Incredible Vigrx nitric oxide erection formula to increase sexual stamina last longer and give your lover strong full body orgasms

See why nitric oxide erection booster is the best way to skyrocket your sex drive

Nitric oxide benefits male and female healthNitric oxide lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity, reduces Alzheimer's risk, boosts libido in men and women, boosts energy, is a strong anti oxidant

This nitric oxide erection enhancer can help you get it up at will
No drugs, just using the Wisdom of Mother Nature

What is nitric oxide?

  • Would you believe that Nitric Oxide beat Viagra in Clinical Tests to treat Erectile Dysfunction
  • Nitric Oxide Benefits Brain Health
  • Research into the health benefits of Nitric oxide won the Nobel Prize for Dr Ignario and Colleagues of UCLA in California in 1998
  • Nitric Oxide regulates Blood Pressure
  • Nitric Oxide helps you get a hard erection so you can satisfy your woman in bed
  • Nitric Oxide does even more to enhance your health..

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Nitric oxide is a natural molecule that benefits overall health

I do not want to get into any biological Mumbo Jumbo..

But nitric oxide has important physiological functions in the body

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What does nitric oxide do to your body?

Nitric oxide is NOT just for hard erection
Let's listen to the father of nitric oxide research, Dr Ignario

Does nitric oxide really work?


let's see what Dr Ignario says about nitric oxide

      Who is Dr Ignario?

Professor of Pharmacology at UCLA, and a Nobel Price Winner in Medicine
He is one of the pioneers of nitric oxide research

Nitric oxide is NOT just for hard erection

It enhances your health in general

How important is nitric oxide

It is one of those products your body cannot function without.

With nitric oxide erection formula, you can boost your sex drive

But nitric oxide is not just for erection, it is necessary for your well being

In fact, it is important for the well being of men AND women

Nitric Oxide lowers blood pressure, relaxes blood vessels for better blood flow

Nitric oxide from Watermelon. Watermelon is very high in Citrulline. Citruline is a precursor for Arginine. Arginine is a precursor for Nitric OxideBoost Your sex Drive Without Viagra

How nitric oxide erection supplement
can help get your manhood back

Can nitric oxide help you get rock hard erection?

Of course it can!

With the chemical formula NO, nitric oxide is an amazing nutrient

Here is the best nitric oxide erection formula

Nitric oxide sources to boost your libido and enhance your overall healthNitric oxide boosts male and female libido, normalizes blood pressure, boosts immunity, enhances overall health

Best nitric oxide erection male supplements

What are the benefits of nitric oxide?

          How about if it could help you:

  • Get rock hard erection
  • Put a stop to premature ejaculation
  • Increase stamina and endurance
  • Increase ejaculation volume
  • Increase libido
  • Experience mind blowing orgasms
  • Get your hands on this ALL natural nitric oxide erection formula
  • With zero waiting time and no side effects

And what IF you could even enhance your overall health in the process?

This nitric oxide erection formula helps you do just that!

Nitric oxide erection Age and sex

Are you one of those men who think that age is a barrier to good sex?

Maybe you avoid intimacy because you think you can't get hard erection anymore

You'll rather avoid the embarrassment

Well, here is good news!

I know we live in a society where you're classified as old by the age of 30

But I want to assure you that age is NOT a barrier to a hard erection



Can You Get Hard at Any Age?

You can be vigorous at any age-and I don't care what the experts say

Who are these experts anyway?

          Beware Of Experts

Remember, over the ages, experts have been wrong..

..and consistently so too!

You and I know that!

  • Experts said bees should not be able to fly-their body structure contradicts the Laws of Aerodynamics
  • Experts once said the sun rotates around the earth
    Contradicting this particular idiocy could have your blood greasing the inquisitors sword..
    ..a punishment dished out by that bastion of virtue-the CHURCH!
  • Who approve drugs that can kill you before the diseases they are prescribed for, have a chance to?


So when experts spout their expertise, you need to remember, their pronouncements do NOT carry divine authority

The human body is too complex to make any indisputable pronouncements. 

We are constantly being surprised by the human body and its capabilities

And I suspect, we have even more surprises coming, in spite of our arrogance

This is why nitric oxide erection booster should be your ultimate male enhancer of choice

Ignore those self serving experts, you can get a hard penis and satisfy your woman in bed.. any age!

     Why do you need nitric oxide?

For various reasons!

Everyone does..

Men and women!

Arginine Erection

               What is Arginine?

Arginine is an amino acid-a non essential amino-acid

Which means that the body can produce it
But, make no mistake about this amino-acid.. is very important for general health

For one thing, it is a precursor for Nitric oxide synthesis

                What is a precursor?

