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Eating cheese makes your heart healthier
December 03, 2017

Eat More Cheese Get a Healthier Heart


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Turns out rats may know something we do not

There is research out there that found that eating cheese everyday is good for your heart

How good?

Well, this research found that eating cheese everyday reduces your risks of heart attack by 14%!

With its content of Calcium, Vitamins and Proteins, Cheese has now emerged as a heart healthy food

Read the full report here

Here is something I know is good for your heart


I am talking from experience with this one

The image you see above is from my own stash-I juice it religiously

Beets is one of those things that are good for your heart

Beets is high in nitric oxide

Nitric oxide is an award winning natural molecule that was declared Molecule of the Year in 1992

And research into the health benefits of nitric oxide won the Nobel Prize in 1998

Nitric oxide normalizes blood pressure and relaxes blood vessels-but it does more!

Oh, did you know this same nitric oxide beat Viagra in tests to treat ED

So eat your cheese to reduce your risks of heart attack

And while you're at it, down some beet juice [fresh, that is] for good measure

Take care of your health-it's your most precious asset!

Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

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