletters that I send you
Who knows, maybe some of the information in there could save your life or the live of your loved one

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Till next time..

This is Teejay, saying:

Always, always make non toxic choices!

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