A precursor is something from which another one is derived

 Arginine itself is made from Citrulline

So the path is Citrulline to Arginine to Nitric Oxide

         Foods high in arginine

Sources of arginine include..

  • Oatmeal
  • Seafood
  • Peanuts
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Wheat Germ
  • Turkey
  • Coconut
  • Nuts
  • Yogurt etc.

You can see from the forgoing list that it is not really hard to get adequate amount of Arginine.

It is in many common foods

All you have to do is make sure you practice good nutrition

   What foods are high in nitric oxide

Nitric oxide food chart

Foods high in nitric oxide. These are foods that boost serum nitric for hard erection and better overall healthHow to increase serum nitric oxide and get the best sex of your life, last longer and get great orgasm

    Nitric oxide and High Blood Pressure

Nitric oxide is a Vasodilator

That is, it helps relax blood vessels and allows blood to flow more freely

This helps regulate blood pressure

Why should you care about your blood pressure?

High blood pressure is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction

Dilating of blood vessels helps relax those vessels thereby lowering blood pressure

Do you take Viagra for ED?

For Christ's sake..


This nitric oxide erection formula is a better, natural alternative to erectile dysfunction drugs..

ED drugs such as Viagra


                          Levitra etc.

And unlike those mentioned above..

nitric oxide male enhancer has no side effects!

I'll talk about why you should not even consider these drugs shortly

They are dangerous!

The FDA certainly thinks so!!

That regulating agency has issued safety warnings about these class of drugs

See FDA warning about the dangers of erection drugs

        Nitric Oxide and Strokes

  • More than half of people who have had strokes suffer from erectile dysfunction
  • Nitric oxide helps blood vessels to be more flexible
  • This helps the blood vessels expand without damage, letting more blood through at the right pressure

But here are some remarkable features of nitric oxide..

..features that make it an important nutrient for preventing strokes

  • Nitric oxide prevents the clumping together of blood platelets
  • The clumping together of platelets is how clots form
  • Strokes occur when these clots travel to the brain and obstruct blood flow!
  • Flexible blood vessels reduce your risks of strokes

Health Risks of Hardened Blood Vessels

  •  Erectile dysfunction

  •  Strokes

  •  Memory Problems

  •  Heart Disease

  •  Fatigue

Nitric Oxide the brain and Alzheimer's

Nitric oxide reduces the risks of poor circulation.
It also lowers your risks of high blood pressure

 High blood pressure is a risk factor for brain impairment

 Poor circulation means the cells of the body are not getting enough oxygen

 The brain consumes a disproportionate amount of oxygen relative to its size

 The brain consumes about 25% of the body's oxygen, even though it is 5% of
 body weight!

 Inadequate oxygen to the brain is a risk factor for Alzheimer's and other
 brain related diseases

And would you believe, ALL  these, are risk factors for poor bedroom performance!

Nitric oxide and high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction.

Nitric oxide normalizes blood pressure.

High blood pressure can damage the heart, cause serious cardiovascular disease and memory problems

High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart attacks

Not only does nitric oxide erection male enhancer boost your libido, it also helps regulate blood pressure

In fact, according to Dr Ignario, nitric oxide is what the body uses to regulate blood pressure

Dr Louis Ignario is a Nobel Prize winning professor of Pharmacology at UCLA
He is the man in the video above on this page

      Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a variety of factors
 These include, but not limited to..

  •  Diabetes Mellitus

  •  Heart Disease

  • Stress

  •  Lack of sleep

  •  Poor nutrition

  •  Obesity

  •  Alcohol Abuse

  •  High Blood Pressure

  •  Stress

  • Strokes

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Medications

  • Fatigue

  •  Poor Nutrition etc.

While all these can, and do cause erection problems, a lack of Nitric Oxide in the body can still cause male impotence

Which is why men should pay attention to foods and herbs that boost nitric oxide

How does nitric oxide erection Work?

How does nitric oxide erection happen?
The trigger for the release of nitric oxide are..

  •  Erotic thoughts/Fantasies

  •  Visual stimulation

  •  Physical sensations caused by tactile stimulation or even
     casual contact

  •  Erotic talk

When a man is thus stimulated the body releases nitric Oxide in response..

..or it should!

    Where does Nitric Oxide Erection

              2 Sources

              Nitric Oxide and Vasodilation

The initial release of Nitric oxide comes from the nerve endings in the penis

This is what causes the initial nitric oxide erection and an increase in penis size

Now you are on your way to sustainable erection and great sex..



Maintaining Hard Erection

This initial boost of nitric oxide quickly dissipates!


     how do you sustain a hard erection?

Turns out, nature has a back up plan!

