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Covid-19 Vaccines Bad News
December 24, 2020

Would You Let Covid-19 Disrupt Your Life?

Bad News about Covid-19 Vaccines

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Corona virus vaccines are here

That's good news!

The bad news?
> You and I are not likely to get access to them until the middle of 2021

The pandemic is getting worse in spite of the good news of Vaccines

Unfortunately many would die before they could get access to any of these vaccines

Politicians, the well connected, front line workers and nursing home residents are the early recipients of these vaccines

Which is why you should still follow safety advice from experts

  • Wash your hands
  • Maintain social distance when you go out
  • Reduce stress level-stress lowers your immunity

Harvard University research found that adequate Vitamin D level could reduce your risk of Covid-19 by up to 54%

Free radical damage also increases your risks of infection

Another interesting fact?

If you have Blood Type 0, your risks of Covid-19 are also lower

And this CNN Report says that smoking increases your risk of Covid-19

Which makes sense, because smoking damages your lungs

So if you smoke you might want to consider quitting

Here is another interesting fact..

This report also says that Air Pollution increases your risks of Covid-19

So if you live near a highway, you definitely need to wear masks when you go out

You might also want to consider an Air Filtration system in your house


What if there is a product that could..

  • Help your body neutralize free radicals
  • Boost your immunity
  • Boost level of B vitamins
  • Reduce your risks of Covid-19 infection

Read about this remarkable here product by clicking this link

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