This is how to boost your immunity, get healthy naturally, without resorting to dangerous drugs

Why would you want to boost your immunity with colostrum?

Because you cannot be healthy unless your immune system functions at its best

A lot of diseases are actually the result of compromised immune system...the common cold, inflammation, arthritis etc.

The immune system...
What is it..
And how does colostrum...
help it function at its best?

The immune system is the defender of the body against invasion, and infections by foreign entities-bacteria, viruses, germs, chemicals, any pathogen, even against cancer.

When you boost your immunity, you are helping the immune system perform its duty as nature intends it

The immune system is trained to seek out, identify, attack, destroy and flush out these intruders before they can damage health

An immune system functioning at its best is how you stay healthy

It makes perfect sense then to boost your immunity with colostrum to ensure a healthy life

But why boost your immunity with Bovine colostrum?

Well, consider this....

  1. Colostrum has all known immune factors. Boosting your immunity with colostrum then means you are giving it what it needs to defend you
  2. It has all known pro-biotic enzymes..this is very important.
  3. Pro-biotics help in proper digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. But this is not all they do.

    They keep harmful intestinal organisms, such as yeast in check. They also help in the manufacture of vitamins

    Proper digestion is very important for proper immune function.

  4. Colostrum has all known growth factors. These have anti-aging properties. They also help in healing
  5. It has one of the most poweful anti-oxidants known.
    Anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals. Free radicals damage the body at the cellular level.

    In fact, aging, wrinkles, cancer, heart disease, brain impairment, and a host of other diseases are attributed to free radical damage

    Boosting your immunity not only improves the efficiency of your immune system, it also helps in fighting the effects of aging

    A powerful anti-oxidant is what you get from colostrum

  6. Colostrum has anti-bacterial, anti-viral factors-in fact, before antibiotics gained widespread use, colostrum was the antibiotic of choice

    Now that regular antibiotics are losing their efficacy, bovine colostrum should once again take a prominent place as a natural alternative

  7. As you can see, colostrum boosts your immunity at various levels

How does colostrum boost the immune system?

The immune-boosting property of colostrum results from its content of molecules known as transfer factors

Discovered in 1949 by Sherwood Lawrence, they train the immune system to recognize potentially harmful invaders

The reasons to boost your immunity with colostrum is driven home even more forcefully, when you realize that close to 63 diseases are attributed to auto-immune disorders!

And it is estimated that 1 in 5 people suffer from some form of auto-immune disorder.

Boosting your immunity with colostrum assures you that your immune system can defend itself against opportunistic infections.

It is natural, full spectrum and has no known side effects

It has to be that natural-after all, it is the first food for babies-from the mother's breast milk-immediately after birth.

Boosting the immune system with bovine colostrum is thus a very effective way to stay healthy naturally

All things being equal, your immune system is trained to recognize friend and foe

A house divided against itself?

But what happens when your immune system does not recognize an intruder or when it identifies YOUR body itself as an enemy-and starts to attack your body instead of defending it?

This scenario can happen in a compromised immune system

Your immune system can be underactive or over active-each scenario has serious health implications.

When you boost your immunity with colostrum, it actually modulates your immune response

This means that it brings your immune system into balance-neither overstimulating, nor understimulating it-a kind of an adaptogenic effect!

Under-active Immune System

An under-active immune system opens you up to opportunistic infections.

This is a scenario when the system fails to recognize or is too weak to attack and destroy an intruder.

This may be due to several factors-poor nutrition, stress, medications, etc.

Whatever the cause, boosting your immunity system can help you attain better health

Under-active immune disorders include Enstein Barr Virus infection,frequent colds or flu, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, even Cancer

To boost the immune system or not..that's the questiion!

Overactive Immune System

What happens when your immune system is over-active? And will it be advisable to boost your immunity in this case?

In this case, the system gets too aggressive-if you will-and starts to attack the body it is supposed to defend

Your immune system now identifies YOUR body as the intruding enemy!

This attack can occur in any part or organ of the body
These attacks cause auto-immune diseases

Boosting your immunity with colostrum reduces your risks of your body attacking itself

Women are more susceptible to auto-immune diseases, constituting about 75% of sufferers
In fact, it is estimated that auto-immune diseases are resposible for about 25% of disabilities in women

Which is a shame when you realize you can boost your immunuty with a natural immune system modulator such as colostrum

An example of an auto-immune disease is Multiple Sclerosis. This is a condition in which the immune system attacks the myelin sheath that covers and insulates the nerves.

This is not unlike the insulation around electrical wires

When the insulation around electrical wires is stripped:

  1. Current can leak to the ground, "shorting" out the circuit
  2. The current does not get to its intended destination
  3. The current can leak to another circuit not meant to be energized

This is what happens in Multiple Sclerosis

The message that is meant for one part of the body leaks through the stripped myelin insulation around the nerves, short-circuiting the signal


  1. The intended recipient organ or system does not get the message
  2. The intended system gets a gabbled version of the message
  3. The message may be routed through the leakage to the wrong recipient

Another debilitating auto-immune disease?