The blood vessels also release nitric oxide

It is this nitric oxide from the blood vessels that helps a man maintain a hard erection until he has taken care of business

Nitric oxide Erection is Rock Hard Erection

So.. you can see, nitric oxide erection is a two stage process..

Actually 3!

  1. The trigger such as erotic thoughts, visuals etc.

  2. The burst of nitric oxide that causes blood vessel dilation and bigger tissue volume in the penis, initiated by the nerve endings in the penis

  3. The secondary process of maintaining a hard erection from the secretion of nitric oxide from the cell walls of blood vessels

It is this continuous release of nitric oxide from blood vessel cell walls that makes sustainable hard erection possible

You can now see why this is important

No nitric oxide..

No bedroom fun!

     Maintaining a hard erection

So you finally got her to your space
You're so excited 

You get rock hard alright and.. are ready for action now

You're ready for take off

 The Gods finally answer your prayers
 But just when you are about to lift off..

..your engine quits on you!

What happened..the limp dick syndrome!

Nitric oxide erection checklist

Now, review the section on how nitric oxide initiates a hard penis
Maybe you sustain the first and second stages..

That is..

  •  You have the desire alright

  •  The initial burst of nitric oxide from penis nerve
     endings went well!

    if you

  • Have hardened arteries

  • Have heart disease

  • Suffer from blocked arteries etc.
    the blood vessels may be unable to release the secondary nitric oxide

  • Stressed from your job or from any other cause

  This is the main reason why..

        IF.. suffer erection crash frequently, you need to check your heart!


Erection dysfunction may be the first
signal that you are at high risk for
heart attack!

Please read that again..
                 because it could save
                 your life!

See other reasons why you can't get erection

      Best Nitric oxide erection
       male enhancement supplement

Most men know about nitric oxide as a nutrient that makes erection possible

While that is true, it is also true that this amazing nutrient does more than that-a lot more!

Whichever way it comes, the most potent are the ones which formulations are based on the research of the scientist who made the discovery about the health benefits of nitric oxide-Dr. Louis Ignario.

Did you watch Dr Ignario video above?

He and two other colleagues won the Nobel price for that research in 1998!

Those are the erection supplements you'll see on this page.

Click through to get the best nitric oxide erection supplements on the market today.

In fact, the voodoo chemistry that brought Viagra into being, was based on this research of Dr Ignario and his colleagues at UCLA.


 Viagra IS a drug..
..with serious side effects as I have noted earlier in this piece

Best Nitric Oxide erection male enhancer

Consisting of

  • Organic Raw Cacao

  •  Organic Raw Maca

  •  Organic Cayenne Powder

  •  Organic Catuaba Bark

  •  Organic Korean Ginseng

  •  Organic Epimedium

  •  Organic Tribulus Terrestris

Would you believe that each of these ingredients is actually used as a manhood booster in its own right?

You'll forgive me if I regard this as the most potent nitric oxide erection supplement there is!

              Why do I think so?

Because it combines ingredients, each of which by itself, is a powerful libido  enhancer

This is the best nitric oxide supplement you'll find anywhere.


Here is that nitric oxide libido enhancer

How Statins destroy your sex life

Statins [Cholesterol lowering drugs] are bad news for your libido

They'll subject you to the Limp Dick Syndrome-among their many health hazards

Experts now are convinced that cholesterol drugs are a money making hoax

Nitric Oxide Erection supplement..
     Or Viagra

That's a no-brainer, really!

Viagra and drugs of its type have generated billions of dollars in profits for their manufacturers

But here is what you may not know-the health risks of taking these drugs

These side effects are very serious..
Serious enough for the FDA to issue health warnings about their dangers

Read more about Viagra erection enhancers problems here

   Testosterone Drugs lawsuits

Have you seen the deluge of ads about testosterone drugs?
How could you not-they are all over the place

The reason these ads have dwindled a little bit, is because lawsuits have been filed by men who claim to have been hurt by these drugs

  And won't you know it?

The FDA agreed that these drugs are dangerous and had issued safety warnings about them too!

   Viagra ads target women!

Here is a new twist in the quest to monetize the anxiety men have about erectile dysfunction.

Viagra ads now target women!

Isn't Viagra a male impotence drug?

Well, yes it is!

But these men are now aware of the dangerous side effects of Viagra and such drugs.

In order to break down that resistance, Viagra manufacturer is now relying on women to break down their men-and you know there is a subtle threat implied..

If the man does not do something about his erectile problems
But you do not have to succumb to this kind of blackmail.


Because this natural testosterone booster is a natural, healthy alternative to dangerous drugs

But here is where this hard penis formula beats others hands down

   Nitric oxide beats Viagra..
        in head to head tests!

Did you know in head to head tests, nitric oxide beat Viagra as an effective erection dysfunction remedy?

But it gets better than that..

Because nitric oxide:

  • Boosts you sex drive without side effects

  • Normalizes Blood Pressure

  • Reduces your risks of strokes by making your arteries more flexible

  • Boosts your memory by improving blood circulation to the brain and other parts of the body

  • Improves Cardiovascular health etc.!

How do you like those beneficial side effects?

Viagra on the other hand can give you a heart attack among its many dangerous side effects!

I didn't say that; the FDA did!

In case you think I am making this up..

Read how nitric oxide beats Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction at this link

That leaves you with nitric oxide erection supplement as a safe way to boost your libido, doesn't it?

 Foods high in nitric oxide

This product is not actually as exotic as you might think

Because you can boost nitric oxide in your body by eating foods high in  nitric oxide 
These include Nitrate-rich leafy green vegetables,such as..

  • Spinach
  • Beetroot
  • Arugula
  • Watermelon
  • Nuts
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Kale
  • Onions
  • Shrimp
  • Salmon
  • Pistachio and other Nuts
  • Cayenne
  • Honey
  • Cranberries
  • Pomegrantes
  • Swiss chard
  • Garlic
  • Salmon and other sea foods such as oysters, shrimps etc
  • Sunlight-Yes, sunlight. Ultra Violet rays from the sun lowers blood pressure by stimulating your body to produce Nitric Oxide

Common Foods High in nitric oxide

Best natural sources of nitric oxide to boost libido, normalize blood pressure, protect your heart and reduce risk of Alzheimer'sNitric oxide, the molecule of the year for 1992 boosts male and female sex drives, protects cardio health, lowers blood pressure and improves memory!

Because they boost the levels of nitric oxide, these products have also been known to correlate to "corresponding reduction in blood pressure in pre-hypertensive persons"

 And I might add, they help jack up your libido too!

Nitric oxide and plant based diet

 You can see by looking at the list above that a plant based diet is more beneficial if you really want to maintain your libido

 A diet rich in anti-oxidants is also beneficial for good nitric oxide production

Anti-oxidants protect the integrity of the arteries and the health of the heart
These include:

  •   Vitamin C

  •   Quercetin

  •   Pycnogenol

  •   Amla etc.

  Herbs that boost nitric oxide

Just as there are foods that boost nitric oxide levels, there are also some herbs that do the same

These herbs include..

  1. Tongkat Ali

  2. Ginko Biloba-a herb that facilitates better blood flow to the brain and to other parts of the body

  3. Bitter lemon

  4. Forskolin

  5. Goosefoot Safed

  6. Musli Desmodium

  7. Tribulis Terristris

  8. Hawthorn

Watermelon for its citruline and other citruline containing foods

What is Citruline

Citruline is precursor to the synthesis of Arginine

 Arginine is in turn, a precursor for nitric oxide synthesis.

 Here is another nitric oxide erection booster

Exercises Increase Nitric Oxide and Strong Erection

You knew exercises are good for you.

Now you have more reasons to exercise because exercises boost your body's ability to produce Nitric Oxide

 Rock hard erection is what you want, isn't it?

    How much exercise do I need?

    Not much!

Even moderate exercises benefit..
even something as simple as walking

To really derive more benefits though, a more vigorous exercise regimen, for a longer period-say 3-4 hours a week-can dramatically boost your level of Nitric Oxide

 The benefits of exercises is unique in that nitric oxide is being produced all day long, even after you've stopped exercising

 When you exercise, the blood vessels are stimulated to produce more.

This stimulation of the endothelium-the part of the blood vessels responsible for this synthesis-is what triggers this secretion

The secondary benefits of exercises is in better heart health
Nitric oxide normalizes blood pressure and improves heart health.

A healthier heart is more beneficial for harder erection

       Rock Hard Erection with nitric oxide

You can get and maintain a rock hard erection if you eliminate your risks of erectile dysfunction

 And nitric oxide erection male enhancer is healthier than Viagra 
 Viagra and other drugs like it-and Testosterone drugs-are dangerous to your health

 I didn't say that-the FDA did!

Best Way to get Rock Hard Erection

I know your doctor might hand you erection drugs to boost your libido-complete with their high prices and side effects

Testosterone drug manufacturers will want to convince you that all you need to regain your manhood is to ingest testosterone drugs-again with high prices and dangerous side effects

But you can ensure a safe nitric oxide erection by consuming foods and herbs that help the body synthesize its own Nitric Oxide   

 THAT, is the best approach

 The body knows what to do-and how to do it..

You job is to give it what it needs!

And here, on this page are the best, natural nitric oxide erection male enhancers on the market today.

     Click any of them to get your mojo back!

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