Rheumatoid ARTHRITIS!

In this case, the immune system attacks the cushion between the joints-the Synovial membrane

This membrane acts as the lubricant and shock absorber for the joints

If ever there is any strong argument for boosting your immunity, this is it. This disease is so painful and debilitating

Any one who suffers from this disease will tell you he/she will not wish it on his/her enemy!

So, why would the body attack itself?

Several reasons really, here are some:


Some people may be predisposed to auto-immune disease as a result of their genetic make-up


Stess is a gateway for a variety of diseases

Stress depletes nutrients and can weaken the immune system.

Stress can also cause digestive distress. Poor digestion can also weaken the immune system.

If you are under stress, it is a sure bet your immune system is weak. Boosting your immunity will go a long way to restoring you to good health .

Colostrum is especially suitable for boosting your body's ability to defend itself under this circumstance, because it contains all known pro-biotics.

Probiotics are essential for good digestion and for maintaining healthy intestinal flora

If you are under any kind of stress, boosting your immune system with colostrum, combined with good nutrition can restore you to good health


Even if you boost your immunity to the maximum, it is not going to help you if you have a poor diet.

In the absence of good nutrition, all indications of good health are compromised. This is especially true of the immune system

Good nutrition complements any immune boosting supplements you may be taking

Bacteria and Viral infections

An immune system that's already weak can be overwhelmed by bacteria and viral infections.

For recovery, such a system has to be heavily primed with effective immune boosting supplement such as colostrum

Your body does battle with these bad guys every day. When your immune system wins, these opportunistic infections can not harm you

But these bad guys take advantage of any weakness in your defense

You have to boost your immunity to stay on top and keep these infections in check

Poor Digestive Health

Good health begins with good digestion

Good digestion is what make nutrients available to the body

Poor digestion can allow toxins to enter the bloodstream, further damaging health

A body weakened by lack of adequate nutrients and further compromised by toxins in the bloodstream can develop auto-immune diseases


Radiation can weaken the immune system as anyone who had undergone radiation treatment would tell you

Radiation can deplete white blood cells.

White blood cells are a major component of the immune system
They destroy and get rid of pathogens that would otherwise harm the body

If you are exposed to radiation, you may want to boost your immunity to make sure you are not more vulnerable to diseases.

Antibiotic Overuse

Overuse of antibiotic has been recognized as posing serious dangers to health

A lot of germs have now developed resistance to many antibiotics

These mutations on the part of these germs mean that antibiotics are no longer effective against a lot of diseases

Immune System Malfunction

A malfunctioning immune system can make the body vulnerable to diseases

The body's immune system is a complex mechanism of various components

A malfunction in any or a combination of these components can open the body to auto-immune diseases

Enviromental Toxins

There are more than 50,000 man made chemicals
Most of them are toxic even at low concentrations

Everyone alive, wherever he or she lives, has some of these inorganic chemicals in his/her body

We come in contact with these chemicals in the air we breathe, the water we drink and even the food we eat

These chemicals damage health, some of them reprogram DNA, some mimic human hormones, interfering with the physiological processes of the body at cellular levels

Because of the proliferations of these chemicals, even when you think you are a picture of health, it is still a good idea to boost your immunity, as insurance.

You cannot be too healthy, can you?

The body can better defend itself against opportunistic infections, if its immune system is at its peak-and the best way to make sure of that, is to boost your immunity with the best immune booster around-COLOSTRUM~

Why you should give your immunity a boost...
A list apart

These are some of the many auto-immune diseases associated with an over-aggressive immune system
Which is why boosting your immunity is so critical to health

  1. Crohn's Disease
  2. Grave's Disease
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis
  4. Lupus
  5. Juvenile Arthritis
  6. Vertiligo

  7. Alopecia Areata
  8. Psoriasis
  9. Fibromyalgia
  10. Multiple Sclerosis
  11. And this is a just a few of those auto-immune diseases

    Which is why you need to boost your immunity with bovine colostrum, if you want to stay ahead of those nasty germs that are looking for the slightest chink in the armor of your immune system

    Boosting Your immunity With Colostrum

    So what options do we have in boosting the immune system ?

    1. We need to improve our health with good nutrition
    2. We need to disease-prove ourselves with strong antioxidants, to neutralize the effects of free radicals
    3. We have to maintain optimum digestive health
    4. We should load the body with enzymes

    For optimum health, we have to choose a product that satisfies all these conditions, and then some

    And the best way to boost your immunity to these standards, is with bovine colostrum

    But, beware, all bovine colostrum are not made equal: This is the source for the best bovine colostrum

    When you boost your immunity, you assure yourself of back up ammunitions against germs that want to compromise your health

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